Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a very old game that for many years has become a legendary project and is still popular among gamers. There are thousands of servers and tens of thousands of players around the world, who still do not mind to plunge into the eternal confrontation between terrorists and counter-terrorists. But if you are new to this shooter and you just learned about it, before you download CS 1.6, be sure to read the article that we prepared for you. In this guide, we have selected for you some tips to help you become a more professional player in CS 1.6.

Quick Buying

Always try to buy weapons as quickly as possible, because the administrators of many servers limit the time of this stage of the game. Often you will be given only 10 to 15 seconds.


Professional players often do not make purchases in the first round. This is done in order to leave funds for a larger purchase in the next round. In professional slang, this sounds like an “eco-round”.

Playing Tactics.

Counter-Strike is not a shooter in which the primary goal is to win the fastest. The main role here is played by the tactical skills. For example, if you play as a Counter Terrorist (CT), your first priority is to protect the points where you can place a bomb. You don’t attack with your head down. You are defending yourself. The same applies if you play as terrorists. Tactically bypassing the enemy, you have to plant the bomb. And only after that should you shoot off the enemy players.

The noise may give you away.

If in the middle of the round the enemy’s team took over the numerical advantage, or if you are left alone, feel free to use the shifter. This will allow you to create less noise, gaining a slight advantage over your opponents. This also applies to the flip side – always listen in the game, because the opponent can give himself away as well. It is better, of course, to use a good headset.

The knife makes your character easier

At the beginning of the round or when you’re sure that you’re not in danger, switch to the knife – it allows you to move noticeably faster.

If you’re standing or walking in a straight line you’re an easy target.

The game has a lot of maps, where a lot of open terrain, which for the enemy sniper you as the palm of his hand. Never stop in such areas, and when running, use zigzagging techniques. This will increase your chances of surviving.

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