Meaning & Importance of School Management

What is School Management?

Management is the planning, directing, and coordinating of the efforts of individuals working in an organisation to achieve certain objectives. School management means planning, coordinating, motivating, and controlling the efforts to achieve the specific objectives of the school and to establish coordination with human and material sources.

In school management, there is a role of manager, principal, teacher, staff, student, parent, material resources, teaching process, etc. The role of the manager is important in keeping all this dynamic. Successful and effective school management should have the following characteristics:

  • There should be flexibility in school management.

  • Be practical in school management.

  • Be in line with the social, political, and philosophical policies and values ​​of the nation.

  • Competence in school management.

  • There should be coordinated efforts to achieve the desired objectives of education.

The process of education has to be conducted by the school management. Which is assessed by the development and achievements or behaviour of the students, which is considered a learning achievement. School management is the basic base and field of education where the teaching-learning process is carried out.

Need and Importance of School Management

The most widely important and powerful means of providing systematic and organised knowledge to every student according to the current needs is the education system of the school. School is a basic organisational unit of the entire education process.

Every organisation has its own goals and ideals and proper management is also necessary to achieve them successfully. The need and importance of school management are increasing day by day because the services provided by schools are increasing day by day. Various types of social, cultural, and political talents are being born out of schools. All this is the result of school management.

To maintain the quality of education, a skilled manager is needed in the school, who improves the quality of education by improving the school environment. Thus, at present the need for management in the school is inevitable. The need and importance of management in school can be understood as follows:

  1. The school management should make the best use of the human and material resources available for the school and successful efforts should be made to arrange other necessary resources as well.

  2. In the era of technology, schools must have school management software to handle daily based operations in a smooth process. It helps in fee management, student management, attendance management (iAttendance), and other school related activities.

  3. For the all-around development of the children, various new schemes are formulated by the school management.

  4. The distribution of responsibilities of all the employees of the school is done with great skill and understanding so that educational objectives can be easily achieved.

  5. The importance of school management increases even more from the point of view that it has to run the school successfully because in its absence it is impossible for the effective operation of the school and the all-round development of the children neither the students can get the proper environment to learn and progress.

  6. For the all-around development of the students in school management, various types of co-curricular activities are conducted so that the physical and mental development of the students can take place.

  7. To make the entire teaching-learning process effective, teachers and other staff are assigned work based on merit. In conclusion, we can say that if the management system of a school is good, then the achievement of the students coming out of that school will also be good and effective, who will be able to achieve their highest goal by keeping the head of their school, country, family, and society high.

Thus it can be said that today schools should first make efforts to make their management system strong and empowered, which is considered to be the focal point of any institution.

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