Top Web Development Trends of 2022

Top Web Development Trends of 2022

Want to know how much iOS app developers in San Francisco and worldwide earn? According to Builtin, an average app developer earns a median salary of $142,000.  

However, web developers don’t earn as much as app developers, but web design companies in New Jersey and elsewhere are still the backbone of the digital era, aiming to scale up indefinitely in the future. Let’s look at a few web development trends for 2022 that will show you just how essential web development will become in the future.

PWA’s are the Future

Are you ready for web apps to be replaced for good? Progressive Web Applications are faster to load, work offline, and give a better user experience. Introducing such new trends was essential by the day as the internet traffic mainly consists of mobile devices. According to Statista, around 54% of users are mobile-based users. This shows that introducing PWAs to replace web apps is a significant step ahead. Not to mention, it reduces your costs and is not a hassle to maintain. 

Cab-hailing rides, Uber, and Google Maps are leading examples of how successful PWAs are working out for users.

Voice Search Optimization

The voice search feature is increasingly popular daily. What was started by Google back in 2011 is now found in most applications. According to Juniper Research, around 55% of households will have voice assistants by 2022. How cool is that? 

It’s safe to say that Voice Search is one of the most loved features of 2022. Nowadays, customers are not just using voice searches through speakers but also using their smartphones and other IT devices to use the voice search feature. As a result, companies are now incorporating this feature into their products due to the increase in demand. 

Many tech giants like Apple and Amazon have also launched smart speakers after seeing growing web development trends. Moreover, this market is expected to grow by a whopping 21% by 2022. So, if you’re planning on launching an ecommerce website, this is the way to go. It may add to your ecommerce app development cost, but a feature like this will help you go a long way.

Mobile-first Approach

As stated above, Statista proves that most of the global internet traffic consists of mobile users. And more than half of e-commerce sales from around the world are also conducted using mobile phones. People depend highly on their mobile phones and other technologies to live their essential lives. This is precisely why exploring the possibility of adapting to web technology for desktops and mobiles is the way to go!

This clearly shows that a mobile-first approach is a way to make web development grow as one of the biggest trends of 2022.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Want to keep your users hooked to your website? Using AMPs is the way to go! This happens because of the fast, convenient, and readability of the pages that help users use your website much more conveniently. 

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This technology can also help you improve your business metrics, such as decreasing your bounce rate or the number of conversions from your respective website. Therefore, it’s a tremendously evolving technology you can use while building your website to enhance your user experience in any way possible.  

The Dark Mode

Recently, using the dark mode on iPhones has become trendy. This popularity has led it to become one of the biggest web development trends to make a mark on users’ choices. It’s an easy-to-use, comforting feature that helps you put less strain on your eyes. This is why you will now see most applications and websites offering the Dark Mode feature. 

Big giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have already implemented this into their apps, where users can opt between the two modes according to their preferences.

Interactive User-Interfaces (IU)

The average consumer increasingly demands better and more enriching digital experiences. They keep wanting more innovative, richer, and more interactive user interfaces. Due to this increasing demand, Motion UI, as we call it, has gained popularity. Through Motion UI, you can build interactive and responsive websites and applications. These interactive elements are easy to add and accessible, making them one of the biggest web development trends of 2022. 

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Looking to improve the user experiences vastly? AI Chatbots are one of the leading web developing trends of 2022 that match users’ behavioral aspects through machine learning and retrieving automatic information through users’ activities. AI-based chatbots are highly solution-oriented and collect data, answer questions and ease the users into a seamless experience. 

These chatbots are expected to start self-learning and respond to users according to their individual needs. These chatbots will replace the future of a 24/7 support team in the nearing future. As a result, companies will reduce their hiring costs and expenses. Huge companies like Facebook and WhatsApp have already adopted this technology.


Whether you’re working in an Android app development San Francisco or any other tech company, augmented and virtual reality technology has changed the digital landscape entirely as this market is expected to grow beyond 9 billion dollars by 2024.

These technologies spotted their mark during the peak pandemic times when making purchases and physical gatherings of any means were prohibited. This is where industries used Augmented and Virtual Reality to give users a real-time experience of their products without any physical touch. Brands like L’Oréal give their customers the best experience through Virtual Reality technology. 

Using Augmented Reality is also possible on web browsers now, helping websites grow and enhance user convenience. And so, it’s safe to say that AR & VR have captured the technological landscape through this revolutionary technology and is one of the top web development trends of the future.


Web development is constantly changing in this fast-paced world. Therefore, staying up to date with the above ever-growing trends and help your website grow and remain competitive in the market.

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