How to Stop Your Patio Umbrella from Blowing Away in The Wind?

Are you planning a day of fun out in the sun while staying protected under your patio umbrella? Or are you getting your patio umbrella and other promotional items planned for a day of outdoor business promotions?

We know our readers are great planners. However, even the best of us sometimes forget that the weather can never be planned. No matter how meticulously you put everything in order, a bit of rain or the scorching sun can create unpredictable trouble. Well, you’d say that you are well-prepared for both the sun and the rain with your patio umbrella in your outdoor kit. But, what about the wind?

A flyaway brolly is no good, and the wind can be a fiend to your patio umbrella. It is a potential hazard for you as well as everyone else in your vicinity. Even the strongest patio umbrellas can become unstable when facing very high winds.

As a rule, we always advise our readers that if the wind speed is too high, they should just pack-up their patio-umbrellas and store them away safely. However, wind, which is the most unpredictable weather element, can also at times be just perfect for an outdoor day. Nevertheless, if the wind is neither too slow nor too high for you, it can still be a trouble for the stability of your patio umbrellas. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have secured your umbrellas properly, so that they don’t become a hindrance to your day.

There is a very simple-sounding solution to this problem and that is, mounting/staking your patio umbrella properly. We said simple-sounding not simple, because securing your umbrella in a way that it doesn’t get blown away in the wind is often really not that simple. 

The process and equipment required to properly secure your patio umbrella depends, not just on the type of umbrella you are using, but also on the type of ground surface you are using it on. So, let us tell you what exactly you will need to stabilise your patio umbrella on a hard surface and on a soft ground surface.


How to Stabilise Patio Umbrella On Hard Ground Surface?

If you are planning to get a patio umbrella for your backyard, you can choose to get them mounted permanently either on the ground or on a wall. Cantilever patio umbrellas serve particularly well if you are thinking of a permanent structure. 

However, if you wish to set-up a patio umbrella temporarily on a hard surface or you expect that you will need to move it around, then you must take certain specific measures to ensure its stability.

  1. Get a patio umbrella with air vents as they help to both secure your umbrella as well as keep the air cool underneath the canopy.
  2. Make sure that you purchase an umbrella frame made from heavy weight materials. Wood and plastic will snap or not perform well under medium to high winds. It is better to opt for an aluminium or corrosion-resistant steel patio umbrella.
  3. Get a heavy-duty base. This is the most important accessory which you require to stabilise your patio umbrella on a shard surface. The base should be heavy in weight and featuring a bolt or other mechanism to tighten the umbrella pole. Additionally, you can opt for a base that latches on to at least 30 to 50 centimetres of the pole length for extra stability. 
  4. If required, do not hesitate to add more strength to the base by using sandbags, extra weights or even gravel. 
  5. If you are using a table under your patio umbrella, make sure that it is also strong and reliable. You don’t want your patio table to topple, as it will make the umbrella fall over as well.   
  6. Lastly, if you live in an area which is prone to high winds, you can choose to erect your patio umbrella adjacent to a building or a structure that blocks wind path. This can provide some more stability to your brolly. But you must remember, that nothing can really stop stormy winds from wrecking your umbrella and therefore, they must be stored away during such seasons. 
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How to Stabilise Patio Umbrella On Hard Ground Surface?

If you are planning to use your patio umbrella on a soft ground surface like a park or a beach, the above measures may not work for you. Even though branded beach umbrellas are very strong and durable, they are also usually lighter in weight and built for portability. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t secure these products, you will just have to use a different set of measures to ensure their stability.

  1. The first thing to remember, before pushing the umbrella into the ground, is to make sure it is closed. Do not try to push in an open patio umbrella to the ground, as it will not go in properly.
  2. When you finally push the umbrella into the ground, do not simply jam it in. Instead use wriggling motions to push it in deeper. 
  3. Make sure that the patio umbrella is angled in the direction of the wind. Also, remember to change the angle as and when the wind direction changes during the day. 
  4. Anchor your beach or patio umbrella for further stability. You can use sandbags, water weights or other metal weights. You can also get creative and use your beach esky as an anchor or even pile up your bags around the umbrella pole to secure it. 



At the risk of repeating ourselves, we once again want to emphasise that if the wind speed picks-up, don’t wait around, just pack your patio umbrella and other things and find a shelter. If you have a permanently mounted structure, make sure the umbrellas canopy is closed and fastened with a rope. You can also remove the canopy fabric completely and leave the frame, if that’s an option. 

Another very significant thing that you must remember to ensure the stability of your patio umbrella, is to purchase a high-quality branded product from a premium manufacturer in Australia. Australia is known for its temperamental weather and therefore, manufacturers here are better aware of making products that suit local conditions. 

It would also be better to look for online brands as you can easily browse for features that suit you best, from the comfort of your couch. Online patio umbrella brands in Australia provide premium options as well as business packages with custom-printed umbrellas for their clients. Do check them out. 

After all, you deserve nothing less than the best patio umbrella in the market, that serves all your purposes.

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