How to Protect Yourself from Online Gaming Risks?

Nowadays, almost everyone plays online games either on a computer, console, or handheld device. It has become a great source of entertainment and is only going to get bigger and more immersive. 

However, there are certain risks in online gaming. While it is a fun leisure-time activity, hacks, viruses, and scams are also a huge part of it. Various players across the world fall victim to hackers, many unknowingly download viruses in search of new skin, and several get trapped by scammers. 

Still, defending against them is hard but not impossible. The first thing you should do is upgrade your internet connection to something more concerned about your security and privacy. Several ISPs offer built-in security features that help build the first line of defense against cyber predators. And one such ISP is Spectrum internet which has its own Security Suite with great capabilities. You can head over to their security suite page or packages they offer and get a step ahead of cybercriminals.  

However, that is only an initial level, and looking at how powerful the hackers have become, you will need more than that to secure yourself in online games. So, here is a list of essential steps that will help you improve your online security and privacy while playing games. Let’s jump right into it!

Keep Passwords Strong

The most obvious mistake that many people make while signing up is choosing an easy password. Indeed, having a special date or favorite character name for a password will be easy to remember, but it will increase put privacy and security at risk. 

On the other hand, using strong and unique passwords on every game or client makes it hard to guess. Moreover, even if one does get compromised, the other accounts will be safe, and the damage will be minimal. A strong password has a mix of letters (both lower and upper case), numbers, and symbols. Moreover, you can also use random words that are not in the dictionary. 

However, a strong password with a variety of characters might be difficult to remember. For this, consider using a key manager or write them down in notes. 

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Many game clients and companies offer two or multi-factor authentication for their respective mediums. If you see an option in account settings, complete the process and keep it enabled.

Two-factor authentication adds another layer to your login process by including your mobile number or email address as an authenticator. After that, every time you log in, it will send a one-time code on whichever one you select unless you check the ‘remember my password’ option. For example, Steam uses the Steam Guard app for iOS and Android to fetch a one-time password which is an essential step every time you log in from a new device.  

Hide Personal Details

Although you get the option and space to edit your complete information in gaming accounts, it is not mandatory nor safe. For example, in sign-up forms or account details, it is unnecessary to include your full name, place and date of birth, complete address, and other sensitive information. 

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Always remember that personal details must be kept hidden from everyone, as there are many hackers out there. So, if any one of them got a hold of private data, then you are at risk. 

Download from Genuine Sources

Many people cannot afford to buy games, items, or in-game currency; it is normal, so they look for other means. Some even try to get them for free from anywhere. Most people rely on pirated copies, and some are so desperate to get a specific skin for free that they go to page 2 of Google. 

However, many times these files and links are not genuine and contain viruses or malware that either destroy your computer or give its access to the hacker. So, only buy any game-related stuff from legitimate places. Moreover, you can also download antivirus software to improve your online and offline security. 

Beware of Scams

Scams are fairly common and easy to do. And since many games now offer a bunch of purchasable items, everyone wants them. However, looking at this as a prime opportunity, hackers or scammers lay out traps to catch unfortunate users. Moreover, they start to offer affordable deals or two in one deal.

Hackers target different people online with buying or selling offers. And if someone accepts hand-to-hand or trade requests, they scam in return. 

Timely Update Software

Every software or hardware piece gets timely or frequent updates that include new features and enhanced security. Many companies have started working on their security since the massive increase in cybercrime rates. So, they release these features in the form of patches.

So, keep your computer fully up-to-date, and if you can, enable automatic updates. 

Keep an Eye Out for Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are very dangerous, and you must avoid them at all costs. These include links that either download a virus or executable file to your pc. Once inside, this file gives access to your computer to the hacker without you knowing. 

So, hackers use that to blackmail people, ask for money, or even threaten individuals. So, the next time you get a suspicious email or link in chat, delete it and report the sender. 

Remove Everything before Selling

Whenever you want to sell your gaming device, it is important to erase everything. From games to files to weather updates, everything must be clean and like new. 

If necessary, run a factory reset on your device, or install windows and erase everything in case of computers. It is so because your information might remain somewhere, and if it lands in the wrong hands, you might be at risk. 

Final Takeaway

Online gaming and streaming is a great fun activity for old and young alike. However, top-notch security is also recommended for staying in the green zone. 

For the first line of defense, a reliable ISP with essential security features is necessary, and AT&T ( and DirecTV stream for computer and TV internet are perfect. 

For additional layers, use the methods we stated above and make your online visit more secure.

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