Inuyasha filler list

Inuyasha filler list

In anime, the filler is the practice of showing non-canon episodes to make up for lost time and may disrupt the plot’s overall flow. These typically consist of original anime episodes or episodes that don’t fit the main plot of the source material. The majority of the time, this is done to make the anime episodes lag behind the source material, such as manga, light novels, etc. Consequently, the hassle of adapting insufficient material is avoided. It is preferable to release an episode than to neglect to give the public content on a regular basis.


Over 100 episodes of the ongoing anime series Inuyasha have been released. It is reasonable to suppose that filler will make up this anime. To give you a broad overview and to prepare you for what is to come, this article will go into detail on each filler episode of Inuyasha.

There are 193 episodes in all of the Inuyasha filler list of anime. Here is a list of filler episodes so you can decide which ones you want to watch or skip.

Inuyasha filler list:

  1. Seekers of the Sacred Jewel
  2. The Girl Who Overcame Time… and the Boy Who Was Overcome
  3. Going Back and Forward in a Rabbit Hole
  4. Yura of the Devil
  5. Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru
  6. Tetsusaiga, the Ghost Sword 
  7. Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru in a showdown
  8. The Toad Who Are Prince
  9. Shippo and the Storm Brothers 
  10. The Thunder Boys vs. Tetsusaiga in the Phantom Showdown
  11. The Ancient Noh Mask’s Tragedy
  12. The Mischievous Little Heart and the Soul Piper
  13. The Black-Haired Inuyasha and the Intrigue of the New Moon
  14. The Stolen Ash of Kikyo
  15. Kikyo’s Return of the Tragic Saint
  16. Miroku’s Mystical Palm of the Lusty Monk
  17. The Curse of the Hell-Ink Painter’s
  18. 18.Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces
  19. Kagome, return to your own time!
  20. Abhorrent Villain! The Onigumo Mysteries!
  21. The Identity of Naraku Is Revealed
  22. A Wicked Smile: The Wandering Soul of Kikyo
  23. Sango, the Demon Slayer enters the scene 
  24. “Kagome’s Voice and Kikyo’s Kiss”
  25. Naraku’s Pernicious Scheme
  26. The Sacred Jewel’s Secret Unveiled
  27. Lakes of the Evil Water God.
  28. Miroku Gets Caught in a Perilous Trap 
  29. Sango’s Pain and Kohaku’s Death
  30. Tetsusaiga has been stolen! Naraku’s Castle: Battle Royale!
  31. Jinenji, a Good But Sad Girl
  32. Into the Miasma, Kikyo and Inuyasha
  33. Naraku’s Capture of Kikyo
  34. Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga are 
  35. The Real Owner of the Great Sword, Number
  36. Kagome was taken hostage by Koga, 
  37. the Tiger Demon!
  38. The Guy Who Fell For Kagome!
  39. Two hearts, one mind, number 
  40. Forced Into A Death Duel!
  41. Kagura, the Wind Sorceress’ Deadly Trap!
  42. The Mirror of Kanna and Kagura’s Dance
  43. A Wind Scar Fails at 
  44. Tetsusaiga Disrupts 
  45. Kaijinbo’s Evil Sword, number 
  46. Sesshomaru Brandishes a Tokijin
  47. MANGA CANON Juromaru and Kageromaru
  48. Naraku Still Feels the Beat of Onigumo’s Heart
  49. Return to the Location of Our First Meeting
  50. Kohaku’s Missing Memory
  51. That Irreplaceable Face!
  52. Inuyasha’s Soul, Destroyed
  53. The True Nature of the Demon
  54. Ryukotsusei, the old enemy of the father
  55. Tetsu saiga’s Master Technique: The Backlash Wave
  56. Shippo’s First Love and The Stone Flower
  57. Temptress in the Mist, number Part two of Fateful Evening in Togenkyo
  58. The Fateful Evening in Togenkyo, Chapter One
  59. Part two of Fateful Evening in Togenkyo
  60. The Lovely Sister Apprentices 59
  61. The Dark Priestess’ 50-Year-Old Curse
  62. Tsubaki’s Never-Ending Evil Spell 62. Kikyo and the Dark Sorceress
  63. The Priestesses of Red and White
  64. Giant Monster of the Hidden Tower, number 
  65. Naraku’s Barrier: Kagura’s Judgment 66.. Farewell Days of My Youth 67. The Shrieking Wind of Betrayal
  66. The Angry Challenge for Shippo
  67. The Faceless Man’s Fear
  68. Restoration of Onigumos Memory
  69. Three-sided combat until death
  70. The Strict Training of Totosai 
  71. Shiori’s Relatives and Inuyasha’s Emotions
  72. The Red Tetsusaiga Smashes Through the Wall!
  73. The Panther Devas’s Plan
  74. The Panther Indigenous people and the Multiple Swords of the Fang
  75. Target: Sesshomaru as well as Inuyasha
  76. Only You, Sango 
  77. Janken’s scheme to steal Tetsusaiga 
  78. Sesshomaru and Rin, who were kidnapped
  79. Gap Between the Ages 
  80. Vanishing Point: Naraku Vanishes
  81. The Lunar Rainbow Pledge and the Female Big cat Demon
  82. Koga’s Bride-to-Be MIXED 
  83. Demon’s Head Castle’s Inner Evil
  84. The secret of the Personified Princess, number 
  85. Kikyo’s Lonely Journey, number
  86. Three Sprites
  87. The Monkey God’s Three Sprites
  88. Sota’s Brave Conviction of Love
  89. The Suspect Faith Healer as well as the Black Kirara 89. Nursing Fighting of the Main competitor Lovers 
  90. The Walking Dead’s storyline
  91. The enigmatic, lecherous monk
  92. Part I of “The Sacred Jewel Maker” , 
  93. Part II of “The Sacred Jewel Maker,” 
  94. Jaken Falls Illness”
  95.  Kirara, Return Home!
  96. Kikyo and Kagome: By myself in a Cave, 
  97. A Dangerous Meeting: Koga and Sesshomaru
  98. Truth Behind Nightmare: The War in the Wood of Sorrow  A Dangerous Meeting Koga and Sesshomaru
  99. Attack on the Wolf-Demon Tribe; 
  100. The Winter weather from Seven Years Past;
  101. The Group of Seven, Resurrected; and
  102. The Sneaky Poison User, Mukotsu, 
  103. The Sacrosanct Vajra and the Suspense of the Living Buddhism
  104. The Horrifying Steel Machine
  105. A Desperate Situation for Kagome, Miroku, and Provides
  106. For the first time, InuYasha displays tears in the scene 
  107. Hidden in the Mist: Continue to Mt. Hakurei 
  108. The Secret of the Sheer Light 
  109. The Band of Seven’s leader, Bankotsu, enters the scene
  110. The Great Battle: Banryu vs. Wind Scar! 
  111. The Hijiri Island Barrier 
  112. afloat on the lake’s surface in a number 
  113. Koga’s Lonely Battle
  114. Enticed by the Black Illumination
  115. The Face of Truth Exposed 
  116. Disappeared in a Body of water of Blaze 
  117. In the depths of Mount Hakurei, song 
  118. Divine Malice of the Saint
  119. Fare For thou Well: Jakotsu’s Hymn 
  120. The Last and Greatest of the Group of Seven, the Final Battle
  121. The Strength of Banryu! Battle Royale on Mount Hakurei
  122. Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved  
  123. Behind Darkness – Naraku Reincarnate 
  124. The Nothingness in Kagome’s Heart The
  125. Turning Heartache into Courage 
  126. Don’t Boil It! Dried-Up Demon, The Horrifying
  127. Battle at the Festival Against by the Dried-Up Demons
  128. Chokyukai and the kidnapped bride, verse 
  129. The Heart Scar, is a new technique from Shippo!
  130. Wall hanging, “Trap of the Cursed” The Most Dangerous 132.Confession of Miroku
  131. The Female Lover of Sesshomaru (Part 1)
  132. The Girl Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part 2)
  133. The Master of Miroku’s Last Banquet 
  134. A Strange Invisible Demon Appears!
  135. A Kagome-Named Ancestor
  136. The Awesome Duel at Shoun Drops 
  137. Hill of Demons: Preservation of the Duo 
  138. Eternal Love, The Kenkon Naginata
  139. Enter: The Unleashed Demon Horse
  140. Entei, who is untamed, and Hakudoshi, 
  141. League games in Search of Dad
  142. who is evil Hosenki and the Final Shard 
  143. Strange Guards at the Afterlife’s Edge 
  144. Princess Abi, the Blazing Bird Master
  145. The tragic love ballad of destiny, number  (Part 1)
  146. The tragic love ballad of destiny, number (Part 2)
  147. The Single Arrow of Chaos 
  148. Kagome’s Instinctive Choice
  149. Protect and Take Advantage!
  150. The Mysterious Light that Helps guide the Saint 
  151. The Demon Connected with the Netherworld,
  152. The Bitter Reunion of 
  153. Fate, The Devil Defender of the Sacred Diamond Shard, and
  154. The Last Fight at the Grave!
  155. Use the Pretty vocal Barrage to decimate Color in Sesshomaru vs. Image requir
  156. Stampede of the Innumerable Demon Rats
  157. Kohaku’s Judgment and Sango’s Heart
  158. The Lucky but 2 different Scoundrel.
  159. Miroku’s Past Mistake 
  160. Forever such as Lord Sesshomarues
  161. Possessing a Parasite: Shippo, Our Shittiest Enemy 
  162. The Ultimate Strategy for Overcoming Naraku
  163. Naraku’s Heart 
  164. Kagura’s Wind
  165. The Bond Between People, Use the Sacrosanct Gemstone Shard! Part 1 
  166. The Bond Among People, Use the Sacrosanct Jewel Shard!
  167. Meido Zangetsuha, 
  168. Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga, numberDragon-Scaled Tessaiga, number
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This was all about the experience I had on the Inuyasha filler list . While going through this article you may encounter many more queries on the Inuyasha filler list, then we request you let us know that and we will try to help you at our earliest.

Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga, number

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