Trollishly Guide: How To Get Your Facebook Business Account Verified?

Do you Facebook users have a craze for the blue checkmarks? Absolutely! No one can deny the likelihood. Every marketer wants to get on the verification tick for their brand or individual account. If you get verified on Facebook, then it’s like a crown to your account. With a single blue checkmark, you can grasp the trust of millions. But do you think it is an easy process? No, of course not! It takes years of experience and tactics to achieve it. But, with gradual improvement on every marketing tip, you can achieve your goal. 

If you check on some users, they will get audience attraction in a short time. Some users are making it possible with paid services. Others wait for a genuine and organic improvement in the fans rate. Both give you better final results. For instance, if you are looking for instant engagement on your Facebook account, you may buy facebook reels likes which shall improve your reach. In this article, let’s get into detail about the verification process on Facebook. Let’s get started! 

What Is A Facebook Verification Badge?

Facebook verification is getting a Facebook page or account verified to show others that you are authentic and have a genuine presence on the platform. A blue check mark will appear on the right side of the profile name. Facebook verification is voluntary but mandatory for some business niches and individuals. Per the current status, the individual profile will be verified once it reaches a specific follower or fan count. There is a threshold limit for the verification process. You can try using Trollishly to enrich your Facebook performance. 

Why Verify Your Facebook Page?

Both small and large businesses can get verified on the platform. A verification badge gives confidence and builds credibility for both the brands and the audience. If you are verified, your post will appear higher on the search results. It helps customers easily find your account and brands, which may get attention from potential customers. Similarly, Facebook has top fan or seller badges for the accounts. There are distinguished badges available on Facebook. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To The Facebook Verification Process

As said earlier, the Facebook verification process will be initiated by filling out a single form. On the internet, when you search on Facebook verification, you may get some verification links. You may click on it, where it directs to a form-filling page. Before getting into the process, you need to be prepared for further steps in the upcoming procedure. 

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Step 1: Select Your Account Type

Facebook users can request verification from your profile page. The app will ask you what to verify, and you have to click on profile and then, on the space mentioning ‘profile link,’ insert your Facebook profile link. It is similar to sharing the link with your friends and family. If you are logged in on your facebook account, the form will automatically pop up on the pages where you can submit your application. 

  1. Authentic Confirmation

When you apply for verification, the app will ask for identification like a passport, driving license, national identification card, tax filling, etc. You need to tick on any one of the boxes and should submit the same. Make sure you provide your original identity in the online file form and submit the same. These are the specific rules of Facebook for verification. Only give your digitalized version of proof of identity. 

  1. Fill On Your Basic Information

The essential information is given under the section ‘Confirm notability.’ Select the category like news/ media, marketing, travel, health, etc., Then choose the country or region you have your Facebook account. There are some option fields available. You can select or leave it unfilled as per your choice. 

These include describing your audience and a list of the persons in the organization. You can add up the articles or links of other social media accounts. It will be more helpful to cross-promote your content. 

  1. Facebook Process

Once you fill out the form completely, then you can submit it. Once the application is received on Facebook, they will review your request. Either they will confirm or deny after cross-checking with the guidelines. The process can be completed within 48 hours to 45 days. You might re-apply in the app if you don’t receive any mail within the stipulated period. 


If you are looking to gain traction with a massive audience, you can leverage Trollishly and shall reap its benefits. Once you get verified on Facebook, then you don’t need to worry about your reach. If you enjoyed reading this article, you could try to get the verification badge with the above-suggested points in a quick way. Thanks for reading! Kindly leave your comments below! 

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