VoIP is a popular virtual phone system that is widespread within WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram, etc. It works with both voice and text messages because communication channels are laid through the Internet. The signal is converted from voice to digital using a special SIP protocol. It travels over the IP channel from the sender to the recipient and the device decodes it at the end of the process. Having a stable 4G LTE or Wi-Fi connection will make everything much easier.

Connecting a wired telephone is expensive but the virtual solution will help you to establish a stable connection with other countries. Its creation can be useful for commercial processes in remote areas. Endless conversations and manipulations with messages on work issues will be free for you. All the nuances of building an individual scheme for the operation of a cloud-based PBX should be discussed with the IP provider. The more competent a specialist you come across, the more detailed he will set up multi-channel communication or offer you several options for virtual phones – for SMS or voice calls. Virtual phone number with SMS is especially popular as all the messages are redirected to the mentioned number or even email. Moreover, such an option makes it easy to take care of mass text messaging.

A physical SIM card is not used here and messages do not come to the smartphone itself but to the personal account registered in the selected service. After that, the SMS is sent to the user via the ascertainable communication channel – by email, URL, or mobile. All messages usually arrive instantly but there may be a small delay (it all depends on the provider) in some cases.

Virtual numbers advantages

The main advantage of a virtual phone over a landline is that it is not tied to a region. You do not need to open offices in all cities and register fixed communication facilities there in order to distribute products around the world. Opening a cloud PBX will give you the opportunity to develop your business for free and receive calls/send messages from all over the world. There’s no need to connect wired communication functions in a new building as all the channels are already configured and stored on your individual servers. It’s easy to emphasize some essential benefits

  • Affordable tariffs. The owner of a virtual connection pays 4 times less than the one who uses fixed telephony services.
  • Quick service connection. The service becomes available right on the day the application is submitted to the provider. No extra hassle with the technical installation of equipment.
  • Easy to set up. The control panel for the entire network of your cloud telephony is located in your account. The person can use it to manage call forwarding, look at call analytics, and make monthly payments at the rate of free communication within the company. 
  • Recording conversations. It’s a necessary function that allows you to analyze work with clients, the effectiveness of sales scripts, the usefulness of feedback from operators, and so on. 
  • Automatic attendant functions. IVR voice menu opens up the possibility for the client to immediately contact the right specialist without going through several people in an attempt to resolve their issue. The advantage of this voice mail system is that the request from the client reaches the specialist even when there was no conversation. The client leaves a request on voice mail, the voice is encoded into text information, and sent to the employee as an SMS message. Not a single call will be missed.

Be sure to ask all the questions you are interested in and do not be afraid to seem picky before ordering additional options.

Freezvon: a decent solution for SMS and calls

It’s possible not only to buy but also to rent a number for a short time. Additional discounts are offered for subscriptions longer than 3 months. The service works with virtual numbers all over the world and forwarding any number of messages to a URL or email is absolutely free. You can not only receive but also send SMS using CallerID, which will allow recipients to see exactly where the message came from.

The service has an excellent reputation and is trusted by a huge number of users around the world. Flexible pricing, 24/7 support, and easy registration make Freezvon the market leader in IP telephony services. This is a reliable service that covers more than 120 countries and has been pleasing customers with the quality of its services for more than 10 years.

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