Is Discord Safe For Kids? Here Is What You Need To Know As a Parent

Without any Doubt, Discord is one of the most popular social media websites available out there. The platform was initially developed for online gamers. However, it is now turned into a discussion platform.

Discord is completely free to use and anyone can join different Discord servers or create their own to start discussions.

Being a popular social media platform, there are many parents who are concerned whether Discord is safe for kids or not.

And this is what I am going to talk about in this article.

Is There Any Illegal Content on Discord?

Illegal or inappropriate content is one of the common issues on every other social media site. And the same applies to Discord too.

However, Discord marks its illegal content channel as NSFW. And if you are below the age of 18 you won’t be able to access such servers. Even if you do, Discord will restrict your account. And the only way to bypass this is to change your age on Discord. But changing the age on Discord is not really a straightforward process.

As it requires you to upload your ID card and other details. So in this case, even if Discord has illegal and not so appropriate content, kids are protected against them to an extent.

 However, as a parent, it would be a good idea if you keep your kids away from entering into the wrong groups. Or talking with people who share illegal content.

But as long as they use public channels that you trust, it is absolutely safe for them to use. And there are no such risks.

Are There Parental Controls on Discord?

Unfortunately, there are no parental controls on Discord. But you can obviously block or delete an account. As well as configuring the privacy settings for explicit media screening, direct messaging and friend requests.

However, your kid can still change these settings when you are not monitoring their Discord. But yes, there are third-party apps available that can be used for Discord monitoring.

What are the dangers?

As far as the dangers are concerned, Discord may leave bad effects on your kid. Since abusive languages and profanity are quite common in many Discord servers.

Also, in these servers, there are many mature gamers who can talk about different things. Also, the same thing will feature in the conversations of the server. As a result, your kid can get easily influenced.


Overall, yes Discord is safe for kids to some extent. However, you should know that Discord is not an app that is aimed at kids. But anyone over 13 can join the platform and have fun. However, if you want your kid to use the platform, you have to take extra steps and monitor their activities.


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