You will find quite a lot of interesting content to watch and enjoy in the filler episodes of Bleach. As a result, the Bleach fans should never forget about them considering a few of them are filled with plenty of interesting content that is bound to make the viewers happy. Even while this series’s popularity may have declined over time, it still had its moments and is compelling to watch. The program does a pretty good job of adapting Tite Kubo’s exquisite artwork to an animated medium, allowing for a fun experience as viewers see these incredible conflicts unfold in a clear manner. The following facts should be kept in mind as fans begin watching Bleach in order to learn more about the show’s filler. 

As a result of poor writing and unappealing characters, the show Bleach ultimately wasted all of its potential. The fact that the anime itself ended before fully adapting the manga demonstrates how many people lost interest in Bleach at one point. However, more and more viewers are eager to give the show another try now that the adaptation of the Thousand-Year Blood War storyline has been announced. 

But it’s evident that many people still have conflicting feelings about the show’s fillers. This is unfortunate because even Bleach’s original filler arcs had some redeeming features that made it worthwhile for some devoted fans to watch.

One-Off Fillers (Multiple)

There is no doubting that the Bleach characters are a delight to watch in many respects. But asking viewers to spend a lot of time watching them engage in absolutely pointless storylines that neither advance the plot nor in any way help any character improve is a big ask. This is made more difficult when viewers are forced to witness ancillary characters who have no bearing on the storyline outside certain anime-original storylines. The one and only respite that a lot of people have here mainly is that most of these boring fillers are funny enough to warrant one watch and also don’t really stick around for too long. Subsequent fill-in arcs are actually ones with coherent plots and recurring characters.

Forest Of The Menos Arc (147-149)

One of the series’ more distinctive arcs is the Forest of the Menos one. The concept art for this forest can be found in Tite Kubo’s volumes, and this arc offers a brief but intriguing glimpse at a region hidden beneath Hueco Mundo’s desolate environment. It is a straightforward but compelling arc that further develops the Bleach universe. Fans who don’t want to immerse themselves in a drawn-out story that will ultimately be forgotten in the big scheme of things will be happy that this filler storyline only lasts three episodes.

The Bount Arc (64-108)

Following the amazing Soul Society arc, Bleach started its first series of significant fillers, the Bount arc. Since it comes so soon after Ichigo’s incredible adventure through Soul Society to save Rukia, most people think this is one of Bleach’s worst filler arcs. Ichigo’s intention to unwind following the Soul Society arc’s events is foiled when three strangers kidnap his pals and make him play a bizarre game. It quickly becomes clear that this incident served as a prelude to the arrival of the Bount, a tribe that was purposely formed and with Hollow-like abilities. Although they are able to pose a massive threat early on, they eventually get pushed into Soul Society and realize that they are clearly out of their depth when the Shinigami completely decimate them in a matter of minutes.

Stolen Hogyoku Arc (128-137)

The Stolen Hogyoku arc is somewhat uneven. The arc explores the perspective of the Arrancar and shows how many of them are not really thrilled with Aizen being their leader while also featuring a lot of one-off episodes. It had some intriguing moments, but the choppy pacing and ham-fisted way it was included seriously brought it down.

The New Captain Shusuke Amagai Arc (168-189)

Characters like Shusuke Amagai had the potential to stand out on their own. In truth, the initial episodes of this filler storyline really hold a lot of potential, but after a time, the pacing drastically slows down, making it very difficult to follow the rest of the narrative. Having saying that, the series’ last few fights are really good and well worth seeing. It’s just a pity that the new characters that are presented in this filler storyline are just too dull to be given as much screen time. To make the matter worse, individuals from this arc also appear in later filler episodes, some of which are just boring. 

Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc (230-265)

The finest filler arcs from Bleach were saved for the second half of its duration. The Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc does an excellent job of examining the novel concept of every Shinigami’s Zanpakuto rebelling against their master. It helps that Muramasa, the main adversary, is a rather interesting character in and of himself. Like other filler arcs, this one also follows a rather formulaic path before Ichigo finally dispatches the main villain once and for all. Given the constraints of most filler stories, this is to be anticipated, yet the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc deserves praise for succeeding despite them. 

The Gotei 13 Invasion Arc (317-342)

The majority of people don’t agree on which Bleach filler narrative is better—this arc or Muramasa’s revolt. The fact that this argument is still undecided to this day is evidence of the excellent caliber of both accounts. This arc does a fantastic job of adapting such a plot given Ichigo’s dwindling powers following his battle against Aizen and the idea of impostors posing as Shinigami captains and creating havoc inside Soul Society. However, this arc does have a few fights that drag on for far too long. Despite this, the overall experience is fantastic. 


We hope our article about beach filler lists was interesting to you. Well, there bleach has 5 filler arcs collectively, you can skip some if you wish. The Bount Arc – 64-91 is not recommended to watch and is also the most controversial. Bount Assault on Soul Society Arc – 92-109 as well as The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai Arc – 168-189 is not recommended to watch. We would highly recommend watching Zanpakutō Unknown Tales Arc – 230-265 as it is extremely interesting and you will get to know about the sword’s personalities as well as their relationship with the bearers. Invading Army Arc – 317-342 is also recommended to watch, it consists of 26 episodes in total and is really a great option. 

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