What is a Mighty +?

What is a Mighty +?

For the uninitiated, the original Mighty vaporizer is a feat of German technology that is widely regarded as the best portable vaporizer available. While we don’t think there is one best-size-fits-all evaporator, the Mighty would be a strong competitor if there were.

It uses a mixture of convection and heat conduction, has full temperature control, and is known for its ease of use. It has a unique mouthpiece with a built-in cooling unit and a shut-off function that adapts to your style.

Mighty Plus Review may be the most anticipated vaporizer of all time. It’s been seven years since the original Mighty was released, and we’ll have a full Mighty + evaporator review soon, as well as a Mighty vs Mighty + blog post.

Mighty + stands on its own!

Remember how the original high-quality Mighty drywort evaporator couldn’t stand alone and spawn an entire industry of third-party media manufacturers? The Mighty + has small feet so it won’t tip over and you can carry it without a third hand.

Mighty + can be alone!

Can you know better?

Mighty + is equipped with a ceramic lined fill chamber instead of polished aluminum. Can’t wait to dip my fingers into this to see if the vapor quality is better than the original. I know it still uses a combination of conduction and convection heat, and I hope the bowl is the same color as the Volcano Hybrid’s fill chamber insert, which is also ceramic-coated.

60 second warm-up time

One of the most common complaints about the original Mighty vaporizer was the slow warm-up time, which could take up to two minutes or more, depending on the temperature setting used. This time we only have to wait a minute thanks to a lighter heat exchanger. It’s still a bit slow by today’s standards, but Mighty + lovers will definitely point to the most powerful first hit of the extra warm-up time.

Mighty + has better power management

Although it does not have removable lithium ion batteries, it has been greatly improved on the power side since the Mighty evaporator. Mighty + vape has USB-C charging instead of the barrel port charger on the old model, no more power adapter! Now you can charge your Mighty + almost anywhere, and it charges up to 80% in just 40 minutes! It also has continuous charging – plug in the Mighty + and use it while it charges! The overall battery life appears to be the same as the original Mighty.

Now with USB-C charging!

Mighty + is the first dry herb evaporator to achieve UL certification. Rest easy knowing that a third-party safety certification company has inspected your electrical, battery, charging, and heating systems. Hopefully this is a trend!

Double click for a quick boost

Storz & Bickel call it Superbooster, but it’s not a new feature. It is standard on the latest version of the Mighty vaporizer. Double click the on / off button to increase the temperature by 27 ° F (15 ° C) from the current set temperature.

Marketing for this feature is confusing. It says the boost is 15 ° C, or 59 ° F (60 ° F if you listen to Jurgen on Keynote), but that must be wrong. I’d be surprised if it didn’t work like the current Mighty or Crafty + evaporator, which has three built-in temperatures, all 15 ° C or 27 ° F apart.

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