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NetbaseQuid is one of the best agencies in California, helping brands worldwide to grow by using social media and other online marketing tools. The agency has been providing services for almost twenty years. They have worked with clients like Coco cola, BCG, LLOYDS BANK, and Walmart. NetbaseQuid has been able to grow its customer base with these world’s best brands because they are aware of what their customers want and use this knowledge effectively as per the needs and requirements of the client.


If you choose NetbaseQuid as your social media agency, be assured that your business will be promoted across various platforms at a higher rate than ever before. It can also help in crisis management, brand health, trend analytics, competitive intelligence, and others. Below are the best social media tools that would definitely help both small and big businesses:

1. Facebook Advertising Tool

Facebook advertising tool helps in creating ads easily and targeting them better than any other platform. Facebook doesn’t charge an extra fee for running an ad on their platform, unlike other platforms. The main advantage of having a Facebook page is that it brings more traffic to your website than LinkedIn or Twitter. By increasing sales, a certain percentage of advertisements reach people through Facebook. So if you really need to increase sales, there is no option but to go for the Facebook pages advertising tool.

2. Hubspot Marketing Software

HubSpot software is well known for assisting marketers in improving how they reach prospects and engage with current customers. With the aid of this particular tool, users can create websites, manage campaigns, analyze data and perform other tasks. This tool is suitable for every business, regardless of whether it is big or small. The best feature about using this tool is that everyone understands it even though it might not be the most popular one.

3. Biteable

It is another type of content curation social media tools that allow users to submit articles, images, videos, and others and have it featured on the top of the site based on different criteria such as popularity and the number of times it has been shared. While it is best suited for personal blogs, it can also be used for e-commerce sites or other websites where users want to showcase their work. After submitting the content, users get real-time feedback, including likes, shares, comments, and reposts. So, if you want to promote your product or blog on other users’ sites, Biteable could prove beneficial. You can also see how often your article has been read, liked, and commented upon. In addition, you get to interact directly with other users too.

4. Mention

Mention is one of the top-rated social media tools that makes it easy for users to share content across multiple networks simply by mentioning relevant URLs in tweets or emails. Users can mention links and texts in their tweets, messages, and emails without adding any hashtags. All that is needed is to make sure that the text contains links and add @mention before the mentioned link or text. Moreover, mentions are useful for connecting with other users within your niche and sharing valuable insights about topics related to your business.

5. Sumo

Sumo enables users to simultaneously keep tabs on their competitors’ activities on all social networking channels. Sumo is the ideal tool to use if you want to know what products or services your competitor sells or what promotions they are holding. Including Sumo among your social media tools enables you to follow competitions easily and gain an edge over others. It lets you watch live events like launch parties, book signings, exhibitions, and others, along with event details. Sumo features an interactive map feature that allows users to look at the competition’s locations and find new markets for their business.


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