Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories

Discreet water bongs and glass pipes for sale from a trustworthy online shop on the internet.

In our shop, we only sell handmade water bongs and glass pipes, which are made by skilled artisans. Pyrex is a high-end plastic material that is used to make all of the glass bongs and pipes in Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories. Because of its particular characteristics, borosilicate glass is an excellent choice for this purpose. 

Heat resistant:

Glass is not only very strong and durable, but it is also heat resistant and totally non-toxic, making it an excellent choice for construction. Because we are both producers and distributors, we are able to offer you low-cost, high-quality products at competitive prices. Smoke-online The store at Nut.com provides low-cost water bongs as well as low-cost glass pipes.

A sense of exclusivity

A sense of exclusivity surrounds water bongs and glass pipes that are made by hand in small batches. Our water bongs, glass pipes, and bubblers are created in-house by glassblowers in our own facilities. Every one of our glass bongs, pipes, and bubblers is a one-of-a-kind piece of art created just for you. A large selection of water bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, and chillums, all at competitive rates.

Variety in lookah glass accessories:

A broad variety of smoking accessories such as bongs, pipes, bubblers, chillums, and other glass smoking accessories are available in a variety of styles, all of which are handmade from the highest quality materials. Silver fuming and gold leaf are used for coloring as well as the CCG (color-changing glass) effect on the glass. Glass pipes and water bongs are very durable and available in a broad range of interesting forms and sizes. For convenience shops, goods such as lighters, rolling papers, and other tobacco accessory products provide significant profit margins, which may reach 40 to 50 percent in certain cases. Despite the fact that smoking has decreased in recent years, cigarette sales have remained steady over the past ten years.

Development in recent years:

In recent years, the c-store channel has seen significant growth in the sale of private-label lighters and other accessories. According to the International Retailing Institute, sales of tobacco accessories at convenience stores totaled $252.4 million for the 52-week period ending March 19, 2017, an increase of 0.96 percent over the same period a year earlier. Smoking accessories include anything from lighters and cigarette rolling machines to humidors, pipes, and pipe cleaning tools. Lighters and cigarette rolling machines are only the beginning.


Cigarette sales at convenience stores often have a direct effect on the sales of tobacco accessories. When cigarette sales are down, there is a greater demand for roll-your-own rolling papers. Sales of lighter items, on the other hand, which are by far the most popular category, often see decreases. It seems that many consumers are reverting to purchasing patterns that were more typical of years past when premiumization and bulk sales were less prevalent. In 2017, cigarette sales are expected to drop by 7 percent, according to some industry analysts. A number of reasons, including increasing municipal and state cigarette regulation, have played a role in the downturn in the industry.


Despite the fact that tobacco regulations are mostly limited to the state level. Tobacco users in some locations are facing significant price increases at military stores as a consequence of a 2016 Department of Defense policy that was implemented to further discourage tobacco use. Currently, tobacco must be sold at military exchanges, commissaries, and other resale stores on installations at no less than the lowest price available to the civilian community in order to be compliant with existing law. 

State and municipal taxes, on the other hand, are not currently included in the civilian tobacco price that is used as a comparison.. 

Sale of glass accessories:

Gregory Moore, senior tobacco buyer for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), said that the higher cost will most certainly affect all tobacco categories. 

Specifically, Moore predicts that the military’s decreased use of cigarettes, as well as recent DoD pricing policy adjustments, will be the most pressing issue facing the accessories industry in 2017. As tobacco sales grow, accessories will become less essential since customers will be able to purchase them all in the same place where they get their tobacco.


Even though the tobacco industry faces many obstacles, a growing business sector may have a beneficial effect on tobacco accessory sales, especially in places like California, Colorado, and Maine were pockets of customers are helping to develop the market. In the past month, the producer of vapor technology, VMR Products, published the findings of a commissioned research on the views of cannabis users on the effect of legalization on the Obama and Trump presidencies. When people were asked what they believed about the best method to regulate marijuana in the United States, 70% said that the country should legalize it at the federal level and control it in the same manner that it regulates alcohol and cigarettes.

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