Mobile App Design Trends to Lead the Market in 2023

It’s hard to imagine, but two decades ago, we hadn’t heard of Twitter or Facebook, and you may have still had to limit your characters when sending a text message.

Technology has done lots to bring the future to us.

So what’s next? We’ve put together our take on some of the most interesting mobile app design trends for 2023. Use this to gather exciting concepts for your next app design.

Adaptive Technology

Your users will have higher standards and expectations for your app in 2023. With increased competition, they’ll expect every tiny detail to be perfect.

If you want to achieve that, it’s worth knowing how adaptive and UX design can be used for your technical development.

Adaptive design methods involve creating new technology that alters automatically to fit perfectly with a user’s device. So that might mean an app adjusting to fit the size of a particular phone screen, for example.

Wearable Technology

Many of us have now adopted smartwatches that provide data as varied as our current heart rate to our sleep patterns – all linked to the latest app.

But wearable technology is still in its infancy. There is much to offer with this trend, and you can expect to see more of it in 2023.

Key wearable app trends for 2023 include fitness, wellness voice technology and message facilities.

There will come a time when we can do most things from our wristwatches rather than our phones. If you intend to develop new app technology next year, wearable technology apps are certainly a trend you shouldn’t overlook.

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Mixed and Augmented Reality

Meta made headlines this year with the plan to venture into augmented reality. But where one leads, others follow, so expect other innovative entrepreneurs to explore this technology in 2023 with digital products.

We are still in the early stages of using mixed and augmented reality with apps. So there is plenty to explore.

But you’ll need a talented application design team and plenty of ingenuity to follow this trend, plus cutting-edge tools like technology.


Personalisation can make apps fun and addictive. If you want an example of personalisation in action, consider how your social media feed populates with content similar to what you’ve previously viewed.

Personalisation also has plenty of applications in commercial settings too. Amazon does this well, and you’ve probably noticed that the app recommends relevant products based on your browsing history.

Personalisation of apps in 2023 will be all about creating a seamless, fully personalised experience from the moment users log on to your apps.

It means having personalised onboarding sequences, custom content and personal recommendations. You may also want to explore using chatbots for your app to future customise users’ experience when interacting with your brand.

Get Ahead of 2023’s Mobile App Design Trends

To succeed in 2023, you’ll need to offer a unique and innovative product. So when building, use these mobile app design trends for inspiration to help make your next app launch a winner.

Don’t forget to check out app development features to ensure you have the best tool for building a market-leading app.

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