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We are crazy about doing online shopping! Have you ever noticed how many online shopping sites we have now? There are numerous such websites! People really enjoy online shopping because it is extremely convenient. But there are some hidden dangers in it as well. If you do not take proper precautions, online shopping can also be extremely dangerous. According to our experience, this is the trick that can save you the most money online! To put it simply, you must use a VPN.

Are you shopping online safely and securely? If you still think you are safe without a VPN, we beg to differ. Every time we make an online purchase, we are potentially exposing ourselves to:

  • Viruses
  • Scams
  • Stolen identity, etc.

As e-commerce grows in popularity, online shoppers have discovered a variety of money-saving strategies. However, there is a little-known online shopping tip that can save you a lot of money no matter where you are. That is the one and only VPN.

Only a VPN user will feel secure and safe when he or she shops online. Remember, secure online shopping is not a far-fetched dream today. If you are a VPN user, you can confidently give your credit card information and bank details to your shopping site. Do not risk financial loss if the connection is from a public Wi-Fi. Cybercriminals are always eagerly waiting for a simple mistake we make while we land in the internet world. It could be like clicking an ad. Beware of them!

Download a reputed free Android VPN app and start purchasing your favourite items.

Why Does Everyone Prefer Online Shopping?

It is worth noting that the Internet is used by approximately 63 percent of the world’s population. As per this report, it is evident that these users might do online shopping.

There are certain advantages to online shopping. Let’s see what those are:

  • Saves time
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Saving money
  • Hassle-free
  • 24-hour accessibility
  • A variety of products

These are some of the prominent reasons why everyone prefers online shopping.

Online shopping has increased dramatically in recent years. Major e-tailers now provide more options and product selections to consumers, while brick-and-mortar stores provide their own online incentives in order to remain competitive and capture a share of the online market. 

Furthermore, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have switched to shopping for items they used to get from local stores online. Unfortunately, as online consumer activity has increased, so has cybercrime, resulting in financial losses for unfortunate victims.

However, just because there are internet scams and cybercrime does not mean you should avoid doing your shopping online. Safe online shopping is still possible if you are aware of the risks and take the necessary precautions.

Feel Safe with a VPN

Who doesn’t worry about their safety nowadays? Nobody has any right to invade our privacy. Even if we think like that, some internet fraudsters like hackers, cyber terrorists, and snoopers are always trying to steal our personal information. Beware of such cyber criminals. 

The first step is to be more aware – to understand what risks are out there, like someone gaining access to your system and modifying files; someone using your computer to launch attacks against others; or someone stealing your credit card information and using it to go on a shopping spree. At least a piece of information about you will be obtained when you do any online activity. Online shopping is one such activity.

Even if you regularly shop at a reputable online retailer, a VPN can give you peace of mind and ensure that your information is secure. When you shop online, a VPN creates an encrypted connection that protects you. Furthermore, it protects your network traffic while shopping by ensuring your IP address is obscured.

Always use a trustworthy and reliable VPN to ensure your safety

All data transfers between your computer or mobile device and the VPN server will be encrypted. Even if hackers know the password to the Wi-Fi network you’re using, they won’t be able to intercept it. A VPN can assist you in shopping safely online while using public Wi-Fi.

The Risks of Online Shopping

  • Identity theft
  • Phishing
  • Privacy leaks
  • Fake online stores
  • Unencrypted data
  • Data breaches
  • Unsecured Wi-Fi
  • Adware

These are some of the common risks of online shopping. 

As the number of e-commerce sites grows by the day, an increasing number of people prefer to shop online for convenience and price comparison. Online shopping is now simpler than ever before. Thanks to internet-connected computers, phones, and tablets. Likewise, Internet access for online shopping is no longer a problem, thanks to the widespread availability of Wi-Fi. However, online security has emerged as a major concern for both consumers and businesses.

How Does a VPN Help You?

Your IP address serves as a key to your personal information. It contains a wealth of information that hackers and unethical online retailers can use to obtain your credit card numbers, PayPal account information, and other personal financial information. By masking your IP address, VPN is blocking hackers or cyber criminals from eavesdropping on your online activities.

Hacking Poses a Threat to Online Shopping

Hacking means gaining control over an internet system without the knowledge of its owner. Hackers are those who engage in such illegal activities. Once they gain access to the target system, they can alter the data stored on it or steal private information such as personal information and, in some cases, sensitive information related to bank and credit card accounts. Sadly, e-commerce websites are a common target for hackers.

You may be visiting a bogus website impersonating Amazon, eBay, or PayPal. Even reputable websites do not always use the most secure authentication protocols, exposing your personal information. Finally, there is always the possibility of your password being compromised. A quick glance at the numerous high-profile data breaches that have occurred in recent years provides an accurate picture of the risks you face.

Scammers who send phishing emails rely on you clicking a link in the email to be taken to a retailer’s ‘website’ – the same goes for links in tainted search results. These links will then take you to cleverly designed replica websites. So, when you enter your username and password into Amazon’s website, you are actually providing them to a cyber criminal.

Phishing is the act of deceiving someone into providing confidential information or dumping them into doing something they would normally not or should not do. Sending a purposeful email to a user falsely claiming to be an established, legitimate enterprise, for example, is an attempt to dupe the user into handing over private information that will be used for identity theft.

Phishing is a type of identity theft in which the goal is to steal valuable personal information such as credit card numbers, passwords, account information, or other information.

It is critical to understand the phisher’s deception mechanism. A phishing email or instant message will be sent. The message may appear to be from a reliable source, such as a friend, a company, a government agency, or another entity. We can use the link they provided. As a result, it is easier to fall into their trap. Always be wary of such con artists.

Installing a VPN on your device ensures that you are visiting a legitimate retailer’s website. This simple action can help you avoid visiting a malicious or fraudulent website.

When Should You Use a VPN for Online Shopping?

  • When accessing public or unsecured Wi-Fi connection
  • When you are in a foreign country or other unfamiliar location
  • When making the first purchase on a new website

Which VPN is the Best for Online Shopping?

We cannot rely on all VPN service providers. Choose SPL VPN if you want the best in terms of speed and security. It is unrivalled. They employ the most advanced encryption protocols available and have over 150K+ global users. Their service is compatible with all operating systems and mobile platforms, and their all-inclusive pricing makes it simple to select the best package for your needs. There are many less-quality VPNs found on the google play store. These VPNs can affect our device’s performance. But, if you choose the best, no such issues will affect you.

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