Attraction and History of Malacca (Malaysia)

Travel Guide to Jonker Street Malacca (Malaysia)

Are you planning a getaway to Malacca’s historic town? Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. No worries! No worries! We’ve compiled the best attractions on Jonker Street for your convenience!

We have included some historical places that offer insight into Malacca’s culture and traditions, in addition to the photogenic spots where you can snap photos. These places can be reached easily by foot and are most often located at Jonker Street.

Jonker Street Hotels are also close to these attractions! This simply means that you can travel to many locations, including nearby attractions in Jonker Street, within one day. Let’s see these locations!

1.Jonker Walk Night Market

Jonker Street Night Market is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. It is Malacca’s most popular food and cultural destination. You can find everything you need, from gorgeous keepsakes to delicious local food, at the most affordable prices.

Traffic is shut down at 5pm. All the peddlers set up their tables, and the various stalls take over the street. The main draw here is food. You will find watermelon handbags, Jonker Walk Quail Eggs, Liquid Nitrogen Snacks, Peranakan Poopiah, Coconut Ice cream, and many other items that will satisfy your hunger pangs.

Here you will also find cool boutiques and handcraft stalls. You might even find unique souvenirs for your loved ones on Jonker Street. Shop and eat your way down the street, before the stalls close.

2.Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum reveals the amazing history of Baba Nyonya and the Chinese who have assimilated Malay culture to Straits. This ethnic is also known as Peranakan.

The museum is now privately owned by Chan’s descendants, once the most wealthy family in the town. They restore and repair all furniture to make the museum exactly like it was in the 19th century Bapa Nyonya home.

From the exterior to the interior, this three-storey museum has beautiful design. It features hand-painted tiles and carved teakwood doors. The Venetian shuttered Windows are also featured. There is even a collection wood furniture and fixtures. The museum hosts tours that explain the colorful lifestyle and culture of Peranakans from olden times. They will show you how to dress in traditional fashion, what furniture is used, and even how to marry them.

3.Mamee Jonker house

Mamee, the popular snack chain in Malaysia, has opened their first concept store at Malacca. Mamee Jonker House is the name of the shop.

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This is the perfect place to bring your children if they love Mamee. They also welcome adults and offer workshops that will teach you how to make noodles.

Here you will find many Mamee products. Mamee merchandise includes soft toys, t-shirts and snacks like noodles. Mamee Cafe also serves a wide variety of delicious noodles at a reasonable price. Click here to see more top cafes on Jonker Street: Jonker Street Cafe

Children can also colour the instant noodles cups to express their creativity. They can then choose the ingredients and design how to pack their instant noodles cups. They can eventually make their own cup noodles. It’s very interesting for children.

4.Red Square (Dutch Square).

The red square is surrounded by many eye-catching red buildings and reflects Malacca’s rich history in a single square.

You can see the influences of Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch architecture in the buildings that surround the red square.

The square center has a fountain that commemorates Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. There are many attractions and activities throughout the area. You can either watch street performers or shop at souvenir stalls. This is Malacca’s most beautiful spot. It is popular with tourists from all around the globe and locals from other countries. They are always taking photos at every possible angle to capture the best angles.

5.Christ Church Melaka

Christ Church Melaka, a Protestant church built in 1753 is the oldest in the country. It is also notable for its brick-red facade, which has a large red cross.

The Dutch ruled Malacca in old times and they built this church to commemorate the Dutch occupation of Malacca that is over a century old. They also built it to worship God, as there wasn’t a church nearby.

The church is surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. It makes it feel like a vintage church in Europe. The church is surrounded by colourful trishaws. They can be ridden and will take you around the city. This makes the area more alive!

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