Epic Seven Tier List – Best Characters Or Heroes

Epic Seven is a popular mobile turn-based RPG that has captivated gamers worldwide with its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and an extensive roster of playable characters. In this gacha game, assembling a formidable team of heroes is crucial for progressing through the game’s various modes and challenges. This is where a tier list comes into play, serving as a valuable resource for players to identify and prioritize the most powerful and versatile characters.

II. How the Tier List is Determined

The Epic Seven tier list is a subjective ranking system that evaluates characters based on several factors, including their skills, stats, utility, and overall performance in different game modes. Characters are typically assigned tier ratings ranging from S (the highest) to C (the lowest), with S-tier heroes being considered the most powerful and sought-after units.

It’s important to note that while tier lists provide valuable insights, they are not definitive rules. Character rankings can vary based on personal preferences, team compositions, and the specific game modes or content being tackled.

III. Warrior Class Tier List

The Warrior class in Epic Seven is known for its offensive prowess and ability to deal massive damage. Here’s a breakdown of the top Warriors:

S Tier Warriors:

  • Apocalypse Ravi: A formidable damage dealer with self-sustain and crowd control abilities.
  • Straze: Boasting high single-target damage and a unique mechanic that ignores damage mitigation.
  • Sigret: Excels in both single-target and area-of-effect damage, making her a versatile choice.

A Tier Warriors:

  • Cermia: Packs a punch with her high damage output and ability to penetrate defense.
  • Sol Badguy: A well-rounded Warrior with strong damage, self-sustain, and utility.
  • Lilibet: Specializes in countering revive mechanics and dealing with tanky opponents.

IV. Knight Class Tier List

The Knight class in Epic Seven is renowned for its defensive capabilities and ability to protect allies. Here are the top Knights:

S Tier Knights:

  • Adventurer Ras: A versatile Knight with strong defensive capabilities and team support.
  • Crimson Armin: Excels at mitigating damage and providing team-wide protection.
  • Fallen Cecilia: A powerful Knight with crowd control abilities and damage mitigation.

V. Mage Class Tier List

The Mage class in Epic Seven is known for its potent area-of-effect damage and utility skills. Here are the top Mages:

S Tier Mages:

  • Specter Tenebria: A powerhouse Mage with high damage output and debuff capabilities.
  • Vivian: Excels in both damage and support roles, providing team-wide buffs and debuffs.
  • Kawerik: A versatile Mage with strong area-of-effect damage and crowd control abilities.

VI. Ranger Class Tier List

The Ranger class in Epic Seven specializes in single-target damage and utility skills. Here are the top Rangers:

S Tier Rangers:

  • Landy: A well-rounded Ranger with high damage output, self-sustain, and team support.
  • Seaside Bellona: Excels in both single-target and area-of-effect damage, making her a versatile choice.
  • Flan: A powerful Ranger with high single-target damage and unique mechanics.

VII. Soul Weaver Class Tier List

The Soul Weaver class in Epic Seven is dedicated to healing and support roles. Here are the top Soul Weavers:

S Tier Soul Weavers:

  • Ruele of Light: A top-tier Soul Weaver with powerful revive and healing abilities.
  • Roana: Excels in sustaining allies and providing team-wide damage mitigation.
  • Blaze Dingo: A versatile Soul Weaver with strong healing, cleansing, and offensive capabilities.

VIII. Thief Class Tier List

The Thief class in Epic Seven is known for its high damage output and utility skills. Here are the top Thieves:

S Tier Thieves:

  • Arbiter Vildred: A powerhouse Thief with high damage output and a unique revive mechanic.
  • Violet: Excels in single-target damage and evasion, making him difficult to take down.
  • Kise: A versatile Thief with strong area-of-effect damage and utility skills.

IX. Rerolling for Top Tier Characters

In gacha games like Epic Seven, rerolling is a common practice that involves repeatedly creating new accounts and summoning characters until you obtain desired units. This process can be time-consuming but can significantly improve your starting roster and overall progression.

To reroll in Epic Seven, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new account and complete the initial tutorial stages.
  2. Use your initial resources (Covenant Bookmarks, Skystones) to summon characters.
  3. If you don’t obtain any S-tier or highly desired characters, repeat the process by creating a new account.

When rerolling, aim for characters like Arbiter Vildred, Specter Tenebria, Landy, or other top-tier units from the various classes. Having a strong starting team will make your journey in Epic Seven much smoother.

X. Conclusion

The Epic Seven tier list serves as a valuable guide for players to identify and prioritize the most powerful and versatile characters. However, it’s important to remember that tier placements are subjective and can vary based on personal preferences, team compositions, and specific game modes or content.

While aiming for top-tier characters is recommended, don’t be afraid to experiment with different team compositions and strategies. Epic Seven offers a diverse roster of heroes, and even lower-tier units can shine when properly built and utilized.

Ultimately, the key to success in Epic Seven lies in understanding your characters’ strengths and weaknesses, synergizing their abilities, and adapting your strategies to overcome various challenges.

ClassS Tier
WarriorApocalypse Ravi, Straze, Sigret
KnightAdventurer Ras, Crimson Armin, Fallen Cecilia
MageSpecter Tenebria, Vivian, Kawerik
RangerLandy, Seaside Bellona, Flan
Soul WeaverRuele of Light, Roana, Blaze Dingo
ThiefArbiter Vildred, Violet, Kise


Q: How often is the Epic Seven tier list updated?
A: The tier list is regularly updated to reflect changes in the game’s meta, character balance adjustments, and the introduction of new heroes. It’s recommended to check for updates from reputable sources to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Q: Can lower-tier characters be viable in Epic Seven?
A: Absolutely! While top-tier characters are generally more powerful and versatile, lower-tier units can still be effective when properly built and utilized in the right team compositions and strategies.

Q: Is it necessary to have all S-tier characters to be successful in Epic Seven?
A: No, it’s not necessary to have all S-tier characters to progress and succeed in Epic Seven. While having top-tier units can make certain content easier, a well-rounded and synergistic team composition is more important than individual character tiers.

Q: How important is gear in Epic Seven?
A: Gear plays a crucial role in Epic Seven, as it significantly impacts a character’s stats, effectiveness, and overall performance. Even top-tier characters may underperform without proper gear optimization.

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