Online Game Review 2021

Over the past decade, Codemasters have generally played the F1 Strength to Strength games. Incredibly detailed tracks, beautifully designed cars, and expertly simulated physics made the games fun to play.

Things are changing a little this year. The first change is the addition of the EA Sports logo at the beginning of the game. With EA buying Codemasters last year, F1 2021 represents the first EA brand Formula One The Game since 2003.

The game features 21 tracks, including postponed/cancelled Chinese, Canadian, Singaporean and Australian events. The races will follow the format of the 22 races originally scheduled. Late Add-ons, Imola, Portimão and Jeddah Street Circuit come as free DLC. Istanbul Park, Turkey will not be included in F1 2021 Game.

The major modes of the game

While previous years featured a personal career mode in addition to the World Championships, F1 2021 will go all the way to feature a single-player narrative campaign, Breaking Point. This is very similar to the single player story modes in EA FIFA and NFL Toys. Breaking Point follows rookie F1 driver Aiden Jackson with drama, both on and off the track. The story is interspersed with racing clips depicting the rivalry and frictions in the Formula 1 championship. It’s a great addition to the game.

Career mode will of course return to allow players to take their driver and team to the top. This mode can also be played locally with two players. Players can race as team members of the same team or against each other in a battle for the championship. In addition to racing, players can choose strategies, make financial decisions and prioritize development.

As with previous games, F1 2021 It features the entire race over the weekend. In career mode, coaching sessions can be used to earn credits which in turn can be used to develop promotions. I’ve said it before, but this really makes the practice sessions worth while, having previously skipped into qualifying. And learning the tracks correctly makes racing better.

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The All favorite racing games

After the no-nonsense race, players can choose to participate in a special or full F1 or F2 Grand Prix race. There is also an opportunity to improve your lap times through time trials. Multiplayer has gone from strength to strength. Players can choose from split local races, casual online and ranked races. There are weekly events and players can also create or participate in online competitions. There is an esports section that looks set to roll out later this year so players can watch and apply for the race in the professional leagues.

Physics seems to have tightened up this year. For example, I noticed that I was more likely to deviate from the track with brutal stabilization in corners. The car’s handling feels better, though, with spills more rewarding than the result of jarring checks. The sense of speed feels better than ever.

As with most Codemasters racing games, F1 2021 skillfully integrates the full range of scaling difficulties. Players can choose from a range of assists, including brake indicators, gears and racing stripes, or opt for a brutally realistic racing simulation. Regardless of the level of racing skill, F1 will meet you. However, I recommend that players switch to manual gears as soon as possible, as this provides much better control over the cars’ speeds.


As a recursive title, the file becomes F1 The games are an evolution rather than a revolution compared to the previous year’s entry. For PC gamers, the visuals have been improved.

The presentation is shiny and polished, because the animation teams and engineers in the garages look so realistic. The attention to detail built into all these small, yet understated elements makes the F1 racing experience immersive.

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