What You Need To Know About Mimecast Email Security

These protections can only be maintained when data leak prevention (DLP) and other tools for email content control are integrated seamlessly into an organization’s environment. In order to conduct business effectively, organizations commonly use email, which can contain sensitive financial, medical and personal information – all of which must be transmitted securely.

In general, employees do not like learning new applications, and therefore prefer to communicate this information via email. Organizations need to integrate secure communication directly into their email services to solve this problem. To assist with this, Mimecast email security offers automated Content Control and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in your email service to ensure your organization’s content security policies are followed, as well as offering Secure Messaging and Large File Sending services.

Malicious insiders, careless users, and compromised accounts are all sources of sensitive data losses via email. Even if you train your employees to protect sensitive business information and intellectual property, employees will share it anyway. Although security policies are helpful, automated security controls that inspect emails and their attachments are increasingly important for automatically applying these policies. Content Control and DLP Services offered by Mimecast are exactly this.

Protection of email

The number one form of corporate communication is email. Over 112 billion business emails are sent every day. Nevertheless, sophisticated hackers attack it, and it contains valuable corporate data that should be accessible in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, when it fails, productivity is impacted. Regardless of whether your organization is using the cloud, on-premises servers, or in a hybrid setup, email still poses risks. Keeping the organization and employees safe from malicious links, attachments and payload-less attacks should be part of any email defense.

Defend your organization against spam, malware, and phishing. Enforce email security controls and protect employee communication. Including targeted threat protection and data leak prevention, Mimecast reduces risk.
With Mimecast’s cyber resilience and security, manage all the risks associated with email. With our integrated service, protect yourself from targeted threats, archive your data and ensure continuity.


There is still the same business risk regardless of whether your organization uses Exchange Online, G Suite, or Office 365. Provide protection against cyberattacks, data loss, and disruptions for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

As Microsoft Exchange Online and Office 365 reach millions of corporate users, they have become the standard in corporate email. Over and above the Exchange Online Protection and the Advanced Threat Protection, we can now add a layer of threat protection to stop ransomware, impersonation, spear-phishing, and other advanced threats. As well as ensuring adequate protection against advanced threats, data loss, and downtime, organizations running Office 365 and G Suite should also implement Data Loss Protection. No matter what size the company is, protection that is “good enough” invites trouble.


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