Lithium Batteries

There are different kinds of batteries that are getting used in different applications and systems. But if you talk about one of the most effective and used battery; a lithium battery is really useful and productive. 

Components of lithium Battery 

This is the battery that is formed of four main components. It has the cathode, that decides the capacity as well as voltage of the battery.  It is even the source of the lithium ions. The anode is something that enables the electric current to that of overall flow via an external circuit and once the battery is charged, lithium ions get kept in the anode.

For your information, the electrolyte is made up of solvents, salts, and additives, and serves as the conduit of lithium ions between that of the cathode and anode. Finally, there is the centrifuge, the physical barricade that keeps the cathode as well as anode separately.

Why are Lithium batteries so popular?

Lithium kinds of batteries, including both lithium-hydride as well as lithium-ion batteries, have turn out to be popular for consumer electronic devices because of their overall low weight. Similarly, it is also for the reason that they have high energy density, and comparatively long lifetimes. Lithium is much reactive and can burst into flames if it is exposed to water, but modern lithium cells make use of lithium bound chemically so that it cannot response easily. 

As with that of nickel, there are a number of different kinds of lithium cell variants but the most well-known in the present time is the lithium-ion cell. These are specific designed so that there is no free type of lithium present at any stage during the overall charging or discharging cycle. Similarly, the usage of lithium type of batteries in the realm of grid and utility applications is starting to increase with units being tested in a number of locations. Clearly, the use of these batteries is getting used in a profound and extensive manner.

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Quick Pros of Lithium batteries You Must Know 

Lithium type of batteries own a much higher energy density than that of any sort of other batteries. They can include up to one hundred fifty watt-hours (WH) of energy per kilogram (kg), if you compare them to nickel-metal hydride batteries at sixty to seventy WH/kg and lead acid ones at that of simply twenty-five WH/kg.

Similarly, not to miss that, these batteries also have a lower level of discharge rate than others. They lose nearly five percent of their charge in a month in comparison with that of a nickel-cadmium (nigh) type of batteries which emit somewhat twenty % in a single month. Of course, it is a huge difference for sure.


To sum up, whether lithium type of batteries or solar systems; whatever you choose for your home or operations, pick quality options only. Checking the battery or solar panel price is one important thing to get the right panels or batteries. You can check out variety in batteries at Loom Solar. It is a rapidly expanding start-up that is a premium manufacturer of solar panels as well as lithium batteries.  Even the company is ISO 9001-2015 certified and also been recognized start up by Govt. Of India.

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