Today’s gadget market has become a place of severe competition. Every day a new brand is coming up with new and advanced gadgets to compete against the existing global leaders of the market. This leads to the problem for a buyer to decide from which brand to buy a gadget.

Similarly, in the case of gaming laptops, out of so many leading companies, it is very hard to decide which one to choose. Don’t worry. We have brought a solution to this. This article has been made to provide you with complete guidance on how to choose the best gaming laptop.

System Specifications 

Before buying any gaming laptop, one must first check all the system specifications of that device. This is because most games these days require some specific hardware and software features in the devices to run. For example, a minimum of 8 GB of RAM is mandatory to have in any gaming laptop because most high-end games require a higher RAM to run. Secondly, an advanced graphics card is also a must for most games to run smoothly on the laptop. Taiwan-made Clevo NH70 is one such laptop that has an advanced graphics card and 16 GB RAM that supports high-quality gaming. This is why the Clevo NH70 laptop is considered by many experts to be one of the best gaming laptops in the segment. 

Most gaming laptops also require high storage because the latest games these days are huge. These games require large free space on the hard disk. If we again take the example of the Clevo NH70, this laptop has hard drive storage of 1 TB. We must also check the display resolution of the laptop since the latest high-end games require some specific resolution for the best experience. Clevo NH70 has a display resolution of 3840 x 2160 making it a laptop that allows some of the best gaming experiences to the user.

A perfect gaming experience is incomplete without good audio. Before buying a gaming laptop, one must check the audio quality and headset or microphone connectivity of the device. The Clevo NH70 has one of the best audio quality and connectivity features among all gaming laptops. Lastly, battery backup is another important factor for any gaming laptop. Most gaming laptops offer 1 to 2 hours of battery backup while gaming but the Clevo NH70 is way better than the others. A fully charged Clevo NH70 offers a battery backup of 3.5 to 4 hours while gaming, making it a beast in the segment. 


Most gaming laptops from leading manufacturers come in the price range of 1000 USD to 1800 USD. This is a factor which makes most gaming laptops unaffordable for many. The example that we used in this context i.e., Clevo NH70, comes in at a price close to 1500 USD. If we try to get a cheaper device, it might not have all the required features that can provide the best gaming experience. 

Miscellaneous Factors 

Apart from the earlier mentioned factors, before buying a gaming laptop, one must keep in mind some of the other important factors. For instance, the availability of service centres nearby, and the availability of hardware parts like batteries, keyboards, display accessories, etc., are very important things to keep in mind before buying any device.


Therefore, we have tried to provide a detailed analysis of most of the important factors that one should consider while purchasing a gaming laptop. Starting with all important system requirements to price and maintenance, all the important aspects have been discussed here in detail. The example of Clevo NH70 is used as a parameter to compare features of leading gaming laptop brands. All important things to keep in mind while purchasing a gaming laptop for high-end games are discussed well here. We may conclude here by saying that this article should help an individual by providing valuable information about the things to keep in mind while purchasing a new gaming laptop.

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