whitepagesWhat are the draw backs or negatives of using whitepages?

Whitepages is an online background check service also known as a people search website one of them which allows users to look up any name and view public records about the person. The data available in Whitepages reports can be accessed through other methods than simply a search on the internet. A lot of times, addresses, telephone numbers, marriage certificates, as well as criminal and traffic records can be found when you visiting the official website of a state or in physical form in a public record institution. 

Whitepages is a website that aggregates information from the various digital formats of the information in one spot. But there are many disadvantages to using whitepages, which you should be aware of after reading through all the cons may be you should think to remove info from whitepages

Although there are some advantages regardless which plan you select We found many negatives that make it difficult for us to endorse Whitepages.

Experience of searching

Looking up a name in Whitepages is an absolute an awful experience. We have found that the ages of people are not always accurate and there are many reports that are duplicates of one person. If you decide to pay per report, you might find yourself paying a substantial sum to search for the correct report. We also discovered that first and last names aren’t recognized as such in some cases, and that a lot of non-related names displayed as results are not related to the name you are searching for. It is also impossible to filter results beyond the state and city.

Contents of the report

In every report we reviewed, the majority of the information that we found was outdated or incorrect in the same way. We did account for the possibility of errors in a few places in the context of searching and background check websites Whitepages was simply too many errors to suggest the cost of it.

We also observed that there was not enough information contained in reports generally which could not justify paying for Whitepages.

Options for a plan and costs

The cost is without doubt the most significant disadvantage of making use of Whitepages as a paid customer. The first issue is that the complex plans are unclear and obscure. A lot of potential customers might not even know about the options available; to them beyond what’s on the webpage they land on. Although the most basic plan is quite affordable however; the opaque cover-up of other plans might be an attempt by the company to get customers to pay for additional details.

Furthermore, the add-ons come with a price that is much higher and are able to quickly increase. Based on our description of the service, we believed that the “All-access” subscription would provide criminal report data. However, the way you pay for the information is contingent upon the report you are able to access.

If the person you are looking for does not have an arrest, financial; or legal history, license’s or permits that are knows or any documents pertaining to property; unlocking the background check report costs you the credits that are included; as part of the subscription (a information that is not disclosed at the time of signing-up). 

If there’s any information that is in the above categories; you’ll  required to pay an additional $21 on top of the subscription. For access to criminal records for two people; on the top of a monthly subscription we paid more than $50 plus tax. The bottom line is that background check data is free in the event that there’s nothing to view. 


Our belief is that this lack of transparency is intentional; and between the cost of accumulating as well as the lack of reliability in the services; we could find no evidence to support the claim that people should be paying for Whitepages.

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