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Imagine a casino without a keno game or its variants! It’s going to be an unexciting space. Keno is a lottery game of luck where you choose some numbers to stake on and get rewarded if those numbers win. Although Keno features low payouts and relies on luck, players can still deploy strategies and skills and try them out on Golden Tiger Casino Canada

One thing is to know how to play Keno; another is to understand how to win the keno game. Yes, luck plays a massive role in who wins at the casino. But with a skillful application of essential tips and strategies, you can boost your winning chances and become an overnight millionaire by playing Keno. How can I win the keno game? Let’s find out.

5 Tips to Win Keno Game

Check the Keno odds

The truth is that Keno doesn’t have favorable odds. For instance, if you select 20 numbers, randomly picking one of the 20 is 1 in 86 (1.2%), depending on the casino. Hitting all 20 numbers has a slim chance of 1 in over 3.5 million. Yet, the probability of winning depends on how many numbers you pick. The higher the percentage of numbers you hit, the greater the payout. However, between 4 and 6 hits, the odds are highly favorable, with the number 4 giving you approximately 1 in 5 hits. Number 5 hits give you 1 in 4 odds at 21% and 23%, respectively, while number 6 hits offer 1 in 5 odds (19%). Now, take a look at the hits, approximate odds, and percentage of odds in the20-spot keno table below:

Number of hits Odds Odd Percentage (%)
1 1 in 84 1.2
2 1 in 20 4.9
3 1 in 8 12.5
4 1 in 5.0 20.5
5 1 in 4.3 23.3
6 1 in 5.3 19.0
7 8.8 11.3
8 20 4.9
9 61 1.6
10 254 0.3
11 1424 0.07
12 10,967 0.009
13 118,085 0.00088
14 1,821,882 0.000055
15 41,751,454 0.0000024
16 1,496,372,111 0.00000007
17 90,624,035,965
18 10,512,388,171,907
19 2,946,096,785,176,812
20 3,535,316,142,212,173,800


Choose a Reliable Casino 

When choosing the casino to play your keno game, always go for the licensed and reliable operators. It’s better to play at casinos that have fair and trusted games. Plus, such casinos must also assign and assure a quality return to player percentage (RTP %) and guarantee payout when you win. This way, you can rest assured the games aren’t deliberately tilted against your chances of winning. Knowing a reputable casino is to checking the gambling authority that licenses it. Also, find out if the casino is registered by eCOGRA.      

Look for a progressive jackpot keno game

One good feature of the keno game is its wide range of progressive jackpot variations. Regardless of how bad the odds are, you can still spot the right progressive jackpot bet. Keno accumulates games, and pot builds up over time, winning a lump sum. Find out the size of the most recent and current maximum payout of a jackpot. 

Bet wisely

Starting small is one way to win the keno game. Winning a keno game takes time, so you don’t want to go with the game’s fast pace. So, if you bet small and with a small amount of money, your patience may pay off. You can wager as low as $1 and accumulate small winnings. You must set a bankroll budget. Once you hit the limit, back out and wait for another time. Do not invest your life savings in gambling. Keno is not different from every other casino game. 

Choose your number and wager

From numbers 1-80 available on Keno, a player can pick up to 20. Depending on the casino, there is a minimum number you can choose. Mark your chosen numbers on your card and place a wager on them. If you’re playing live Keno, you’ll be required to submit the card to the keno writer for official play. The numbers are locked in for the keno video machine by the person who randomly picks the number from the spot. Payout registers automatically in a video machine, while on the percentage table, you get rewarded based on how many of your chosen numbers make a hit.

Once the game is over, it’s a pleasurable time to plan where to spend the money, for example, to buy the best dog out there.

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