How Does Florida to Pennsylvania Car Shipping Work

Seasonal fluctuations usually see people flocking to and from the south, hoping to escape the hot temperatures in the spring or wallow in the warmth of the winter. That’s true of Floridians who decide to head to Pennsylvania in the spring to break free from a hot Florida summer. 

The distance between the two states is roughly 1100 miles, varying depending on the cities. Vehicles transported to Pennsylvania will generally arrive at one of a few major cities, including the following: 

  1. York 
  2. Philadelphia 
  3. Allentown 
  4. Harrisburg 
  5. Lancaster 

In order to avoid the highest price point, it’s recommended to select the open-air car shipping. It’s affordable, albeit safe, convenient, efficient, and quick. The downside is the autos are exposed to the outside. From Florida, pick-up locations are usual from one of a few major cities, including the following: 

  1. Hialeah 
  2. Jacksonville 
  3. St. Petersburg 
  4. Miami 
  5. Orlando 
  1. Tampa 

Many people transitioning to Pennsylvania from Florida choose to use Florida to Pennsylvania car shipping services to avoid adding unnecessary miles to their vehicles and save added wear and tear from making the drive themselves. What will have an impact on auto transport from Florida to Pennsylvania? Let’s learn. 

What Factors Influence Car Shipping from Florida to Pennsylvania 

When deciding to travel from Florida to Pennsylvania in the spring to escape what would be the sweltering heat of the summer in Florida, most people opt for auto transport services.  

Car shipping allows owners convenience, efficiency, time savings, and faster delivery than if they were to drive the vehicle themselves. Find out what you should know before shipping a car at

There is also saving from wear and tear on the auto and adding significant mileage to the car. Many factors can have an impact on the rates involved in auto transport to Pennsylvania. It’s wise to become familiar with the costs if this is to become a regular routine. 

  • The car’s size/weight 

Autos have a broad spectrum when it comes to shapes, weight, sizes, and all things that contribute to the rates for auto transport. The carrier will need a greater amount of space for a significantly sized auto.  

Carriers have limitations on weight, meaning the load will need to come within those restrictions. Heavier, larger cars will consume what could be space for more than one vehicle, plus cause the load to weigh more, making that car’s price point higher. These need unique arrangements. 

Modifications to autos will necessitate special auto transport handling, which will, in turn, have an impact on the shipping costs. When a car is lowered or lifted, altering its height, the trailer levels must be adjusted to accommodate a “non-standard” auto height. 

  • The season 

The time of year will affect auto shipping, like the seasons bring highs and lows to many businesses. When the demand is high, usually in the spring and summer, the costs reflect that demand. In the low season, there’s less demand, showing significant discounts for the industry. Winter is the least traveled time.  

When snowbirds flock to Florida from Pennsylvania, it’s generally in the fall, and they return in the spring. Their travels have an impact on the car shipping industry prices. The holiday season is also significantly busy for shippers. Visit here to learn if auto transport across the country is worth it. 

  • Guarantees with delivery dates 

In a world where people want delivery of packages and answers to their needs at once, with no delays, that is also becoming true in the auto transport industry. More people are willing to pay the extra amount associated with express or expedited services to get a guaranteed pick-up and delivery. 

Typically, the quickest transport will cost more than standard service because it mandates that the driver outlines the fastest but adequately planned route. For those with greater flexibility, the carrier is better able to make the necessary arrangements for an organized delivery with the most efficient plan.  

  • Location 

When the driver is able to stay on main highways and deliver off the interstate to a major city location, the cost will be less than if the carrier is forced to a rural, remote area that’s difficult to maneuver for the rig.  

It’s often suggested that the car owner coordinate pick-up and drop-off meeting spots that work well for each and will reduce the transport costs. 

Final Thought 

When booking the pick-up, a primary consideration is to disclose the vehicle’s condition. A non-functioning car can be transported. These are more difficult to handle, requiring more special equipment than operable autos. Not all car shipping services have the capability to move these. 

If you aren’t forthright about the car being inoperable and show up with it, you risk the driver rejecting the service because they cannot load it. If it can be loaded, the cost will be higher due to the method for loading and unloading. 

Transporting to Pennsylvania for the summer can be cost-efficient, convenient, and saves time compared to driving. It’s essential to become familiar with the services, especially if you’ll be going back and forth with each change of season.

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