Leather vs. Mesh office chair

A good investment is an office chair. You will use it almost every day. With most people working remotely these days, your comfort and health will be greatly affected.

Although you may believe an office chair is one, what does the material have to do with it? There are many differences between a leather and mesh office chair. To help you decide which style might be best for you, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each type of chair. This includes its size, ergonomics and price.

It doesn’t matter if you use it every day for work or if you just need one for occasional admin, you’d be amazed at the impact a good office chair can have on your posture and performance.


Mesh office chairs have a unique ventilation feature that has changed how people work. Mesh office chairs allow for airflow between your body and the back, which is great if you work in a hot environment. It is much more comfortable to be seated in this way for long periods of time.

If leather is real leather, it naturally gets warmer so be aware of this fact if your office gets too warm in the middle of the day. A leather office chair is a great option if you want to be cosy while working.


When buying a chair, comfort is paramount. While a leather chair might seem the most comfortable, mesh chairs were designed with comfort in mind.

Although they may not be as comfortable as leather office chairs but mesh office hairs are more supportive than those made from leather. A good office chair should provide lumbar support. If you sit at a desk for long periods of time, it is important to think about how your chair supports your back.

A mesh office chair may be more helpful if you have back problems or pain. Mesh office chairs come with a curved back that supports the spine. Some may have a headrest to protect the neck while seated at a computer for long periods.

The leather office chair has a thickly padded backrest and padded armrests that provide luxury. The padding can wear over time, and the chair may not be as comfortable as it was when you bought it. This is an important consideration if you plan to sit at a desk for a long time.

You can adjust both styles of office chairs to your preferences and needs, including tilt and height adjustments. While neither of these chairs offer full recline, a gaming chair may be more suitable for you.


Both types of chairs have casters, making them easy to move about and are similar in size. Mesh office chairs are lighter than leather, which makes them an attractive choice for small spaces. Although mesh office chairs offer many ergonomic benefits, they don’t have the same soft feel as leather office chairs. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you.

Leather chairs are more classic and traditional, while mesh chairs look more contemporary and airy. Although leather chairs have a very popular look, sometimes appearances can be misleading. Although mesh chairs might look simple, they provide a lot of support that isn’t always apparent.

While both styles can be cleaned easily, leather (or real leather) may start to show signs of wear. It can get wrinkled or ripped over time, while mesh will last longer.


The price of leather office chairs is usually a bit higher than others, and this seems to be due to their looks. It’s more expensive if the chair is real leather than faux leather. Prices range from about PS60-PS300/$700-$350.

Mesh office chairs look very similar. Some chairs can cost upwards of PS250/ $300, while others are around PS70/$80 at the lowest. They’re also a bit more expensive overall.

It’s not surprising, given the many benefits and features a mesh office chair offers over a leather one.


It is up to you to decide which office chair you prefer, a mesh or a leather. A leather chair will look luxurious and feel cosy. A leather chair is durable and will last if you don’t use it often. A mesh chair is a good choice if you value practicality more than looks.

A leather chair’s soft feel and look should not be taken as gospel by anyone who has back problems or is unable to sit for long periods of time. You will notice the differences between mesh and leather office chairs. And you will be glad that you chose something with ergonomic functions. Mesh chairs are modern and lightweight so they can fit into any office space.

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