If you want to keep your AirPods charging case fresh and new, you need to protect it with a cover. Even if your wireless earbuds are already protected from damage, there’s no harm in adding some flair to your anime case for AirPods and protecting it, too. Fortunately, there is now a slew of fantastic solutions to assist you to achieve this goal. The bulk of the covers tested and explained below are silicone skins with a wide range of color options, much like any other accessory, which is why you’ll see the majority of covers listed with the best quality and products. Consider different leather and metal options, but keep in mind that they might be pricey or expensive according to your choice.

A Compostable AirPods Case is now available from Casetify

Casetify is known for its fashionable smartphone cases, so it’s no surprise that the company now has a selection of stylish AirPods cases. While it still has a lovely texture and color to it, this biodegradable choice comes with the extra benefit of alleviating your conscience owing to its low environmental effect.

Athlete’s Edge: As long as you’re not worried about losing or damaging your AirPods, then Spigen’s case could be the best option for you. It has a wonderful fabric feel that doesn’t detract from how hard-wearing it is, increasing the AirPods’ capacity to endure dips and falls by a significant amount.

Gear4 system called the Apollo: Understandably, some individuals want to protect their AirPods without spending a lot of money. You may want to check out the Apollo from Gear4 if that sounds like you. It comes in a variety of eye-catching colors, which is great, but the best part is that it’s dirt cheap. If your AirPods were to be dropped, this may not be enough to prevent them from being scratched.

Airpods Case for Catalyst Waterproof: For some individuals, even though drop and scratch protection is standard, they may fear that their lifestyle (or the weather in their area) necessitates an additional layer of protection. Because of this cover, you can rest easy knowing that your AirPod cases are protected from water, which may be a concern for these somewhat older earbuds if they are exposed to rain or splashes.

AirSnap Twelve South; In light of the aforementioned possibilities, Twelve South may be an excellent choice if you’re seeking something more hand-crafted. Its AirSnap series comes in a few different leather finishes, but no matter which one you select, you’re getting a high-quality piece of gear. If you want to keep your AirPods safe and sound, this is the case for you.

For our investigation of the finest AirPod cases presently on the market, dhgate AirPods put in a lot of effort. We need to evaluate a variety of variables when suggesting gadgets and when a new product makes it into our top one. Consumer feedback, brand quality, and value, as well as our testing, are all taken into consideration.

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