One Piece Filler Episodes List

One Piece Filler Episodes List3Introduction

One Piece is a very famous old anime series and is widely watched nowadays among the younger generation. It was introduced in mid-1999. The popularity is still intact even after 20 years. There are 1047 episodes of the anime series and this number is greater than the normal anime series. Only less than or equal to 100 episodes are filler episodes which are only 10% content of the whole. 

You might be wondering why these filler episodes are introduced although there are numerous original episodes. So the purpose of introducing filler episodes is to increase the runtime of the show. By publishing filler episodes the scriptwriters get enough extra time to write more drama. These filler episodes are released when the anime reaches equivalence to the manga. Filler episodes are not only produced for gaining extra time but they are also published in some festivals and occasionally as well. You can see filler episodes in the new year, Christmas.


One Piece Filler Episodes List3

Fillers are specifically those events that have not taken place in the manga but have happened in anime. Fillers are the printing interspace between anime and manga. There are so many people who don’t like watching filler episodes yet there are some filler episodes that are really entertaining. These filler episodes are not original means these are not officially written by the original author or publisher.  

One Piece Filler Episodes List3

So the question is whether filler episodes are worth watching or not?

Assume that you are watching a super exciting anime series that has reached the climax of the storyline where the situation does or die and you have high enthusiasm to watch your favorite character win. And suddenly the upcoming next 4 episodes are filler episodes. In that case, I’m sure that your patience level would burst out. In this case, even you will start hating fillers.

One Piece Filler Episodes List3

But there are some filler episodes that are fun to watch though they don’t get recommendations afterward. Some people enjoy watching fillers as well even if it has no relation to the actual plot.

Filler episodes and arcs

One Piece Filler Episodes List3

With more than 1047 episodes, one piece is a massive anime series and has made a big place in the anime industry. If you want to maintain the excitement of the original episodes and it watches the filler episodes then here are some filler episode lists that you can skip: 

  • Warship Island filler arc

Episodes 54-61 contain Warship Island filler arc episodes. Warship Island is the bery 1st filler arc launched. It’s plot revolves around a young woman named Apis, who was from the ocean and was saved by Straw Hats. 

  • Post-Arabasta filler Arc

Episode 131-135 contains a Post-Arabasta filler Arc. This is the 2nd filler arc. It actually occurs after the Arabasta arc and has five hold episodes. 

  • Goat island filler arc

Episodes no. 136 -138 consist of Goat island filler arc. You can surely skip this unrelated and ineffectual filler arc if you want to save time. In this, the Straw Hats resolve to recover an elderly guy by restoring the functionality of his ship. You can easily skip another ineffective filler arc to save time.

  • Ruluka Island filler arc

Episode no.139 to episode no.143 is the Ruluka Island filler arc. This also revolves around the Straw Hats and they discover this new island. 

  • G-8 filler arc

Episodes no.196 to episode no.206. You can watch this but if you want to skip it you can. In this the  Straw Hats become stranded within a marine base.

  • Ocean’s Dream filler arc
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It consists of episodes from 220 to 224. It is the 6th filler arc.  

  • Foxy’s dream filler arc

Episode 225 to 228 makes it the seventh Filler arc of this series. The Straw Hats and Foxy cross paths once more in this arc’s plot, and they argue.

  • Ice hunter filler arc

From episodes 326 to 335. The Straw Hats attempt to assist the crew of a wrecked ship en route to the Florian triangle, but they soon learn that the people on board are Bounty Hunters.

  • Spa Island filler arc

From episodes 382 to 384 the spa theme is used in this episode’s ninth filler arc, which is undoubtedly fan service like all other anime.

  • Little east blue filler arc

From episodes 426 to 429 the Little East Blue Arc is regarded as a unique filler arc that is exclusive to anime. Before watching the One Piece Film: Strong World, you must watch this arc.

  • Z’s Ambition filler Arc

Episode no.575 to episode no. 578 consists of Z’s Ambition filler Arc. 


  • Caesar Retrieval filler Arc

Episode no.626 to episode no.628 consist of Caesar Retrieval filler Arc. In this, the Caeser is separated from Straw Hats.

  • Silver my filler Arc

 Episode no.747 to episode no.750 consist of Silver Mine filler Arc. It takes place after the Dressrosa arc is the Silver Marine arc. 

  • Marine Rookie filler Arc

Episodes 780 to 782 consist of Marine Rookie filler arc. It is the show’s 13th filler arc. It takes place after the Zou arc.

  • Cidre Guild filler Arc

Episode no. 895 to episode no.896. It is the 14th filler arc. You will find in this series that The Cidre Guild arc, starts in the middle of the Wano arc.

  • Uta’s Past filler arc

Episodes no. 1029 to episode no.1030 consist of Uta’s Past filler arc. You can find that The One Piece Film: Red and this arc relatable.

This are the list of One Piece episode fillers:-

  • Episodes 50-51: The War at Marineford (Recap)
  • Episodes 54-61: Ocean’s Dream Arc
  • Episodes 98-99: Sanji’s Cooking School
  • Episodes 101-102: The Legend of the Rainbow Mist
  • Episodes 131-143: Goat Island Arc
  • Episodes 196-206: G-8 Arc
  • Episodes 213-216: Foxy’s Return Arc
  • Episodes 220-224: Lovely Land Arc
  • Episodes 279-283: Spa Island Arc
  • Episodes 291-292: Boss Luffy Historical Arc
  • Episodes 303-336: The Thriller Bark Arc (partial filler episodes)
  • Episodes 382-384: The Ice Hunter Arc
  • Episodes 406-407: Little East Blue Arc
  • Episodes 426-429: Z’s Ambition Arc
  • Episodes 457-458: Marine Rookie Arc
  • Episodes 497-499: Caesar Retrieval Arc
  • Episodes 542-543: The Fish-Man Island Timeskip Arc (partial filler episodes)
  • Episodes 575-578: The Warship Island Arc
  • Episodes 626-628: The Underwater Paradise Arc
  • Episodes 747-750: Silver Mine Arc

Although some of them are not fully included in partial filler content and not each of them is a filler episode.  While those episodes which are not considered filler episodes do have some contents which were not seen in the original episodes.

One Piece Filler Episodes List3


We have provided and discussed all the one-piece filler episodes list of famous Anime series in depth. These are regarded as the most amazing series of all time, you must watch it. If you don’t want to watch it then no worries because it has no resemblance to the actual story and if you want to see it for entertainment purposes then it is good to go.

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