What changes will Android upgrade provide for apps

Google is on the verge of releasing Android 13 to update software available for users of all their all devices. Android 12 was released on October 4, 2021, with a string of new features regarding privacy and security as well as updated aesthetics. However, in the modern age, we’re always wanting more on our mobile devices, and there are still elements to the design and interactivity of the Android product that needs to be improved.

One of the areas that have been focused on is the drain that certain apps place on battery life for devices. Even apps that are on in the background can have a detrimental effect on the battery life of devices, therefore, Google has made strides to allow users to control this usage with their new update.

With the upgrade, users will know how much an app will drain their battery over a 24-hour period, which is especially important for people that are on the go throughout the day and may not have access to a charger at times. If you find that an app is unnecessarily draining your battery, you may be less inclined to have it on your device. It raises an important issue for Google, but also for app developers of leading companies such as social media, shopping, streaming services, and even betting sites that have a huge customer base all over the world.

Amazon has used simplicity at the core of their apps, whether the customer is shopping online for their products or using an Amazon Alexa to control devices around the house. Users want to be able to buy their products with ease and without fuss, as well as be able to navigate the app to provide payment details. The less time the customer is using the app, the more battery life it will save. Amazon is one of a number of companies that have highlighted the ease of use as a key component of their apps.

But, what about apps that do require users to spend considerable time? For example, Netflix will naturally use a lot of battery life for users to stream their shows. They have answered by being accomodating, using presentation and navigation as a strength of their app. Therefore, users can find their shows or new programs with relative ease and are not wasting time and effort searching around the app to find them. The same can be said for Disney + and other streaming platforms, ensuring that the app delivers the core principles of its purpose, but is also aesthetically pleasing for its viewers.

Betting operators more than most have significant pressure to provide a seamless app for their customers to use to bet on sports all over the world on a 24/7 basis. Therefore, it puts the onus on the developers to ensure that all the core elements are in place in an efficient manner before expanding outwards. It is a challenge and that is why it is a simple process for reviewers to differentiate between the best betting sites on the market compared to the others in the industry. The best cricket betting app in India is 1XBet as it provides all the key aspects that bettors require from the product, offering a clean aesthetic and a range of special features.

Boasting a live streaming product to watch events as they unfold is key for attracting customers that demand more from their app without demanding too much on the device as most bettors will be watching on the go. There is a careful balance to strike between overloading the user with too many features while remaining loyal to the core elements of wagering. It is a feature that also must be considered by developers of Amazon, Netflix, and other streaming giants.


Developing software for Android devices and providing apps for consumption on those products is a tricky concept, especially when trying to find the right balance. Users are becoming more demanding with every passing year for sophistication, as well as simplicity from the apps whether they are shopping, streaming, or betting. The best in their respective industries can achieve this with ease, but the criteria to fulfill is growing and placing further pressure on developers to meet those demands.

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