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Increase Views On Short Videos In Social Media Stories



Increase Views On Short Videos In Social Media Stories

Want to garner more trust and engagement from your audience to boost your views, and in turn, revenue? It can be accomplished by creating short videos and enhancing your brand’s visibility and exposure. Additionally, sharing them on renowned social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat will help you gain recognition in the market.

Engaging your target audiences is one of the best ways of creating loyal customers and gaining their complete confidence. However, you can reach the defined target only if you can reach a wider audience. So, how do you increase views while creating short videos on social media stories? In this article, we discuss the solution!

Indeed, the competition is fierce as over 8 billion Facebook videos are watched by users every day worldwide. That’s why it is imperative to know some practical marketing tricks on how to increase visibility on your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat story seamlessly. 

Top Marketing Hacks To Get More Views On Social Media Stories

Social media platforms help you grab a huge audience and boost your business’ sales and revenue. Hence, it is vital to know how to reap the benefits of social media networking. 

Once you create short videos, you need to know the authentic ways of enhancing visibility and reaching a wider audience. This will help you connect with your customers and boost your brand awareness and generate more leads. 

Let’s dive right in and check out the ways to increase views on your short stories:

  1. Focus on The Topic: Every approach may not be ideal for sharing content on social media.  Your key focus should be understanding the pattern first and then developing your video around it. Whatever topic you choose, ensure that you can sum up your video in 1 word or phrase. It will make it easy for the audience to share your video further and explain what is special about it. 
  1. Cut to the Chase: Keep it short and crisp. Hooking your audience and catching the viewers’ attention within the first 3 seconds is the foremost important thing to focus on. Nowadays, the attention spans of social media users are getting shorter and shorter, as they are scrolling down quickly, checking their news feed for the most interesting content. If you do not grab the attention of the audience initially, you might lose them. 

It is also witnessed that sharing short stories helps grab exclusive consumer sections swiftly. So, it is indispensable to create short videos and avoid focusing on lengthy content. 

  1. Use Stickers and Engagement Features: You can increase interaction with your followers on your stories via polls, emoji sliders, quizzes, questions, countdown stickers, and other types of stickers. This allows users to participate in your video actively and keeps them engaged. One can also play games with their viewers via Instagram stories that add a fun element and enhance customer engagement. 

Stickers are an incredible tool that facilitates more consistent views as your followers interact more and allow your video to appear in front of their story queue. 

  1. Use video editors: Most Instagram users or account holders use Instagram video editors to make their short videos more amazing and unique. To improve your video performance you can give a try to these tools available in the market. According to a survey, it is observed that such videos outperformed and stood out on all social media platforms.
  2. Use Hashtags: All the content you post can show up on the Explore Page of social media platforms. Using a trending hashtag will help you widen your audience reach and boost engagement. The only thing you require is to use dynamic hashtags to give your content a better chance to appear on non-followers feeds.
  3. Add Captions: Due to the auto-play feature of Facebook, it may be hard to determine how many people watch videos with the sound on. It has also been analyzed that some users keep the auto-play sound feature disabled. Hence, it is vital to add captions to inform users about the message you want to convey through your video. 
  4. Tell a Story: The mindset and sensibilities of people have changed over time; most consumers today do not appreciate hard-selling. They get rather annoyed when someone insists on buying their products or services without understanding their sentiments and caring for their interests. This is one of the main reasons traditional marketing strategies have become less effective and irrelevant for consumers today. 
  5. Schedule Your Video and Bring Something New: Creating and publishing different types of content is what will keep viewers checking your page. If you share analogous content, it might not help you. Remember, consistency is crucial; monotony is not. So, try to come up with fresh and new ideas and showcase them in your videos. 
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In addition, try to schedule your content in advance, which will help you improve your users’ experience as they can anticipate when they get to watch your next post.

  1. Consistency Is The Key: Although there is no magic number of stories you must post every week, if you want to stay on top of people’s minds, you will need to post consistently without giving longer gaps. 
  2. Upload Your Video Natively: What does Natively mean in this context? It implies you must upload the video to each social media network directly without sharing links. For instance, if you upload a video on YouTube and share your video’s link on Instagram or Facebook, this practice will not boost your views rate. It can prove detrimental as it will not give you a head start over other content in the news feed. 
  3. Include a Call to Action: Not featuring a call to action in your videos leaves your marketing strategy incomplete. Compelling short videos will help you deliver your message fast, and embedding a robust call to action will help you identify your potential audience and let you know their response. It has been proven that individuals who create short videos and include a call to action get a quicker response from viewers. 
  4. Use Custom Thumbnails: Thumbnails play a crucial role when your potential audience is skimming through search results and checking out recommendations. Remember, the thumbnail image is a visual correspondent to your title and description that will help enhance the visibility of your video in the search engine. 

Primarily, impressive thumbnails will help you stand out from the competition. However, the thumbnail should be clear and depict your video well. Try to use images featuring facial closeups with engaging fonts.

  1. Reach Out To Influencers: Influencers come with a built-in audience, and by having influencers promote your page, you can see a surge in views on a massive scale. Reach out to influencers who share similar themes or messages as your brand to promote your video content. 
  2. Know your Audience: Before you upload any video, one of the most important tips is to identify your potential audience first. Harnessing this feature is very easy. You can set a filter of ‘Preferred Audience’ and ‘Restricted Audience’ and use interest bags, allowing you to prioritize Page Posts in the News Feed for every visitor. It will facilitate analyzing what topics are liked by most of your viewers. 

Once you know your audience fully, the videos can be customized based on your speculation.

Wrapping Up

Getting plenty of views on your social media stories is a tough row to hoe. However, even though it seems like a daunting task, be patient and consistent in your efforts. Soon enough, you will be able to reach out to millions if you ensure high-quality video content and build an active subscriber base.

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JAA Lifestyle Login 2021- Online Registration Jaalifestyle.Com/login



In this article, we are going to know about a new portal, Jaa lifestyle login 2021. It is a lifestyle portal. Know about the Jaa Lifestyle Login process, registration process, its benefits etc. At the same time, we will also know whether it is a real company or not, and it may be right to join this company. Therefore, you are requested to read this article until the end to get complete information about it.

Through the Jaa lifestyle, you can earn money from the Internet sitting at home. In today’s time, everyone wants to make extra money so that he can fulfil his needs. In today’s time internet has also become a good way to earn money. Even today, many people are earning money sitting at home through the Internet. Everyone wants to make money sitting at home, so the Internet can also be a good way. Many people spend all their time working on the Internet, and their income is also getting very good. If you also want to earn money from the Internet, there can be many ways.

JAA Lifestyle Login 2021- Online Registration Jaalifestyle.Com/login

What is JAA Lifestyle | What is JAA Lifestyle?

JAA Lifestyle is based in London, working on an advertising-based scheme called JAA Lifestyle. Jaa Lifestyle Limited is active on 19 Jul 2020 with its registered office in London, Greater London. Jaa Lifestyle Limited has been running for 10 months. As per the latest confirmation details submitted on 15 Jan 2021, there is currently 1 Active Director.

  • JAA Lifestyle was started in London, UK, only in 2020.
  • JAA Lifestyle Full Form- “Jumpstart An Amazing Lifestyle”
  • The company was established in 2019; JA Lifestyle generates $1M revenue. It has historically raised $0 in funding.
  • The company’s operations are headquartered in Central Other, HK, with JAA Lifestyle Personal Services, Facilities Management Services.
  • Among the top competitors of JAA Lifestyle are the quintessential Aspire Lifestyle,
  • In India, it was registered under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) from Bangalore on 3 Dec 2020. Its director’s names are Johnny and Jolly Johnny.

Jaa Lifestyle Login Process 2021

If you are already a registered user, you do not need to create a new account; Learn the complete sign-in guide step by step if you face any problem logging in to the Jaa lifestyle account.

JAA Lifestyle Login 2021- Online Registration Jaalifestyle.Com/login

To complete the Jaa lifestyle login portal process, you just have to follow the importance of the following –

  1. First of all, you have to visit the link –
  2. Now, you have to open the ‘Login to your account page.
  3. After that, you have to enter your username.
  4. Now, enter your password.
  5. Click on the login option to complete the process.
  6. You are now successfully log in to Jaa Lifestyle.

Jaa Lifestyle Login Password Reset

If you have registered yourself on the portal and forgotten your login /password, you can easily reset the password. To reset the password, we are telling you the complete step by step process below.

  • For this, first, you have to go to the official website of Jaa Lifestyle
  • After that, the homepage will open in front of you.
  • Here you have to click on ‘Login‘ in the top menu.
  • Now the login page will open in front of you. Here you have to click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  • After this, a new page will open in front of you. Here you have to enter your username and click on the’ Send ‘ button.
  • Now an OTP will come on your registered mobile number; after entering it, you will be able to reset the password.
  • In this way, you will be able to log in to your Jaa lifestyle login forget password.

JAA Lifestyle Registration Process Online 2021

Suppose you go on-line registration form so new user registration, you JAA Lifestyle Account in Sign in the can. Registering as a new user is a simple and easy process. To create a new account in JAA Lifestyle, first of all, visit the user registration page.

  • Visit the official website of JAA Lifestyle by clicking on this link
  • Here you have to click on the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top.
  • The registration form will appear in front of you. In this form, you have to enter your full name, username, email, phone number, country, date of birth, password etc.
  • After that, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button given below.
  • Click on the submit button to complete the JAA Lifestyle account creation process.

How to Find My Referral Link?

After completion of registration, you will get a referral link. If someone joins by clicking on your referral link, then they will join your team.

Following steps to find your referral link-

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Enter your username.
  • Enter your password.
  • You will see a link which is under “Your Referral Link”.
  • Copy this link.
  • With this referral link, you have to add other people.

How to check your team?

To view details about your team, follow the steps below.

  • Official website to Log in to.
  • Click on the “My Team” button.
  • To see your team nameusername, phone number, your complete team details are displayed.

Jaa Lifestyle Term & Condition and Fee

1. When you activate the Jaa Jaa Lifestyle registration link, it is necessary that you double-check their terms and conditions. Make sure you find it comfortable and come in full agreement with the business processes.

2. You may find it interesting to pay attention to the videos provided on the Internet that speak on registration. It states that the registration fee is free and pay only for KYC. But, to be open and polite with you, nothing can be said about the actual charges as they make it a variable.

3. There may be instances where you will be charged as a paid service in JAA Lifestyle.

4. As our customer, you will be provided with the option to review and accept the fee as a paid service.

5. Fees are subject to change at any time and are left entirely to JAA Lifestyle’s discretion.

6. Unless otherwise specified, each fee collected from you will be quoted in Euros.

7. As a part of the business, you may be held responsible for fees and taxes associated with your JAA Lifestyle service account. And the account will follow a valid payment method.

8. In using the Paid Service, there are two sections that JAA Lifestyle wants the User of the Service to understand:

9. You at this moment authorize JAA Lifestyle or any of its third-party payment processors.

They are authorized to charge a credit card or any other payment method that you represent.

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You warrant that you are authorized to use the applicable charges and applicable taxes, if any, for the Paid Service.

10. A purchase may refer to a one-time paid service and is not a subscription. Then, your payment method will be billed on the date of purchase of that item.

How to earn money from Jaa Lifestyle?

Many of you will have this question about how people can earn well by joining this company. So let me tell you all that under this, you can make money in many ways. The detailed information about all the plans to earn money from here is given below.

Future Share Income

This company offers the first plan, ‘Future Share Income,’ to its users. This plan also works like a mutual fund. In this, if you buy shares of a company, you become the owner of any part of the company, and if it performs well in the future, you get the benefit of it. Similarly, there is also a plan under Jaa Lifestyle. Under which the customer joining before the company’s launch will be given some part of the company. That is, they will become the owner of any domain of the company. Under this, shares up to 200 euros (about Rs 18,000) will be available for free. If the company performs well in the future, the share prices will be even higher, allowing them to profit millions. This share will be given to those users who have verified their KYC. In this way, you can make a good income without doing anything by joining this company.

Earn by Ad View

The company offers its customers another way to earn money from ad views. In this way also people can easily make good money sitting at home. When you open an app using the Internet, you see many advertisements, and you do not benefit from seeing these ads. At the same time, Jaa Lifestyle pays its users to watch ads. Under this, you can watch full 60 ads daily, and you can easily earn around 230 rupees. You can easily reach 230 rupees every day by spending some time on your mobile. And in a month, you will be able to earn 7000 rupees just by watching AIDS. If you add other members to your team by KYC, your income will increase manifold. In this way, you can easily earn money sitting at home.

Direct Referral Income

Like many other networking companies, it also offers users a decent income facility to add additional people to their team. If you add another member with your referral code, you will get few euros as soon as KYC is completed, and you will get few euros daily from him. Here different levels are given according to the member. If you add 3 men, you will be in the first level, and after adding more than 3 men, you will move to the second level. In the second level, you will earn good daily from other members. Similarly, your members will continue to grow; only then will you make millions from this company.

How to withdraw money from JAA Lifestyle?

  • Your account to login and Account Overview Visit
  •  Scroll down to the My Commissions section.
  • Next to Currently Available, you will see a Withdraw button; click on it. Please note that you must have more than €100 commission available to see the Withdraw button.
  • Now you will be on your Personal Details screen.
  • Here you will be able to see the amount that you have available to withdraw.
  • Add your information to Jaalifestyle Login.
  • Withdraw your commission. You have to add your details.
  • Select I want to add a new bank account from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in your details and select your country from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in your bank details. Fill in the details of your bank name, address and the city and country in which the bank operates.
  • At the bottom of the screen, please enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Please note: this amount cannot be less than €100.
  • You must enter your banking details correctly. JAA Lifestyle cannot be held liable for entering incorrect information.
  • Now that you have entered the amount, you can click on the Withdraw button.

How to download Jaa Lifestyle App?

Services available on the portal are also available in this mobile app. This is an official app that is available on the play store. Follow the given steps to download the app:

  • Open “Google Play Store” on mobile.
  • Type “JAA Lifestyle App” in the search bar.
  • The official app will be present at the top.
  • Click on the jaa lifestyle app Install button.
  • The app will start installing on your mobile.

Jaa Lifestyle Mobile App Login and Registration

Those who have installed its official app on their mobile can register themselves and use all the services available on the portal. As soon as you open the app, you will get the option to log in. If you are registered, then you can log in by entering your username and password. If you want to write, you have to click on the ‘Registration’ option given below. Then you have to fill in some details and submit them. Then in the next step, you have to verify the OTP. After confirming the OTP, you will be registered on the portal. After this, you have to verify KYC.

JAA Lifestyle is a foreign company registered by the Government of the United Kingdom and headquartered in England. The directors of this company are Martin and Carter. This company was earlier reported as JAA LIFESTYLE SHOP LIMITED, and then later, the name of this company was changed to JAA JAA LIFESTYLE LIMITED in October 2020. The registered address of The Dew Company is in England. This company is now giving its service all over the world. Yah offers users a simple networking plan. With the help of this plan, you can easily earn a good income sitting at home. You can make money in many ways by joining its networking.

Services Available on Jaa Lifestyle Login Portal Dashboard

When you log in to the website of Jaa Lifestyle, the website’s dashboard will appear in front of you. You will see several options at the bottom of the dashboard. Your account details will also appear here. You can check details like Total Future Shares, Current Potential Income; Current Estimated FS Value, Total Commission etc. Scrolling down a bit, you will see the details of all the commissions under My Commissions. You will see such information on the dashboard. After logging in, a dashboard like this will open in front of you.

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Is It Easy to Design Logos On Mobile?



The most essential part of every business is its logo. Whether the business is big or small, this is not the question. A logo is considered the face of your company. Also, this is the first and foremost thing that every person notices whenever they look at a brand. Therefore, a logo plays an excellent role for every business in marketing it on a smooth level. So it is no wonder that so much thought, struggle, and time goes into designing a perfect logo. 

However, what if you are on the go and do not have access to a computer or do not know the usage of a logo designing software program? Is it still possible to create a good logo on your mobile phone device without any difficulty? 

Yes, it is absolutely possible! The reason is that now mobile is in the hands of every being. So, people can get a number of significant and valuable mobile phone apps that allow them to create an impeccable logo per their needs quickly. 

Therefore, in this guide, we have come up with a solution to this problem. By reading this, you will be able to design logos on your mobiles effortlessly. So keep reading below.

How Easy Is It to Design Logos on a Mobile?

These days, technology has come up as a great helping hand. It has provided us with several benefits and made our life super simple. For example, times ago, logo designing used to be a process that required a lot of attention, the use of a computer, hiring professional designers, or complete learning of how to create a logo. But now, thanks to mobile apps, logo design has become really smooth. It is something that anyone can do in just a few minutes without any prior experience or training. 

What Are Some Tips for Designing an Appealing Logo?

While creating a perfect logo, there are multiple factors that every designer must have in their mind. Here are some of the tips that can help you in this regard. 

Choose Color Scheme Wisely

The thing that always comes at the top in logo designing is the usage of colours. A logo must look engaging. So to create it ideally, a designer must choose the right colours that give a logo the best look. 

Pick Elements That Resonate with Your Brand 

Every designer always pays special attention while picking out the other critical elements for a logo like its fonts, shapes, background, text, etc. Because a well-designed logo always expresses the brand values correctly. So a logo has to be according to the brand. So, for example, the designer cannot make a funky logo for a healthcare brand, as it will not look good and will not correctly present the brand’s morals. 

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Ensure Simplicity 

The next necessary tip to keep in mind while designing a logo is that it has to be simple. The reason is that simple logos always carry a uniqueness and never get out of trend. Also, a simple logo is easy to remember and gives worth to the brand. In addition, a unique and simple logo can be easily used on any social media platform and on other websites. 

What Are Some of The Best Logo Design Apps for Mobile?

Many people think that logo designing is a challenging task. However, they should know that with the help of some great mobile apps, it has now become actually pretty easy. Multiple logo maker apps that are working deliberately in the online market can design appropriate and unique logos. The one that is used by many users and is popular is: Logo Maker – Logo Design App. This logo creator app has made it easy to create professionally designed and high-quality logos right from your mobile devices. 

This logo maker application is very user-friendly and contains a simple interface. People simply need to do a few clicks to create original and attractive logos with the help of this application. The logo maker free application has 50+ categories and multiple logo designs and templates. You can use these templates without any hassle and create your own logo as per your business’s niche.

Moreover, the available logo designs are customized and can easily be edited. Users can add text, colours, fonts, and shapes to a selected template. Also, this logo generator facilitates users to change the size of the created logos in just one go.  

Last Few Words

If you are already running a business and you want to bring it to the online market, the first and foremost thing that you must have with you is a unique logo. But if you are not getting a professional designer for this purpose, you do not need to worry. Because you can create a logo for your business on your own by simply using a mobile phone application, a logo maker will be the most suitable option for you.  

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How To Overcome the Guilt of Causing a Car Accident



Car Accident

Becoming involved in a vehicle collision is a traumatizing experience for many individuals. It’s not just drivers; it’s also passengers, witnesses, and pedestrians who can feel the impact of the incident.

If you caused the collision and it led to deadly repercussions, it’s something you will remember daily. However, it’s best to deal with it constructively. Plus, time will lessen the pangs of guilt over time.

Giving into the guilt means that the trauma can have further detrimental effects on yourself, family, and friends.

Instead of pulling them down with you, form a support group with them. Speak with a mental health professional and remember to maintain your health.

We provide advice on how to overcome the guilt of causing a car accident.

1. Verify It Was Your Fault

Sometimes humans absorb guilt that is not theirs. It can happen with vehicle collisions too. For example, maybe you did not drive that day but you found yourself in the passenger’s seat. More importantly, you believe that you caused the collision by distracting the driver. 

Passengers have become the main reason for distracted driving accidents. 

Before delving deep into the sea of guilt, ensure that the collision was indeed your fault.

2. Speak with a Counselor

If you were found guilty of causing the collision, the legal system will have you pay your dues. Then, it’s time to rebound from the incident.

Humans remain social creatures. When an incident of this magnitude impacts your life, reach out to someone instead of isolating yourself. In addition, consider speaking with a professional counselor or therapist.

The benefits of speaking with a mental health professional include:

  • Understanding your mental state
  • Learning to cope with guilt
  • Process the trauma
  • Overcome unhealthy habits
  • Work toward the future

Remaining in a state of guilt means living in the past, and the past is set in stone. Professional help can allow you to process the past and move on. 

3. Form a Support Group 

It’s also nice to receive support from the people who love you the most such as family and friends.

Eventually, they will ask you to move on from the guilt too. However, they can help you form a support group while you work through the grief.

4. Maintain Your Health

Anyone who has caused harm to other humans will live with the trauma for a few years. However, it should not deteriorate your health too.

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Easy ways to maintain your health include:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Remaining hydrated
  • Engaging in daily physical activity for 30 continuous minutes
  • Setting goals
  • Remaining productive

Letting your health deteriorate will most likely make you feel worse about your experience. Instead, put yourself on a healthy path. Then, you can overcome the guilt with a clear mind. 

5. Exercise

Even though you caused a vehicle collision, it’s rare to come out of it unscathed physically. Your guilt means that you have mental anguish but your body probably took a physical beating too. 

A great way to rehabilitate your mind and body is to exercise. Whether you walk two miles every day or you start preparing for a Spartan Race, the endorphins released during physical activity will help you strengthen your resilience. 

6. Keep Your Mind Busy

When you have enough time to feel guilt over a long period, you probably don’t have enough happening in your life. If work and daily responsibilities don’t keep your mind busy, find something that will keep you productive.

Many professionals recommend engaging in volunteer work. In this case, consider volunteering at a medical center or hospital. It shows you that other people have struggles too. 

Plus, you can help them overcome those struggles.

7. Improve Your Driving Ability

Lastly, improve your driving ability. If the accident was your fault, you have undergone the consequences of your actions. 

You will live with it and time will heal the wound. In the process, you must continue keeping up with your daily responsibilities. If that involves driving, improve your driving skills. Take an in-person driving course and another online.

All drivers benefit from re-calibrating their defensive driving skills too. In addition, work on the reason that caused the accident. If distracted driving was the reason for the collision, remove distractions while driving. 

Those who drive under the influence can work on their sobriety.


Causing harm to other humans is a traumatizing experience. On the same note, part of life is rebounding from the lowest of lows. You can deal with your guilt productively while overcoming it. 

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