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How to tell if someone stalk you on Instagram

Do you know any means by which you can tell if someone has stalked you on Instagram? We doubt you don’t. Instagram takes its users’ privacy pretty seriously. But that doesn’t mean breaking some rules and getting some information is impossible.

You can now keep track of anyone’s activity on Instagram using none other than IGlookup. Via this tool, you cannot just keep an eye on anyone’s doings on the socializing app, but you can download any posts without the other person knowing.  Isn’t it mind-blowing? To know more about this tool and learn how to use it, keep scrolling. 

What is IGlookup?

 IGlookup is an Instagram viewer/spy who claims to preview private profiles without being on Instagram. Yes, that’s true. Without having an account on Instagram you can watch your desired person’s doings anonymously. It has no hidden costs and does not ask for your credentials to let you use the app. 

IGlookup Features:

Following we have compiled some useful features of this spying tool.

  • It’s free to use
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It works on private profiles as well
  • It has a downloading feature
  • It doesn’t require any account creation
  • You don’t have to follow anyone to see their posts
  • It has a search feature to find profiles on Instagram

How to Use IGlookup?

To use this tool, you need to follow a few steps that we have mentioned below. Scroll to learn in detail about them. 

  1. Turn on your device and click on your favorite browser
  2. Once done, type ‘’ and press the search icon.
  3. Click on the pink color option ‘Spy Now’ and wait until the next page opens. 
  4. A prompt will appear pretending to be extracting your searched profile. 
  5. After completing its search, it will show you your desired Instagram profile.

See! That’s how easy it was to stalk anyone, even on Instagram, which claims to protect its users’ privacy. That said, you can stalk someone using this tool to a certain limit. They don’t work as extreme hacking tools. 

Is IGlookup a scam?

Since it’s free of cost, it’s fair to doubt its credibility. But rest assured. IGlookup is safe and doesn’t ask for any of your personal information to let you stalk on Instagram. The app has managed to provide free of cost service because it earns through Google Adsense. It is no new technique. Whoever provides you free service online typically makes money by renting out their ad space. So, yes, that means IGlookup is safe and pretty useful if you learn how to use it. 

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IGlookup Alternatives:

If IGlookup fails to work in your region, here is a list of other stalking tools with which you can try your luck. 

  • Picuki: 

Picuki has to be our favorite one after IGlookup as it is simple to use. You don’t need any guidelines to learn how to use it. You just enter the website and you will figure out yourself how to operate it. Also, it’s free of cost. 

  • Dumpor: 

Similar to Picuki, Dumpor is another free tool to check out profiles on Instagram. It is also free of cost and offers a downloading feature for every post. There is only one downside to this tool which is, that it doesn’t unlock private profiles. That means you have to follow a profile on Instagram and wait for your request to get accepted to see their content. 

  • Likecreeper:

Likecreepr is a famous tool for searching for Instagram profiles. It shows you your desired result but at a price. You need to get its subscription in order to stalk Instagram profiles, especially private accounts. 

  • Watchinsta:

You can also try Watchinsta if you cannot use the previously suggested options. You can work out with it but keep it as your last resort. 

Conclusion – Is IGlookup Worth it?

Well, saying from our personal experience, IGlookup is a genuine tool that will get your job done. It is not as great as other paid tools, however, you will get all the basic features free of cost. As far as privacy is concerned, all our suggested options are completely safe to use. 

If you are up for other suggestions, Picuki and Inflact are our most preferred tools. While Inflact is not exactly a stalking tool, it has other useful features like showing, likes, views and analytics of other person’s accounts which could be useful for business purposes. Try them out and let us know about your experience. 

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