In order to understand the differences between Hindu Kush, Afghani Kush, and Desconocida Kush, you should know the characteristics of each type. Before you plant a seed, read the growing instructions for each type carefully. After they are germinated, you can start planting them outdoors. Keep them under a bright window for the first few weeks, then gradually move them to your garden as they grow. Most Kush varieties prefer mild climates and lots of sunlight. You can plant them as early as April and harvest them as late as October, depending on the variety.

Hindu Kush

When growing Hindu Kush marijuana seeds, avoid touching them as soon as they appear. Once they sprout, transfer them to a suitable growing medium and wait three to four weeks. While a traditional soil growing method is the preferred method, a hydroponics system will yield higher yields. For inexperienced growers, the hydroponics system is a viable option. However, it is essential to have an understanding of marijuana cultivation before attempting this method.

The benefits of this strain are many. The sedating body high and cerebral euphoria impart a relaxed and contemplative state of mind. Upon consuming this cannabis seed, you will feel sleepy and relaxed. It will make you forget about all of your worries and cares. You’ll feel lazy and serene, but you won’t want to do anything. You’ll want to take it easy afterwards, as the effects can last for several hours.

The original indica strain, the Hindu Kush is often regarded as the cradle of all indica varieties. It is a powerful, long-lasting plant, capable of growing both indoors and out, in temperate climates. Due to its short flowering time, it is extremely hardy and can survive in less-than-ideal growing conditions. A perfect way to get a taste of the exotic and potent Hindu Kush marijuana seed is to start a grow kit with these seeds.

Afghani Kush

If you are looking to buy cheap weed seeds, Afghani Kush is the strain for you. You can find a pack of six different seeds for as low as $1 each at Homegrown, and they’re also known to have the highest-quality seeds. The black Afghani Kush variety is particularly popular, with medical uses ranging from insomnia to depression. The strain is also commonly used to treat a wide range of conditions, including fibromyalgia, eating disorders, and pain.

This powerful strain has a high THC content, making it an indica variety. The Afghani is best used as a relaxing strain, but it can cause dry mouth and eye irritation, so be sure to pace yourself. It is great for relaxing and inducing a full body high. The effects are so strong that you may even find yourself giggly. However, if you have no problem smoking cannabis, you may want to try Afghani.

Afghan Kush cannabis seeds produce compact plants with a short flowering time. They also have a quick growth spurt. They grow up to one meter indoors, and produce resinous, chunky nuggets that are perfect for making hash. Despite the potency of Afghan Kush cannabis seeds, they are relatively easy to clone. In addition to being a great choice for parent plants, Afghani Kush seeds also have long, wide fingers.

Desconocida Kush

The Delicious Seeds Desconocida Kush cannabis seeds are a premium strain with therapeutic qualities. It is an excellent choice for pain, sleeping disorders and analgesics. Its aromas are similar to those of the legendary Kush and Haze. Whether you enjoy a smooth, relaxing high or a high-powered buzz, this variety will provide you with an excellent experience. It is one of the best high thc marijuana seeds for beginners that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This strain is known for its dense and uniform flowers. The flowers are light green and show a high calyx to leaf ratio. They are very pleasant to smoke and have a sticky layer of resin. Its taste is mild, yet satisfying. You’ll also be happy to know that it’s a genetically pure cannabis variety with no known side effects or toxicity. The aromas of this variety are both citrusy and floral, which makes it a great choice for anyone wanting a powerful high.

The Desconocida Kush is a high-quality medicinal marijuana strain. The Desconocida Kush was created by crossing a highly regarded marijuana strain, Bay 11, with an unknown strain. These two strains are 50/50 sativa/indica hybrids, which resulted in a unique hybrid strain with multiple therapeutic benefits. Those who prefer the old school flavor of a Kush are sure to enjoy the Desconocida Kush cannabis seeds.

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