Places To Visit In Solothurn Switzerland

Places To Visit In Solothurn Switzerland

Solothurn is a charming little city on the Aare River that combines the best of German, French, and Italian culture to delight visitors. Because it served as the residence of the French king’s ambassadors from the 16th to the 18th centuries, Solothurn is known as “Ambassador Town.”

This car-free old city is distinguished by its impressive Baroque and Renaissance structures and numerous religious sites. Also, make it a great spot to walk around and take in stunning views like Erotikinserate. One of Switzerland’s finest examples of Baroque architecture can be found in Solothurn’s idyllic buildings.

St. Ursus Cathedral

The St. Urson Cathedral, constructed in the light “Of Solothurn marble,” is regarded as the most significant early classicism-era structure in Switzerland. The cathedral is also regarded as a “magical elf” masterpiece. Three, an eleven-step grand staircase leads to the cathedral. It has eleven bells and is six times eleven meters tall.

According to plans by Ascona’s Gaetano Matteo Pisoni, the third completely new building was built from 1762 to 1773 and lasted exactly 11 years. In the later stages, his nephew Paolo Antonio Pisoni oversaw the construction. Behind large sound openings are eleven bells made by the Kaiser foundry in Solothurn between 1764 and 1768. Carlo Luca Pozzi’s sarcophagus-shaped high altar

The tower’s ground floor is where the cathedral’s treasure is kept. The Hornbach sacramentary, the Virgin Mary and Escort Solothurn statue, and a manuscript written in the Reichenau monastery around 983 are among the extensive cathedral treasures. Solothurn’s St. Urs

on meters 

Church of the Jesuits Solothurn

One of Switzerland’s finest examples of baroque architecture is thought to be the Jesuit Church. It was constructed between 1680 and 1689 following the Vorarlberg master builders’ principles. It has incredible stucco in the Italian style and was designed as a single baroque space. It is depicted on the marbled wood high altar.

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Famous, The Sex in Solothurn

 is a famous place. Today, Burristurm is known under the name Kulturm and forms an integral part of the Solothurn cultural scene on four spatially flexible levels with different events.

Krummturm Solothurn

A specialized order was placed with a well-known Solothurn master builder. He was supposed to construct the suburban fortifications’ western tower. He ought to be in charge of the guardroom and be able to withstand the Aare’s floods.

The builder was annoyed that the carpentry work was entrusted to a young master carpenter. Because he had a relationship with his daughter, but he didn’t want to talk her out of this. Another idea occurred to him how to annoy the young man.

So built the planned tower in such a way that it had five unequal corner angles. He promised the craftsman his daughter’s hand as soon as he was finished. The task presented him with challenges. He started construction to ensure that construction was completed on time, although the planning still needed to be completed.


The traditional city walks: on this tour, you’ll learn about Solothurn’s turbulent past and get valuable information about the old town’s historic buildings.

Join the tour guide as they take you through the picturesque alleys, magnificent squares, and numerous landmarks. Walk around the beguiling notable old town and wonder about overwhelming landmarks like the St. Urson House of God, the Jesuit Church, or the market square with the time chime tower.

Let Solothurn’s past and present tell you everything you need to know. You will be inspired by the humorous tales, anecdotes, and factors that contribute to Switzerland’s most beautiful baroque city’s current charm.

For those who are blind or may be visually impaired, a guided tour of the old town is also available.

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