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With the job market increasingly demanding, young professionals need to be multifunctional and have knowledge in several areas. Another factor taken into account by companies when hiring is the international experiences that the candidate for the vacancy has, such as those provided by an exchange program

The time when speaking English was an additional factor in the curriculum is over. Today, companies want qualified people, with academic training in other countries and practical experience in the corporate environment.

Many students choose to study at universities in Australia, a country in Oceania that has an excellent education network available to foreigners. One region that has emerged as a favorite destination for higher education is the city of Perth.

Are you determined to invest in your professional future? Discover the best universities in Perth with Scholarship grants and all that this wonderful city has to offer.

Study with quality living in paradise

Cheerful and sunny Perth is the biggest city on Australia’s west coast. Bathed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, it has fantastic nature, with beaches, wooded parks and even a navigable urban river. The region in which the city is located has hot summers, with temperatures above 30 degrees. Winter is mild, with thermometers hovering around 15 degrees.

For all its natural exuberance, the capital of the state of Western Australia is a developed metropolis, full of huge buildings that are home to large companies, but without losing its small-town charm.

Perth has many leisure and entertainment options such as restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs. Its economy is stable and growing, with new businesses appearing every day.

The city and its surroundings also hold many heritages from Australia’s colonial times. In some places you can find buildings from the 18th century. A must-see is to go to the Port of Fremantle, where there are many historical references to the colony, such as an old jail, a courthouse, an arts center and a naval museum, which tells very interesting details about the period of navigation.

Beaches and sports

With a magnificent coastline, the Perth region has beaches for all tastes, from the most popular to deserted islands with white sand and stunningly colored waters.

The most famous beach in the city is Cottesloe Beach, great for swimming and relaxing. Those who enjoy surfing should visit the beautiful beaches of Trigg Island Beach and Pinnaroo Point, where lovers of the sport usually gather.

Speaking of extreme sports, in Perth you can practice a hundred of them, such as bungee jumping, kite surfing, windsurfing, diving, abseiling and mountaineering.

Discover the 4 best universities in Perth

Every year, Australian educational institutions are ranked among the best universities in the world. The professors at these institutions are professionals with a lot of experience and work in large corporations.

Universities in Perth have a high standard of teaching quality, modern structures and courses covering all academic fields. The curricula are adjustable and can be assembled according to the student’s availability. The duration of the programs varies on average from two to five years.

To register for undergraduate and graduate courses, the student must present proof of schooling and be fluent in English. Discover some universities in Perth:

1. Curtin University

Perth’s largest university is known for being a multicultural teaching hub that welcomes thousands of students from other countries every year.

Curtin University has a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in the most diverse areas, such as architecture, communication, chemistry, agribusiness, arts, medicine, engineering and many others. English courses for foreigners are also offered, whose schedules are designed according to the student’s needs.

Classes at the university are dynamic and up-to-date with the job market. Students are trained in environments similar to those found in large companies, making the experience more practical and rich.

The school’s main campus is just 6 km from the center of Perth, with easy access using public transport. The academic center has facilities such as dormitories, cafeteria, day care, banks and even a medical center.

2. Edith Cowan University (ECU)

This university was designed in collaboration with industry, so its courses meet the standards found in the world’s largest corporations. This differentiated teaching method from ECU provides the student with a valuable immersion in the job market. The curricula offered are for undergraduate and graduate.

The institution has four faculties, which offer more than 300 courses in the areas of health, science, education, arts, business and law. The university campus is a functional place, with dormitories, sports centres, shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Students are encouraged to maintain contacts and expand their networking, which can greatly help in their professional lives.

3. Murdoch University

One of the best schools in Perth, Murdoch University has around 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international students. The business world has a lot of emphasis on the university’s curriculum, but there are also courses in health, education, communication, law and information technology.

Murdoch University follows the line of turning the student’s experience into a professional experience, as it has partnerships with large companies, which allow students to know more about how the job market works.

The university’s campus offers student dormitories, an extensive network of services and a newly opened community center where young professionals can meet, exchange ideas and develop new businesses.

4. University of Western Australia (UWA)

The oldest university in Western Australia has recognized standards of excellence in research areas, with significant advances, for example, in the search for a cure for breast cancer.

However, the University of Western Australia is also a reference in undergraduate, postgraduate and English courses for foreigners. Among the available courses, the highlights are the areas of education, social sciences, business, architecture, design, music, medicine and media.

UWA students are the highest paid in Australia according to the Good Universities Guide 2018. The university is also ranked in the top 100 in the world (ARWU 2017).

Change your professional life

Studying in Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a professional. In addition to all educational facilities, the country of Oceania offers first-class quality of life, making the experience unforgettable.

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