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Three Best Messaging Apps That Are More Secure Than Facebook Messenger



Data is one of the most important assets everyone has on the internet, yet most people don’t realize its importance until it is too late and all their data has been leaked. 

The age of information has been upon us since the early 2000s, some might even argue since the 90s, but one thing is for sure, and that is that personal information such as preferences, habits, conversations, and secrets can all be found on one’s smart device such as a phone. 

Our online protection is also why there are so many cybersecurity businesses and walls put into place to protect your privacy and security. 

If you’re amongst the 1.3 billion individuals who use Messenger, you may want to reflect on your priorities as an internet user. Unfortunately, though, it is near impossible to avoid using messenger whilst also staying well-connected thanks to its undeniable popularity globally. 

Messenger’s global popularity is shadowed by WhatsApp, with the messaging application being the number one leading platform for communicating worldwide. 

The biggest problem with messaging apps such as the one from Facebook is that they allow third parties to get a hold of user data, including governments and any organizations behind the app. You might as well do home data entry for these companies, that’s how easily they know your info.

What to look for when choosing a secure messaging application. 

Trying to choose between all the messaging options available on platforms such as the Google Play Store can prove difficult, especially when deciding on what your needs are and what features you would like to see. In this article, we will break down said features and give you 10 recommendations.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption, or E2E, is the main thing you should be looking for when looking at the qualities of a potential messaging app you would like to use. 

This means messages between two parties are turned from plaintext into ciphertext and are hard to decrypt by any third party.

This encryption means no internet service provider, no company running the app, and no government can access the data you are sending to your chosen second party. 


Synchronization is also something important to look for. This means the application itself is synchronized across platforms such as mobile devices, desktops, and generally the internet. 

The reason this feature is nice to have is when you wish to store one set of information on a certain device, and delete it from the other.

A nice addition to such apps is them being open source, meaning you are able to view the code and what the app itself is made of. 


The last thing that is mentioned often yet used less is the multiple ways you can send messages, be it through text, voice message, or video. This is said to make your information safer since you can still delete them and they are harder to decrypt. 

Let’s look at the best apps for your cybersecurity needs and what features they hold for you. 


WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide, with most people in many different countries using this as their main messaging platform. It is both Android and iOS compatible, making it even more accessible for users. 

This app is free and offers an ad-free experience for its users, but what makes it secure?

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WhatsApp has E2E developed by Open Whisper Systems, the same company that develops security for Signal, the next messaging application we will be talking about in this article. In this app, only senders and receivers can decrypt messages, be that texts, video, and voice recordings. 

WhatsApp also has verified encryption, allowing you to confirm the encryption of your data using either a QR code or a sixty-digit code, and two-step verification linked to your phone number for extra security.

Lastly, messages are not stored on WhatsApp unless they are unable to send them. If the message is not sent, then it is stored on the WhatsApp servers for 30 days, then deleted. 

Unfortunately, Facebook (now known as Meta) bought WhatsApp back in 2014, and forced users to share more data with the main company to keep using the app itself, meaning sharing user data became a more open thing thanks to that. 


Signal isn’t the most popular messaging application out there, but it really should be, especially since it is free. Most people don’t place importance on cybersecurity, seeing anti-viruses as a courtesy that comes with owning a device that connects to the internet, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Signal provides users with the most secure form of messaging according to cybersecurity experts, and now we will debunk how it is able to make its messaging as secure as it is.

As is standard for secure messaging, it uses end-to-end encryption covering all forms of media that can be shared between two parties. 

The app also asks for your set pin code when signing into a new device for the first time. The application is also open source, something we mentioned earlier as being transparent to users and good for security thanks to others being able to check its security routinely. 

A unique thing about Signal is that it allows its users to set a certain time limit for when messages should disappear, meaning they get deleted for good. 

The application also stores only a minimal amount of data on your device, that data being information the app needs to function, your profile, and your phone number. Other than those, nothing else is stored.

You can also add a password to your app, so you can’t open your messages without typing that password in. This is useful in the instance your phone is stolen. 

This application is so secure, it virtually doesn’t have any risks.


This application has about 500 million users and is the most popular in the Middle East, but it truly is a good app for safe messaging, especially for larger groups. Telegram supports up to 100,000 users to be in a group chat. 

Russia actually banned Telegram from its country thanks to the company not wanting to hand encryption keys over to the government. If you aren’t convinced you’re in safe hands from that, I don’t know what would.

Telegram has all the attributes Signal does, with some extras, including a Cracking Contest made of hackers to try and breach online profiles and decode messages. The contest has a $300,000 prize and allows for the company to notice any security flaws.

Other bonuses are that you can log out remotely and also self-destruct your account after half a year of non-use.

You must, however, enable Safe Chat if you wish to not have Telegram log your chats on their servers. A lack of transparency from the app itself is also questionable, but so far proven secure. 

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Suitable Speeds for Streaming Online Platforms



Suitable Speeds for Streaming Online Platforms

Well let’s be honest, we all want to be cord-cutters and there are minuscule details that are stopping us from actually fulfilling our dream. When we say minuscule details, we are of course talking about live news channels, local or regional sports broadcasts, and so on. These little factors make a consumer question their decision of moving away from conventional Cable TV and Satellite TV.

However, having access to a good live streaming application or service can solve that issue for anyone. If you know which live streaming service is the one that has all the content, you would like to view then it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Unless the internet connection that you currently have is just not sufficient enough to facilitate you and your household in watching that live content or in fact any content at all. Internet speeds are essential in today’s world. No one likes to watch a simple two to three-minute tutorial video on how to change tires in 144p. We know, really specific examples, did not happen to us at all. In order to stream content online, you should get a seamless internet connection like Spectrum internet which offers fast speeds to stream online content in HD.

However, knowing which speed is best suited to you is key and in order to get that information you would have to use a hit and trial method for all the streaming services and then fluctuate your internet plan accordingly, It might even take you years before you figure out the perfect fit for your internet package. Luckily for you, we have already put in all the hard work and compiled these simple tables for you to have a look at.

Without any further delay, let’s have a look at the best internet speeds suitable for streaming online.

What Internet Speed Works Best For Streaming Online Videos?

If you’re as excited about the season of the Netflix original series, The Umbrella Academy and LA Casa De Papel aka Money Heist, then well you should pay attention and try to get the most suitable internet connection you can afford for yourself. It’s not every day that Netflix or HBO Max or Amazon Prime bring forward shows and original content that have such a big fan following. We should learn to fully appreciate these shows and not dishonor them by watching them in 1080p, HD should be the basic minimum by now.

The absolute bare minimum that we would suggest is 25 Mbps and that is on the condition that there be no other device projecting HD or 4K content by using the same source of internet. If you have multiple people using the same source of internet and all have their own devices and streaming needs, then it’s safe to say that anything below the 50 Mbps mark will make you feel shorthanded and you won’t get the HD or 4K experience that you so badly crave.

Below we have assembled a table that you can use as a reference point for the optimal internet download speed that you would need in order to watch any of the below-mentioned On-Demand Streaming platforms.

On-Demand Streaming Application(s) Optimal Internet Download Speeds (Ranges)
Netflix 3 Mbps – 25 Mbps
Acorn TV 1.6 + Mbps
Hulu 3 Mbps – 16 Mbps
AT&T TV NOW 12 + Mbps
Hulu + Live TV 8 + Mbps
HBO Max 12 + Mbps
Disney + 5 Mbps – 25 Mbps
Fubo TV 3 Mbps – 25 Mbps
YouTube TV 3 Mbps – 13 + Mbps
Sling TV 3 Mbps – 25 Mbps
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You will need different internet speeds for streaming music online. Let’s dig into the details of the speeds required for streaming music online.

What Internet Speed Do I Need For Streaming Music?

To be fair you can have almost any internet connection and be able to stream music. It won’t matter that much, but at least you need to know the minimum level of megabits per second that you need to have a perfect stream without interruption. Imagine waiting for The Weekend or Drake or Ariana Grande or Harry Styles to launch their new music audio out and you just can’t seem to enjoy it. Endless frustration I tell you.

Moreover, you would need a good internet connection regardless of how much Mbps it takes to play music and that is simply because not one person I know just puts on music and does not use his phone to stream other things or to play mobile games or in fact log on to play his favorite high duty, high internet consuming online games. So you would indeed need a good internet connection regardless of what the table below says.

Music Application Optimal Internet Download Speed
Spotify Minimum 1 Mbps
Deezer 5 Mbps – 10 Mbps
Pandora Minimum 1 Mbps
TIDAL 5 Mbps – 10 Mbps
Amazon Music Minimum 1 Mbps

Lastly, you must understand the speed that you need to stream Live YouTube videos as well. We are also shedding light on that below.

How much Speed Do I Need To Live Stream YouTube?

As stated numerous times before, it is literally a matter of cringe when you are so invested in an online viewing experience and suddenly, right in the middle of the video a floating circle appears or a percentage appears telling us that we would have to stop our relaxation just for a moment. You can face this issue of buffering signs due to speed lags, which should not happen at this moment. It’s a thing of the past, the early 2000’s and has no place in the modern world.

Below we have a detailed list of resolutions in which you can stream on the platform along with the frame rate and the recommended downloads and uploads speed for each of the previously mentioned variables.

Resolution Frame Rate Recommended Internet Download Speed Recommended Internet Upload Speed
720p 30 frames per second Minimum 13 Mbps 1.5 Mbps – 4 Mbps
720p 60 frames per second Minimum 13 Mbps 2.25 Mbps – 6 Mbps
1080p 30 frames per second Minimum 13 Mbps 3 Mbps – 6 Mbps
1080p 60 frames per second Minimum 13 Mbps 4.5 Mbps – 9 Mbps
1440p 30 frames per second Minimum 13 Mbps 6 Mbps – 13 Mbps
1440p 60 frames per second Minimum 13 Mbps 9 Mbps – 18 Mbps
2160p (4K) 30 frames per second Minimum 13 Mbps 13 Mbps – 34 Mbps
2160p (4K) 60 frames per second Minimum 13 Mbps 20 Mbps – 51 Mbps

Conclusive Notes

These days everyone wants to stream their favorite shows, series, music, and whatnot through online platforms. When you have to sign up for an internet connection, it is better to be aware of what internet speed you should sign up for. In this article, we have mentioned the internet speeds you will need for streaming online, so you can choose the right speed for yourself.

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10 Best Microphones for YouTube Streaming



Best Microphones

Anyone can start broadcasting their thoughts and opinions across the web via YouTube. Even though you may not be a professional, there are plenty of ways to improve your quality on the internet. One way is choosing the best mic for youtube videos. With that in mind, here are ten of the best microphones for streaming videos online.

1) Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone: This condenser mic is particularly good for vocals and acoustic instruments due to its omnidirectional pickup pattern, which makes it suitable for recording podcasts as well as music projects since sound can be captured easily from anywhere in front of it without sounding too muffled or distant.

2) Blue Yeti USB Microphone: Since its introduction in 2013, the USB-equipped Yeti is a favorite of YouTube creators, including many well-known YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Markiplier. Its sound quality is so good that one individual actually received a $10,000 endorsement from a rival brand just by using their software to exaggerate his audio. If you want to get the best from your mic, then this is the one for you.


3) Samson C01U USB Microphone: The Samson C01U microphone is more than just a good choice for YouTube videos, as it has also been very popular in the studio thanks to its clarity and smooth sound. Its large diaphragm ensures that it can be used in higher SPL environments with no fading, while its cardioid pickup pattern isolates unwanted noise such as low-frequency rumble.

4) Blue Snowball USB Microphone: Like the Blue Yeti, the Blue Snowball USB microphone comes with a wide variety of specifications at an affordable price. It’s ideal for gaming and recording music through its design that isolates noise while enhancing audio quality.

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5) Samson Meteor Mic USB Microphone: Like the Blue Snowball, the Samson Meteor mic uses a cardioid pickup pattern that ensures that background noise is reduced. However, its unique feature is its adjustable gain which can be used to minimize distortion in loud environments.

6) Rode Podcaster USB/XLR Microphone: Rode’s Podcaster microphone offers total versatility as it allows audio to be recorded through either a USB connection or an XLR connection. Each of these connections boasts their own benefits. Through the XLR input, users are able to record clean and high-quality sound directly from their mixer board or DAW (digital audio workstation). On the other hand, USB mic users can save time by just getting on their computer and plugging in without needing to do any setup.

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7) Shure SM7B Microphone: Since its introduction in the 1960s, the Shure SM7 microphone has been a standard choice for music producers and studio engineers thanks to its light weight and high fidelity. However, what sets it apart is its moveable pattern selector which allows you to easily switch between omni-directional and cardioid sound.

8) Blue Yeti Desktop Mic: The Blue Yeti desktop mic offers both USB mic and XLR inputs, allowing you to capture high-quality audio no matter where you are. It’s ideal for podcasters, streamers, singers and acoustic instruments.

9) Rode NT1-A Bi-Directional Condenser Microphone: The Rode NT1-A mic offers numerous benefits including its impressive X/Y stereo pattern and bi-directional polar pattern. These features allow you to record audio from two different angles at the same time, meaning that if users are in a tight space or if you’re gaming with friends and want to capture every aspect of your gameplay, this is one of the best mics for streaming videos online.

10) Blue Yeti Mic: The Blue Yeti microphone has become a popular choice for YouTube streamers thanks to its modern design and sound quality. Its cardioid pattern helps reduce unwanted noise while allowing audio to be captured from a single direction. However, this is just the start of the features it has to offer, as it comes with other useful functions such as an inbuilt pop filter and mounting option.

As well as listening to the ten best microphones for streaming videos on your computer or mobile device, you can also read more about each of them by visiting our reviews page here at If you like this article then please share with your friends! Thanks

Comment down if you have any queries on choosing the best microphones for YouTube videos.

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Benefits of Clock In Clock Out Apps For Remote Businesses




Remote Businesses

Remote work generally contains many challenges. Sometimes it is very difficult to know the real truth about the movements and work of your employees. You can’t always be sure they’re telling the truth, but you don’t have to rely on their words alone. Take matters into your own hands and use proven tools to help your remote workers be more productive. One of the most famous apps that works on this principle is the Clock-In Clock-Out App. Get to know its main advantages.

1. Easy to use

One of the most important benefits of using clock in clock out system is that it is very easy to use. Employers like this for several reasons. First, it is easily implemented in any work environment, because it does not require technological knowledge. This means that employees will not have a problem with an interface that is extremely easy to use. It contains basic options that are very clear to everyone.

That way, employees will not have to pay for employee training. All it takes is for employees to open the app, enter their name or ID, and then clocking in or out. They can do it from any device. Based on the report, managers follow the hours.

2. Planning 

So, by using the data from the app, you can make accurate estimates and thus improve your business. It is very difficult to get accurate estimates if you have not done this job before. If you want to manage your business efficiently, you need to avoid mistakes in assessment. Fortunately, Clock-In Clock-Out Apps are a great way to do that.

This is especially useful for all companies whose employees work remotely. It is an opportunity to monitor their activity and use the information obtained to analyze productivity. Based on the obtained results, they will get a cross-section of the situation in the work environment, which will facilitate future predictions and further planning.

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3. Flexibility

Each company has specific needs that require a special approach. The Employee Attendance Tracker is just known for its flexibility. It will meet the needs of your business, because it will keep track of time the way you want it.

For example, some employees will need flexible schedules due to pending projects. In such a situation, it is necessary to pay special attention to them.

4. Reliability

The most important feature of the tools you work with is reliability. Otherwise, their use will not make sense and can only harm your business. The main reason why employers choose this app is precisely this feature. It will always work correctly and will not cause problems. It also allows you to have GPS accuracy and generate detailed reports.

Managers can set alerts to employees that will be displayed in case of late arrivals and early departures. Thanks to the large number of functions, you will have the opportunity to identify areas that need improvement and monitor progress.

5. Low cost

Business tools do not have to cost you a fortune. The Clock-In Clock-Out App will not increase the total cost of running your business, and it will bring you many good things. Expect many benefits at a very reasonable price.


We are sure that you have understood by now how the Clock-In Clock-Out App meets all the criteria of a successful company. That’s why it’s a great choice if you need a tool to track employee movements and increase overall business productivity.

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