Recovering PST Files

Recovering PST Files: How Can You Recover Deleted PST Files?

The PST or Personal Storage Table of MA Outlook is the data file that stores different types of MS Outlook content such as contacts, tasks, emails, events, and attachments on the hard drive of the system. After you create an MS Outlook account, the algorithm will automatically create PST files on your behalf and store them in your MS Outlook account. 

What Will Happen if You Delete the PST Files?

If you delete the PST files and try to open the same open, the system will show that the PST files are not found. This can cause various complications such as failing to open the MS Outlook software while also risking the MS Outlook data. Your important MS Outlook data such as calendar, notes, and contacts might be erased permanently.

Sometimes, you might unintentionally delete the outlook.PST files. Even though they will go to the recycle bin, let’s say that you’ve also erased the recycle bin completely. In such cases, you need to recover the deleted PST files. If you’re going through this situation, you need to use PST file recovery software that will help you recover the deleted PST files. 

Is it Possible to Recover the Deleted PST Files?

There are countless ways to recover the deleted PST files from your MS Outlook account. The first place is the recycle bin from where you can recover the deleted PST files. However, if you have erased the files permanently, then you need to think of only one solution. 

Keep in mind that this method will help you recover the deleted PST files only if the System Restore option is enabled in your Windows. 

  • Open the file explorer of your Windows and go to C:\Users\prane 
  • This is where you can access the documents folder. Right-click on this folder and access Restore Previous Version 
  • This is where you will find the previous versions of your folders. You need to choose the file dated before you implemented delete
  • After choosing the specific folder, you need to look for deleted PST files and then restore the original one. This will help you restore erased PST files easily. 

But as mentioned earlier, enabling the System Restore function is the only way to leverage the benefit of this option. However, if you didn’t enable this option, don’t get your hopes down. You can use third-party tools such as Datanumen that will help you recover the deleted PST files.

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Recover the PST Files Using Datanumen PST File Recovery System

Our PST file recovery software is one of the most effective as well as easiest ways to recover the deleted PST files from your MS Outlook account. If you’re failing to recover your PST files and important data items, the Datanumen PST recovery software will undoubtedly help you. The software will not only allow you to recover the lost PST files but also help you recover other deleted folders as well as files. 

How Can You Import the Recovered PST Files to Your MS Outlook Account?

After you use our PST file recovery software, you need to import those deleted and recovered PST files to your MS Outlook account. Here are the steps you need to follow to do so:

  • Open your MS Outlook account and click on the File option. 
  • Click on the left panel and choose the Open and Export option from where you need to click on Import or ExportThis will create Import and Export wizardFrom where you can choose Import from the program and then click Next. 
  • Choose the Browse option and go to the specific location where you have saved the recovered PST files from file recovery software. 
  • You will notice various options that will help you manage the duplicate recovered PST files. Choose the option Do Not Import Duplicates and then click Next. 
  • Then select the folders you need and then click on Next. 

After completing these steps, you will be able to recover and import the Outlook PST data files. 

What Do You Need to Remember So That You Don’t Lose the PST Data Files?

This is one of the most important things you need to remember. To ensure that your PST files are safe and not deleted, you need to make sure you’re protecting the PST files properly. We recommend you backup the PST data files regularly. Even if they get corrupted, the consequences will be minimal. You also need to invest in a high-quality anti-virus that will protect your system and PST data files from malware attacks. As per Small Business, anti-virus will provide you with real-time online protection. But choose anti-virus carefully as many of them are known to slow down the system. While operating with the MS Outlook account, don’t close the software abruptly as this will result in PST file corruption. An abrupt shutdown due to power failure might also cause PST files to corrupt permanently. 


This is how you can recover the deleted PST files. If you have any other questions, make sure you let us know by commenting below. 

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