HR Tech Trends: Adopting New Technologies At Workplaces

HR Tech Trends: Adopting New Technologies At Workplaces

Boosting technological changes in an organization is mandatory. People will have more interest in working at such a firm. The HR tech trends in this blog will also guide us on how that is effectively implemented and encouraged in any corporate culture. 

HR personnel must focus on employee engagement, retention, and digital onboarding stats. With the emergence of the new and advanced HR management systems like uKnowva, they have virtual assistance. 

Workers feel easy to accomplish complex tasks every day. This increases their perception of the firm’s culture. If that improves, they will likely stick around in the organization for 3-4+ years. 

Such strategies for implementing the right HR trends in the company are effective in the long run. Instead, HR personnel will find themselves thanking the management for implementing uKnowva HRMS-like tools. 

But to get richer knowledge, let’s dig deeper. Know about the latest HR trends which other companies are vying to implement. Additionally, each such HR system advancement delivers a one-of-a-kind experience to each employee. That is irrespective of their current workstation or reporting location. 

5 HR Tech Trends To Adopt For Delivering Empowering Employee Experiences

Cross-department learning and training modules.

Employers need to focus on training and developing their employees regularly. The HRMS software solutions are allowing them to enable cross-department learning. That is possible when two members from different departments swap their roles for a day or a few hours. 

It enables employees to learn something new from their team members’ profiles. Therefore, it is necessary to make each group stronger and self-reliant. 

We can say that the newest HR tech trend focuses on strengthening each employee’s capability and power to execute projects. Employers can create a cross-department schedule using the eLMS on the uKnowva HRMS.

They either upload new learning modules, sessions, or workshops for teammates. Otherwise, they can pick the right time to swap the duties of each employee in a team. Such activities are fun and enable the process of relational analytics. 

That happens because employees performing duties of another JD for a limited time will connect with more employees. These employees will be a new team or department mates they seldom interact with. 

Employees will connect with their counterparts on the employee engagement tool as a part of this learning process. It will deepen the bond between two and more employees while swapping duties to learn new skills and talents in a shorter period. 

Such HR tech trends help employees respect each other’s job roles and duties. They have no confusion in their minds regarding the processes handled and configured by their team members. 

Smoother onboarding to offboarding.

One of the pervasive and prevalent HR tech trends is this one. New-gen employees are constantly expecting swifter and digital onboarding to offboarding. 

These functionalities enable employers to save thousands of human resource recruitment, nurturing, developing, and empowering hours annually. 

For example, the uKnowva recruitment engine now enables Aadhaar-based onboarding of new hires. Employees will get unique IDs over the HR management system automatically. 

Similarly, employers can help them automate their projected and estimated task lists daily. That is, using the automated project, leaves, attendance, project, and timesheets features inside this holistic HRMS. 

Employees connect automatically using the social intranet. They find the right solution on the spot by connecting and collaborating without the meddling of their tasks from the management. 

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Instead, employees get to prove their competencies and capabilities using the intranet tool. 

Next, we have smoother and digital offboarding or exit management. Again, companies save thousands of person-hours annually while conducting the full-and-final of departing employees. 

The system automatically deactivates each employee’s ID as soon as they exit. So, the employee data is no longer available to them to tamper or play around with. 

Rather, these larger datasets with sensitive and essential employee information are safe under the surveillance of super admins. 

Technology is the rite of passage for change management.

Companies have to adopt and implement HRMS systems as the passage of change management. That is possible by constantly tweaking, enhancing, and improving the processes. 

The technology has to support the growing needs and preferences of each employee or team in the firm. Therefore, we recommend that the growing firms must not resist the adoption of HR technology. 

As per the recent HR tech trends, companies first estimate their environment’s competency and capability levels. Later, they use these advanced technologies to reach the optimal level of employee efficiency.

That is necessary to draw more business results and profits in the estimated or projected time. That is why we consider advanced HR technology to digitally transform how employees work and succeed in an organization. 

Use the technology for internal marketing campaigns.

HRMS software solutions assist HR executives to run internal marketing and communication campaigns smoothly. For example, HR admins can roll out specialized emailers in bulk and on time for employees to read and respond. 

It enables HR leaders and executives to send a standard message across. This improves each employee’s attention to the latest happenings in the company. That is even if they missed the notifications on the network of the deployed HRMS.

Furthermore, these internal marketing and communication campaigns are not only for employees. There can be various automated newsletters for vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, clients, elite customers, etc. 

It depends on the context of the scenario. But the advanced HR technology helps them achieve this task consistently with effective results. Moreover, insights are highlighted and published in the HR analytics depending on these emailers.

Such statistical reports help HR leaders to tweak and reform their communication strategies. In addition, they partake in these processes to continuously improve the company’s internal branding and reputation.

Adopt the concept of being in perpetual beta for HR technology.

Being in the perpetual beta is a relatively new buzzword that is trending around HR technology. The concept means that there has to be a constant approach and scope of improvement, change, and necessary enhancements. 

So, HR personnel have to follow these HR tech trends to keep refining and refreshing their company culture. It’s necessary to keep the modern and tomorrow-ready workforce more interested and retain them well. 

HR leaders have to adopt this concept because the world is highly dynamic. The digital HR world will keep demanding new skills and talent from the workforce every quarter or so. 

To keep up with these demands of skills and competencies, organizations too have to develop consistently. When HR teams readily adopt newer HR technologies and change the work culture, that skill gap abridges. 


The five 5 HR tech trends are easy to adopt and implement while investing in smarter uKnowva tools. However, there is no shortage of these trends. Therefore, HR personnel have to stay updated and educate themselves regularly.

Whereas adopting the smarter tech tools helps them stay abreast with the trends. Their work culture does not suffer while uKnowva HRMS automates daily work purposefully.


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