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Tips for Choosing the Best DNS Provider

Your internet service provider may have its DNS servers, which can assist you in translating domains like www.yuk.com into IP addresses. Your devices utilize them by default, but if you want to increase speed, you can choose your preferred DNS servers.

If you request it, many DNS servers will also block malware, pornography, and other types of websites. In this article, we’ll go through tips for choosing the best protective DNS (PDNS) provider.

Because DNS is such a key part of online media, it’s crucial to keep an eye on it and optimize it to maintain customer pleasure. When it comes to ensuring quick resolution times for customer domains, network speeds are crucial. DNS Made Easy is the largest enterprise PDNS provider in the industry, with around 600,000 domains on the Internet. For the past 13 years, DNS Made Easy has established a core IP Anycast+ routed DNS architecture with Juniper Networks equipment that has provided clients with the industry’s best uptime. DNS Made Easy now processes 8 billion inquiries per day and expects to reach a daily query volume of 13 billion in the next 18 months.

  •  Performance

DNS Made Easy’s systems are all housed in high-end data centers with numerous data sources. DNS Made Easy is a network service that ranks among the best in the world. Due to our 5th generation network, we have an 8-year 100% uptime history and an overall 99.9999 percent uptime history, and we continue to make major increases to redundancy and capacity to ensure that we keep it that way. DNS Made Easy assures you receive the finest quality of service possible by handling 100% of network management in-house.

  • Service and Support

DNS management is a difficult task. However, unless you have a dedicated team that keeps up with the newest PDNS updates and can regularly monitor for and handles difficulties, issues can easily be overlooked. Outsourcing your online traffic management can appear to be an unnecessary expense at times. Outsourcing part of your services to specialists that value your money and deliver a high return on investment can save your company money. Uptime and fast speeds help to ensure happy customers, which leads to more visits and lower abandonment rates. All of these characteristics can lead to higher conversion rates and revenues.

  1. Security

Outsourcing DNS is the best bet for properly defending against attacks, being on the offensive, and maintaining uptime. An IP Anycast + system, which is a network infrastructure made up of numerous geographically spread points of presence around the world, protect DNS Made Easy from attacks. Global load balancing, redundancy, improved latency, and a genuine distributed response to the denial of service (DoS) and DDoS attacks are all provided by this routing. This type of network is entirely redundant, allowing traffic to take the most direct route to its destination. As a result, a multi-level backup system is created.

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