Windows media player is a Microsoft Windows utility program that allows users to organize, deal and manage the songs. It’s easy for a novice user to play, store and list the music on a Windows computer using a windows media player. Users often make duplicate songs in windows media player while copying music from storage devices or downloading music from the internet. The duplicate files are issues for many users with space problems. Here, we will tell you how to delete the same songs in the windows media player. If you have ever faced any issue, keep reading the guide below.

Part 1. How to Remove Duplicate songs in Windows Media Player Manually

If you want to delete duplicate songs in the windows media player, there are different ways to solve this issue. This section will show you the manual method that will work as a duplicate music finder. Let’s start it by following the steps provided below:

Step 1. Launch Windows Media Player

You need to launch the Windows media player on your computer to initiate the process. You can access the windows media player through:

  • Programs > Start Menu.
  • By double-tapping on the windows media player on your screen.

Press the Windows key and type Windows Media Player.

Step 2. Add to Library via Searching Computer

Press F3 from your keyboard on your computer to turn on the “Add to Library via searching computer” option. You can perform this action by clicking on the File menu as well.

Step 3. Choose Destination Folder

You will see the option to choose the folder where your music files are placed. But if you have saved your music files in another folder, you must select that folder. Once you have found your music folder, click the Search button to start the process.

Step 4. Start Searching Process

The Windows Media Player will search the chosen folder, and the windows media player will remove duplicate songs that are found. This will not harm the existing data as only copies of the original files will be deleted.

Part 2. How to Remove Duplicate songs in Windows Media Player with Duplicate Remover

The earlier method we have described is time taking and will require the user to perform the specific steps. If you won’t want to save your time and efforts, there’s another solution: a duplicate file finder and remover tool. We recommend users to use iBeesoft duplicate finder as it’s the best duplicate music finder. This tool works on Microsoft Windows and Windows-based devices as well as USB drives, SD cards, and external storage devices.

The algorithm used by the iBeesoft duplicate finder is M5 Message-Digest Algorithm that quickly finds the duplicate songs with the highest accuracy. Using this tool, you can sort the duplication of all kinds of data such as photos, videos, archives, documents, etc. There are multiple features that this tool brings for performing the duplicate songs finder windows media player. The portion below will walk you through the features that iBeesoft has to offer.

Main Features of iBeesoft Duplicate Finder for Windows

You have a clear idea of the iBeesoft duplicate finder tool and now look at its feature.

*Scan Specific Location

You can choose the drive or device which you want to perform a scan for using the duplicate finder tool. This feature allows you to complete the scan on the selected device and saves time and resources.

*It supports 20 + File Formats

It supports multiple file formats, including photos, videos, documents, archives, and many other forms. You can find and remove all these 20+ types of duplicate files.

*Supported OS

You can use iBeesoft duplicate finder on both Microsoft Windows & Apple Mac computers as it provides support and compatibility for both.

*Sort Out Duplicate Files

There can be multiple files duplicated on your computer that you can sort out using the duplicate file remover on your computer.

*Free Disk Space

By using this tool, you can efficiently manage your disk spaces. You can remove the duplicate files by removing them and freeing up the space disk.

*Remove Duplicate from PC and 2000+ Devices

Though it’s a duplicate file finder running on windows, it doesn’t mean it only works on deleting duplicate files from computer internal hard drives. It is a duplicate file finder remover for over 2000+ storage devices, including SD cards and many other storage devices.

Step by Step Guide to Remove Duplicate Songs in Windows Media Player

The below portion shows the duplicate finder removing guide to delete the same songs in the windows media player.

Step 1. Launch iBeesoft Duplicate Remover

Launch the iBeesoft Duplicate Remover tool on your computer

Step 2. Locate Drive/Folder to Scan

Download and install the free trial version of Duplicate File Finder Remover on PC. After then, launch it. From the first window, you are asked to locate the folder or partition where you want to delete duplicate files. If you want to remove duplicate files from external hard drives, connect them with your PC.

Step 3. Preview Duplicate Files

The tool will bring back all the duplicated files on your computer, and you can preview the duplicated files and see the details of all of them.

Step 4. Remove Duplicate Files in Windows Media Player

Once you have checked all the files you will delete, you can click on the Remove button to move them to Recycle Bin. Once the duplicated chosen files are deleted, you can see the description of the storage of your hard disk drive.

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