Naruto Filler List Filler Seasons with Episodes

There is no need to introduce the renowned anime series Naruto. Although the entire series has experienced its share of highs and lows, there is no doubting that pre-time skip Naruto was a delight to watch in its own right. The playful tone of the anime hinted at the grim turn it would take later on, and it kept viewers fascinated as they grew up alongside Naruto and his buddies. 

There’s a good reason why Naruto is so highly regarded; this anime represents the height of narrative achievement, with the exception of the most recent war arc. The first Naruto anime, however, was primarily concerned with the heroes’ lives as kids before they grew up and gained an increase in power that was simply incredible.

Filler Seasons with Episodes:

SEASON 1 / Episode 26

The first few episodes of Naruto are very straightforward, following the orphan Naruto as he causes trouble after trouble in an effort to get attention for himself. The entire town despises and corners this poor child because of his status as a Jinchuuriki. Fortunately, Naruto doesn’t let this defeat him; instead, he uses pure willpower and tenacity to become a ninja.

SEASON 2 / Episode 97 

The drama really picks up in Naruto’s second season. Orochimaru uses the distraction provided by the Chunin exams’ final component to wreck havoc on the Leaf Village and engage in combat with his former sensei. It’s a shame that the Third Hokage dies in the conflict while Orochimaru escapes because it’s unquestionably one of the most breathtaking battles in the series up to that time.

In order to fill the resulting gap in the Leaf Village hierarchy and become the Fifth Hokage, Jiraiya and Naruto set off on an expedition to find the third member of the fabled Sannin. In the Naruto Filler List the lone filler episode features a fairly amusing scene where two hapless ninja are charged with recovering Tsunade’s debt—only to discover that this obligation had been paid back a very long time ago.

SEASON 3 / Episodes 101,102-106

SEASON 3 / Episodes 101,102-106

There are a few occasional filler episodes in the first 100 episodes of Naruto, but the Land of Tea Escort Mission is the first full filler arc in the Naruto Filler List .Between the conclusion of the Chunin Exams and Sasuke’s final betrayal to the Village Hidden in the Sound, this is the only assignment that Team 7 completes. 

It isn’t a crucial part of the plot and largely serves to fill out Sasuke’s growing sense of inferiority to Naruto. Despite this, viewers wishing for more compelling episodes are able to skip this initial arc without feeling bad about it. However, the Land of Tea Escort Assignment is definitely worth seeing if you want to witness Team 7 embark on one final mission together.

SEASON 3 / Episodes 136-141

This storyline begins right after the Konoha Five, who were unable to bring Sasuke with them, return. The Sasuke Retrieval arc comes to a close with this, and from then Naruto Filler list will take these episodes precedence over the main plot. 

The story of this arc is wrapped up in Episode 141, but Sakura also makes a significant decision about her future as a ninja and Naruto is given the opportunity to train with Jiraiya. This arc is slightly connected to the main plot and may be worthwhile to check out because these occurrences are genuinely a part of the manga canon.

SEASON 4 / Episodes 142-147

SEASON 4 / Episodes 142-147

This story arc mostly explains Jiraiya’s decision to go on a reconnaissance mission after offering to take Naruto with him to train for three years just moments earlier. The opportunity to take part in a variety of filler tasks while his absence then presents itself to Naruto. 

In this arc, Mizuki, who hasn’t been seen since Episode 1, and the Legendary Stupid Brothers, who have escaped from prison, must be defeated by Naruto and Iruka. While the series’ original antagonist is brought back in this arc, Mizuki’s comeback is not particularly amusing. There isn’t much in this arc to truly watch for, other from the time that Naruto and Iruka spend getting to know one another.

SEASON 4 / Episodes 148-151

SEASON 4 / Episodes 148-151

Team 8 devises a plan at the beginning of this arc to perhaps find Sasuke. They set out to hunt the bikochu beetle, a bug that can track anyone as long as the first scent it detects upon birth is that of the person they’re seeking for, using Shino’s knowledge of numerous bugs that are occasionally utilized by ninja as their guide. 

The storyline includes several fantastic moments for Team 8, including a new jutsu from Hinata that is never again seen in the series, even if it is hilarious overall and concludes with a joke. Even though it’s not a compulsory arc to see, it’s fun to see Hinata and the rest of her team on screen.

SEASON 4 / Episodes 152-157

SEASON 4 / Episodes 152-157

In this storyline, Naruto works with Team Guy to take down a gang that has been terrorizing a local community. The head of the gang was formerly a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, a group that also included Kisame of the Akatsuki, hence it is implied that it is related to Naruto’s efforts to locate Sasuke.

SEASON 4 / Episodes 159-160

One of the shortest filler arcs in the whole series, The Gosunkugi Capture Mission spans only two episodes. The story follows Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata as they attempt to apprehend Gosunkugi, a robber who has stopped in Konoha. 

The three encounter Sazanami, a bounty hunter using a false identity in an effort to apprehend Gosunkugi personally. He does this to absolve himself of a wrong that Gosunkugi did. This story arc is brief and simple, making it simple to go through. It also makes it very simple for fans to skip, though.

SEASON 4 / Episodes 162-167

This time sans Guy and Lee, Naruto partners up with Neji and Tenten once again in this arc to look into reports of a warrior ghost in the surrounding Land of Birds. The narrative turns out to be a massive conspiracy, complete with a lot of Scooby-Doo-style revelations concerning the identity of the ghost and the perpetrators of the local fatalities. 

The two frequently ignored Team Guy members receive their due attention in this arc, allowing them to experience much-needed character development. Fans may easily skim past it because it is not at all relevant to the narrative. But these episodes are just what you need if you want a lighthearted ghost story.

SEASON 4 / Episodes 169-173

Due to the huge death toll of the invasion, one effect of the Konoha Crush storyline is that there aren’t many active ninja remaining in Konoha. This is a great justification for sending a lot of genin and lower-level ninja on missions that would normally be assigned to Shinobi with greater experience.

SEASON 4 / Episodes 175-176

Due to the fact that the three of them appear to have the lowest success percentages in their missions, even if many of their missions appear to be rather successful overall, this arc reunites the trio of Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba. The three of them are given a task to complete in order to demonstrate their abilities as Shinobi or run the risk of being returned to the Ninja Academy. 

However, as this is a filler arc, it is not what takes place. It’s safe to state that this collection of episodes may be skipped without hesitation because they are merely filler for the purpose of filler and a large portion of the arc’s premise is absurd,so these two episodes are in the Naruto Filler List .

SEASON 4 / Episodes 178-183

Another filler storyline that the show tries to connect into the main story is this one. Team Guy is on a mission to Hoshigakure to assist in defending a meteorite that produces a lot of chakra and has been the focus of previous robbery attempts.


Season 5 is at least just as awful as Season 4. Except for the last episode, Naruto’s final season is jam-packed with tedious fluff. Only the most ardent Naruto fans would even bother to watch such a mindless show. Although most bouts still have very fantastic endings, these endless filler arcs don’t contribute to the later canon storylines of Naruto and aren’t all that good either.


Even in the series finale, viewers who choose to fast-forward will have to sit through or go over the conclusion of the last filler arc in the Naruto Filler List . It’s a terrible way to conclude an otherwise excellent anime, while Naruto Shippuden’s introduction helps make everything feel newer and more energizing. Because of the show’s excessive quantity of filler, it’s understandable why many people believe that Naruto’s reputation has been irreparably damaged; nevertheless, new viewers have the option of bypassing all these episodes and going straight to the excellent stuff and can use Naruto Filler List to skip the exceptional episodes.

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