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The PDF file format is widely supported due to its versatility and ease of sharing. Unfortunately, the elements within PDF documents are not easy to edit. This calls for the search for a competent tool to let you edit PDF files without hassle.

Luckily, an all-in-one software solution is available for you in the form of Wondershare PDFelement. Keep reading to learn more about the tool and how to edit PDF text using the rich toolset of PDFelement.

Part 1: Introducing the Perfect Productivity Tool to Edit PDFs with Ease – Wondershare PDFelement for Mac

In the online market, various free PDF editor tools are available that claim to help you with modifying documents. Among the top-rated PDF editors currently available, PDFelement significantly stands apart.

PDFelement for Mac by Wondershare is a one-stop software solution for PDF files. Available as desktop, mobile, and web services, PDFelement offers an easy-to-use opportunity for editing PDF files. This fast and affordable tool enables users to modify various elements in their PDF documents, convert files to and from the PDF format, add password protection to their files, and much more.

In contrast to other conventional PDF text editor tools, PDFelement offers an innovative and dynamic approach to editing. Its interactive interface is laden with AI-powered features that can help you get the best out of your PDF files. With additional services such as cloud storage and multi-platform availability, PDFelement lets you seamlessly harmonize your workflow.

Part 2: How to Use PDFelement for Mac for Editing Text with Ease

PDFelement offers a simple interface that is operable for all users without regard to their technical knowledge. You can follow the detailed guide given below to learn how to edit the text in PDF files using PDFelement for Mac:

Step 1: Insert Document in PDFelement

To get things started, download and install PDFelement on your MacBook. After launching the software, go to the “Home” tab from the left and click on “Open” or “Create PDF” under the “Tools” section. Then, browse the file’s location on your Mac to open it in the program’s interface.

Step 2: Edit or Add Text in PDF File

Once you have opened your file in PDFelement, go to the “Edit” tab from the top and select the “Text” option from the menu. This will turn all the text in the document into editable form. Select the text you wish to change and replace it by typing new text. You can also alter the font size, style, color, alignment, and other aspects or delete text from here.

If you wish to add new text to your document, you can click anywhere in the document to insert a textbox. PDFelement lets you modify the text properties such as color or size via a popup panel.

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Step 3: Save PDF Document

After you have made the necessary changes to your document, navigate to the “File” tab and click on the “Save” option to save your edited PDF file. You can also use the shortcut “Command + S” on your Mac to save your document.

Part 3: Other Prominent Functions of PDFelement for Mac That You Can Use

Using the above guide, you can now easily edit the text in your PDF files. But the wonderful services of PDFelement arenot limited to that. The tool offers a wide range of other useful features that can help enhance your PDF files.

1. Annotate PDF File

PDFelement offers a simple and trouble-free way to annotate PDF files. Using this feature, users can highlight important parts of a document and alter the color and opacity of the highlight with ease. The tool lets users add notes, comments, and text to the document.

You can underline, markup, or strikethrough the document’s text in a few simple clicks. PDFelement for Mac can also add drawings, signatures, stamps, and shapes to a PDF file. The annotate feature is also useful for filling out forms, grading papers, and reviewing lengthy documents.

2. Organize PDF File

If you want to modify the structure of your PDF file, the “Organize PDF” feature of PDFelement for Mac is the perfect fit. With just a few clicks, you can reorganize the pages of your PDF document. The feature enables users to drag and readjust the position and order of pages easily.

If you want to otherwise crop, rotate, extract, or split the pages of your PDF file, you can do so effortlessly using PDFelement. Users can also easily delete existing pages from a document or insert new pages into it.

3. Compress PDF File

Large PDF files can be a nuisance to share on different platforms. If you are looking for a PDF compressor to help you reduce the size of your PDF file, PDFelement for Mac has got you covered on that front. The software offers an efficient compressing tool that can resize your PDF documents while maintaining the quality of your files.

The “Compress PDF” tool of PDFelement can optimize large PDF files to a relatively small size without any limit. You can specify the compression ratio settings on the program or manually alter the document to reduce its size.

4. Batch Process PDF Files

To help you increase your workflow, PDFelement for Mac enables the processing of multiple files at once. This can help you save time for various purposes, ranging from educational to marketing and other technical uses.

After adding multiple files to the program’s interface, users can opt from a number of available options. You can convert multiple files to and from PDFs, batch compress files to reduce their size, apply OCR, add or remove watermarks, sign PDFs, or encrypt them with passwords using a single click.


Although manually editing PDF files is a long and tiresome process, the right tools can make it quick and easy. With the premium editing services of Wondershare PDFelement for Mac, you can now edit the text in your PDF document with ease. Other useful features offered by PDFelement also enable users to enhance their workflow and make their PDFs stand apart.

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