Let’s admit it, board exams are difficult right from the beginning, and it is extremely complex with subjects that do not have any definite answers. Literature and grammar are very important and compulsory subjects in ICSE and ISC, you cannot skip them even when you have the choice of subjects available. You can choose different streams, but you’re stuck with English. Students are usually introduced to dramas and plays, which is what makes literature even more difficult to understand and study further. 

Especially with online teaching prevailing everywhere, it has been more difficult for students to understand things. Here is how you can now prepare for your literature exams efficiently, make sure to follow the tips closely for best results.

Know The Pattern

Knowing the pattern or format of your question people will guide you to understand how you can solve it so that you can not only finish it on time but also revise it once you are finished. The most common problem students face while writing their literature exams is that they run out of time because the answers are lengthy. 

You would normally think that starting from section B is much more convenient because section A consists of compulsory short questions which you leave out for later as they can be finished quickly. This is why you are wrong; for the second section you need to be relaxed and completely aware of the answers so that you can finish them, and this cannot be done if you are constantly thinking about how much time you have left as you have a pending Section A too. That is all the more reason why you can finish it, because it is quick, and if you have some parts left do not try to think about the answer, simply keep answering the questions that you already know.

The best part is when literature teachers check your paper, they don’t always read everything you have written, rather they look for the keywords that are present in the book. Use the keywords, explain the situation, and always begin the answer by addressing the question. this way the teacher realizes that you have studied and understood the chapter, and have put an effort into writing it out in your own words.

Use your reading time assigned so that you can pick out the questions in section B. Instead of reading section a first, read the entire section B and choose the questions you find easy, and as time starts you can simply start answering the compulsory portion. Now you no longer have to make a choice in your writing time since you are already done with the work in the reading time. 

Take Notes In The Book

Your school must have recommended you a number of books that you can buy and if not you can try choosing different publishers because of the format in dramas. Most works have the text on the left side and the meaning on the right side, because when we read we read the chapter first and then switch on to the meaning moving from left to right. If there is a change in format, our brain fails to understand it and fails to interpret information properly.

Start taking notes in the book itself so that you don’t always have to keep going back to the word meaning portion, if you can simply use a sharp pencil to write the meaning above the words, you can get in the habit of reading fast and understanding the text at the same time.

Understand, Don’t Learn

You can level learning literature because it is simply the comprehension of the English language and the words that you use to write down. You might have to learn some dates and names of characters, but most of the plot must be understood. Imagine the entire story as a situation that has happened to you, so if there are questions about the situation as an interrogation, you will be able to answer through critical analysis and understanding of multiple literary devices.


Use a workbook, or simply answer the questions that your literature teacher is asking during class, if you pay attention while the lesson is going on you will simply have to read the chapter once again at home. Make use of an education app for better professional practice, since online teaching is on the rise.

Which tip did you find useful? There is no way around literature, and the only way to be good at it is to understand the context and practice answering the questions.

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