My Hero Academia Filler List

My Hero Academia Filler List

My Hero Academia is a phenomenal anime series of the last decade and it has had a successful journey since its beginning in 2016. Boku no Hero Academia, which is based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, was the show’s original title. The series consists of 6 seasons with more than a total of 135 episodes which is still going on. Only five episodes are marked as Filler episodes, only 3.70% of the total attacks. You can skip these episodes while watching the series if you want and that’s perfectly fine but these five filler episodes are preferred to watch and you should not miss them. 

Unlike other anime series which have many filler episodes, My Hero Academia has very few filler episodes, which is why experts suggest that you should not miss these episodes also. So in this article below let’s discuss the My Hero Academia Filler List. 

My Hero Academia Filler List

My Hero Academia is a short anime series with only 135 episodes ( and still counting) to watch. The story of this particular anime series is based on a boy named Izuku Midoriya, who was born in this everyday world without any superpowers. But his desire to be a superhero with supernatural abilities led to his journey from an average person to a great hero. There are many plots and twists in this anime series with excellent fighting and emotional scenes.

As mentioned above there are only five filler episodes in the My Hero Academia anime series. A filler arc or episode is those parts of the series in which the storyline does not do anything to enhance the overall plot of the show. These filler episodes and arcs don’t show any character development, or introduction to any new character, they are only used to lengthen the entire runtime of the show. In this article, we’ll try to explain the My Hero Academia Filler List in terms of its episodes. These filler episodes are also known as non-canon episodes.

My Hero Academia Filler ListFiller Episodes of My Hero Academia

Till now there are five filler episodes in this anime series which are described belowMy Hero Academia Filler List

  • Episode 1 of Season 2: HERO NOTEBOOK

This episode primarily serves as a quick recap of the important topics of Season 1. It is not worthwhile watching this first episode of season 2 – Hero Notebook if you have already seen the first season and aim to watch the other episodes of this season.

Hero Notebook follows the trend of meaningless recap episodes. If, for some reason, you saw Season 1 a long time ago and now you have forgotten what happened while unwilling to rewatch it all, you should only watch this episode. But for the viewers who have recently seen season 1, they should start with “That’s the Idea, Ochaco” if they want to start Season 2 even if Hero notebook is the official first episode of the season.My Hero Academia Filler List

  • Episode 1 of Season 3: GAME START

The starting episode of My Hero Academia’s third season is titled Game Start. Just like Hero notebook it also serves as a mind refresher, reminding viewers where things left off in the earlier season without significantly advancing the plot. 

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In this episode, you can see the boys in Class 1-A are swimming and having fun whereas the girls are playing volleyball. The League of Villains is briefly discussed in All Might, but it is unimportant. Although you can skip this episode, it is an excellent break from the excitement at the end of season 2 and prepares a good way to start season 3.My Hero Academia Filler List

  • Episode no. 20 ( Special episode) of Season 3: SAVE THE WORLD WITH LOVE! 

This particular episode is primarily a commercial promoting the series’ film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. It is unnecessary to watch this movie to know the important story of this anime series. Similarly, watching this episode isn’t necessary for viewers to enjoy the movie.

This episode is doubtlessly skippable if you only intend to watch the anime series but if you intend to watch the movie Two Heroes as well, you won’t want to miss this filler, which comes right before the season’s conclusion.

  • Episode 1 of Season 4: THE SCOOP ON U.A. CLASS 1-A

Taneo, an anime-exclusive character of the series, interviews the students of Class 1-A and learns that Deku is All Might’s replacement. He decides not to share that information, though. Although it’s not a poor episode, it serves no purpose to the main My Hero Academia plot. Even though this episode is technically filler, it is still really pleasant to watch, so you shouldn’t miss it unless you’re pressed for time.My Hero Academia Filler List

  • Episode 16 of Season 5: LONG TIME NO SEE, SELKIE 

In the most recent filler episode to air, after catching the professional hero Selkie in operation and being asked to help with a hazardous process, Ryuku and her crew have the opportunity to learn from him. This particular episode introduces My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission while also serving as quality and content. There is no requirement to watch this episode to enjoy or even understand the film, just like the Special Episode: Save the World With Love! Even though this particular episode is technically a filler episode, it is still really excellent and pleasant to watch. So you shouldn’t miss this special episode until and unless you’re pressed for time.

My Hero Academia Filler ListConclusion

So here we have discussed and tried to provide an adequate amount of information and guide regarding the My Hero Academia Filler List. One thing you should consider is that the filler episodes do not undergo any characterorial development or improvement and also not even introduction to any new characters. So these filler episodes are undoubtedly skippable if you want to save time. On the other hand, My Hero Academia Filler List is very small compared to other anime series. So you can watch these filler episodes if you aren’t pressed for time. These filler episodes won’t disappoint to entertain you in any aspect and in order to enjoy the fullest it is always preferred to watch these filler episodes.

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