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How many times have you thought of your dream neon lights and just wished that the reality could be a tad different? Many of us have. The title it was all a dream neon sign of this article is based on a well-known line from the movie, Inception. In it, there is a scene in which Leonard DiCaprio says “it was all a dream” as he is sleeping with two women in one room.

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Neon Ferry

Neon Ferry is the one-stop shop for all kinds of commercial neon lights and accessories. We are grateful to provide you with high-quality and beautiful neon signs that you can use for a variety of purposes.

What about a neon sign for bedroom, living room, or man cave? Now that would be cool! You don’t need to hire someone to make one for you. Just use your imagination and get ready to make your own neon sign by following the instructions below.

Neon signs have been utilized as a visual medium to convey messages and are now becoming a popular lighting fixture due to their versatile and vibrant designs. Neon signs are not only used in commercial settings to advertise, but they also make great additions to homes. It’s no wonder that neon signs have become a symbol of self-expression that is embraced by the millennial generation..

custom neon sign

Buying your own custom neon sign is easy with Neon Ferry. We are more than happy to help you build your very own custom neon sign. Whether it’s for home, business, or for special events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, our team can help you create beautiful custom neon signs that will stand out from the crowd!

neon lights are so hot right now. You can feel that from the trend and from the neon sign in every coffee shop, restaurant, or store. But do you know that neon has actually been around for centuries? It was first discovered by two scientists back in 1675 and 1703. When they found that air glows when exposed to an electric spark. Who would’ve thought that this little experiment could give birth to such a creative art form?

the fact is that neon is a very unique gas. It’s able to glow different colors depending on its temperature and what other gases are combined with it. If you heat up neon, it will glow orange red. But add some mercury vapour, and it will give off a blue light. Add helium and you’ll get bright yellow, while argon creates a purple glow.


neon signs are often used as advertising lights because they’re eye catching; attractive and really economical to operate — only using about 10% of the electricity of an equal incandescent sign. But there are even more reasons why people love them so much.

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