How to write a thesis plan: Key recommendations

A competent thesis plan simplifies the process of its preparation. This is the key to consistency and orderliness. Planning is necessary in order not to get confused with a large amount of information, not to get lost on the topic, and to save time. After all, the thesis, although voluminous, is not limitless, which means it should include only the main and useful material.

A good thesis plan – why is it important?

Imagine that you decide to go to Europe, for example to Budapest. You have two days. We bought tickets, packed a suitcase and set off. Arrived at the airport and what’s next? Where to live, what to watch, where to eat, where to go in the evening, what to look for, where are the best photos, where to rent a bike, and what is the best way to get around? You had to plan all this at home and preferably before buying tickets.

Choose the best time, see the weather, buy tickets, book accommodation, and plan sightseeing to make the most of your days. You read forums, experienced advice, determine how to get around, learn about the available Internet, calls, etc.

Also with the thesis – so that there is no chaos in the text, you need to set aside a couple of hours and make a plan and think over all the details. In this case, your work will be complete and competent. Yes, it is not as interesting as Budapest, but it will bear fruit.

The plan is the basis of your thesis. The more carefully you think it over, the easier it will be to write a work

Standard work plan and structure

As you learn how to write a blueprint for your thesis, pay attention to structure. The larger the study, the more subsections. Initially, a so-called working version is drawn up. Subsequently, it will be transformed.

Both practical work and testing for uniqueness may require rephrasing, clarification, and uniqueness. These are standard points that cannot be avoided especially in assignments such as degrees in economics or law.

The main thing is that the plan should orientate, and clearly show what the future research is about. At the preparation stage, this is a kind of “navigator” and a vector of further actions. The final version is made out after writing all the elements.

So, what does a standard graduation project plan consist of:

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical section
  • Practical section
  • Recommendations section
  • Сonclusions
  • List of used literature
  • Applications (optional)

And it’s all. It couldn’t be easier. Each of the sections must also contain subsections.

The plan becomes the content after the work is written. Those. before you start writing you have a plan and after that the content, which is numbered


How to make a plan for your thesis topic?

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So, above we have already determined what the standard plan should consist of. Now let’s look at a specific example of how to compose it for your topic.

For example, your topic is “Improving the investment policy of an enterprise.” And what next? Let’s take a trip to Budapest as an example:

You study forums, social networks, and specialized travel sites – in the case of a diploma, this is viewing specialized literature, and textbooks for the Theoretical section.

You visit travel review sites where you can ask for advice – for a diploma, this advisor is an experienced qualified academic advisor who can suggest how to find an approach to the practical part.

See the weather forecast for the dates of arrival in Budapest – it will be useful for the thesis to view the latest recent articles on your topic. This will give you ideas for your work, examples of analysis, current problems, and research perspectives.

To do this, we use the Google search engine and drive keywords on our topic.

So what we have as a result:


Section 1. Theoretical foundations for the development of an enterprise investment policy




Section 2. Assessment of the existing policy of the enterprise LLC “Enterprise”




Section 3. Development of the investment policy of the enterprise LLC “Enterprise”





List of sources used


The main question is where to get the names of subsections? Everything is simple! If you could not find them in the book, example, and articles, then leave them as they are. Print it out and go to the teacher with the words: “I’ve started to draw up a plan, help me to detail it”.

Your manager will love it! He sees that you are working on your own and seek advice.

It is important to approve the thesis plan with the supervisor. This will avoid unnecessary improvements.


So, the thesis plan turns out to be not such a difficult task. But, in turn, it is quite important. Recall that, according to the standard, it should include: an introduction, three sections, conclusions, a bibliography, and optional appendices. Each section should be divided into subsections. Following these rules, your success is guaranteed!

Carefulness at this stage will help you in the future when writing the work itself. The more carefully you approach the issue of drawing up a plan, the easier it will be to write and subsequently defend the work. At this stage, you can always seek help from a paper writing service online. We will be able to prepare the highest quality thesis plan, which will satisfy not only you but also your supervisor.

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