Anime Opening Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Anime Openings

Anime openings are an integral part of the anime-watching experience. They serve as an introduction to a series and often become inseparable from the fans’ connection with the show. The anime opening quiz presented here aims to challenge your knowledge of this beloved aspect of anime. Let’s dive into the world of anime openings and put your expertise to the test!

What is an Anime Opening?

An anime opening refers to the introductory sequence before the start of an anime episode. It typically consists of a short video clip, accompanied by a specific piece of music known as the opening theme song. The opening often showcases key characters, highlights action scenes, introduces the series’s premise, and sets the show’s overall tone.

Why Are Anime Openings So Popular?

Why Are Anime Openings So Popular

Anime openings have gained immense popularity for various reasons. First and foremost, they help build anticipation and excitement among viewers. With catchy tunes and visually striking animation, anime openings can grab attention and create a lasting impression.

Moreover, anime openings often feature stunning visuals, intricate animation, and unique art styles distinct to each series. Combined with the carefully chosen music, these visuals give anime openings a distinctive flair that captivates both anime enthusiasts and casual viewers.

Additionally, anime openings frequently evolve, incorporating new scenes and music as the series progresses. This progression can elicit a sense of nostalgia and attachment among dedicated fans, solidifying their bond with the show’s themes and characters.

What Makes a Good Anime Opening?

What Makes a Good Anime Opening

Several crucial elements contribute to making a good anime opening. Firstly, the music plays a significant role. The opening theme song should have a catchy melody, memorable lyrics, and complement the overall mood of the anime. A strong opening song often becomes synonymous with the series itself, evoking a particular emotion or memory upon hearing it.

Animation is another vital aspect. A visually appealing and well-animated sequence engages the viewers and leaves a lasting impression. Fluid movements, artistic creativity, and attention to detail are all hallmarks of a well-crafted anime opening.

Lastly, a good anime opening connects emotionally with the audience by capturing the series’ essence. Whether through foreshadowing, character introductions, or the portrayal of key themes, a successful opening manages to immerse the viewers in the world of the show and leaves them eagerly anticipating each episode.

How to Take the Anime Opening Quiz

How to Take the Anime Opening Quiz

Taking the anime opening quiz is simple. Below are several questions covering various topics related to anime openings. Carefully read each question before selecting your answer. After completing the quiz, you’ll find the correct answers and explanations for each question.

Anime Opening Quiz

  1. Which anime series features the opening song “Unravel”?
    • a) Attack on Titan
    • b) Tokyo Ghoul
    • c) My Hero Academia
  2. In anime openings, what do the visuals and animation often depict?
    • a) Key characters and action scenes
    • b) The scenery of the anime’s world
    • c) The voice actors behind the characters
  3. Which anime opening shares its name with the series it represents?
    • a) “Gurenge” – Demon Slayer
    • b) “Colors” – Code Geass
    • c) “The World” – Death Note
  4. What is the purpose of an anime opening?
    • a) Introduce the anime and its characters
    • b) Serve as a summary for the previous episode
    • c) Promote the anime’s merchandise
  5. Which genre of anime is often represented by bright and energetic openings?
    • a) Slice of Life
    • b) Shounen
    • c) Psychological Thriller
  6. Which anime opening song is performed by the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation?
    • a) “Rewrite” – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    • b) “Tank!” – Cowboy Bebop
    • c) “Again” – Naruto Shippuden
  7. What is unique about the opening sequence of the anime “Death Parade”?
    • a) The opening features a dance routine
    • b) It primarily uses black-and-white visuals
    • c) The opening does not include any music
  8. In anime openings, what purpose do subtitles often serve?
    • a) Assist viewers in understanding the lyrics
    • b) Provide a translation of the entire episode
    • c) Display the names of the voice actors

Quiz Answers

  1. Answer: b) Tokyo Ghoul
    Explanation: The opening song “Unravel” is featured in the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. It serves as an atmospheric and emotional introduction to this dark fantasy show.
  1. Answer: a) Key characters and action scenes
    Explanation: Anime openings often depict key characters and action scenes to introduce viewers to the world and themes of the series. This helps build excitement and sets the tone for the show.
  2. Answer: b) “Colors” – Code Geass
    Explanation: The opening song “Colors” shares its name with the series Code Geass. This iconic opening showcases vibrant visuals and an energetic melody that aligns with the show’s themes of rebellion and revolution.
  3. Answer: a) Introduce the anime and its characters
    Explanation: The primary purpose of an anime opening is to introduce the anime and its characters to the audience. It provides a glimpse into the series’s world, art style, and atmosphere.
  4. Answer: b) Shounen
    Explanation: Shounen anime, which predominantly targets young male audiences, is often represented by vibrant and energetic openings. These openings aim to capture this genre’s thrilling action and adventurous spirit.
  5. Answer: a) “Rewrite” – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Explanation: The opening song “Rewrite” is performed by the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation and is featured in the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This song sets the tone for the series’s epic journey and emotional depth.
  6. Answer: a) The opening features a dance routine
    Explanation: The opening sequence of the anime “Death Parade” uniquely features a captivating dance routine. This visually stunning opening blends artistic movements with a haunting melody, creating a memorable experience.
  7. Answer: a) Assist viewers in understanding the lyrics
    Explanation: Subtitles in anime openings primarily assist viewers in understanding the opening song’s lyrics. This allows fans to sing along or gain a deeper appreciation of the music and its connection to the series.

Additional Information About the Anime Openings Featured in the Quiz

  • “Unravel” from Tokyo Ghoul: This emotionally powerful opening captures the essence of the series, exploring themes of identity and inner turmoil.
  • “Colors” from Code Geass: With its high-energy rock sound and dynamic animation, this opening perfectly represents the tension and rebellion at the show’s heart.
  • “Rewrite” from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s iconic song complements this beloved anime’s epic storytelling and character development.
  • “Death Parade” Opening: This opening’s dance routine, paired with its haunting music, reflects the mystery and psychological depths of the show, captivating the audience from the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I Find Anime Openings on Streaming Platforms?

Yes, many anime streaming platforms, such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, include the opening sequences at the beginning of each episode.

2. What is the Purpose of an Anime Ending?

 An anime ending concludes the episode, provides a cool-down period after the climax, and offers a glimpse into the upcoming episodes or events.

3. Are There Any Notable Anime Openings That Have Become Viral? 

Yes, some anime openings have become viral sensations, such as “Gurenge” from Demon Slayer and “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” from Neon Genesis Evangelion, which have captured the attention of both anime fans and internet users.

4. Are There Any Anime Openings That Have Become Iconic or Recognized Worldwide? 

Several anime openings have gained international recognition and become iconic within the anime community. Examples include “Tank!” from Cowboy Bebop, “Guren no Yumiya” from Attack on Titan, and “The World” from Death Note.

5. Are There Any Similarities Between Anime Openings and Music Videos?

Anime openings are music video specific to the anime medium. They often share similarities in visual storytelling, choreography, and the synchronization of music and animation.

6. Can the Success of an Anime Opening Contribute to the Popularity of a Series?

Absolutely! A well-received and memorable anime opening can create a lasting impression on viewers, generating interest and attracting new fans to the series. Thematic and visually appealing openings can generate excitement and anticipation for each episode, contributing to the overall success of a show.

7. How Do Anime Openings Evolve?

Anime openings can evolve throughout a series. As new storylines, characters, or major plot developments occur, the opening may incorporate updated visuals or even change the song to reflect these changes. This allows the audience to feel connected to the progression of the story.

8. Are There Any Anime Openings That Have Won Awards?

While anime openings are seldom recognized in mainstream award ceremonies, there are dedicated anime awards that acknowledge outstanding anime openings. These awards recognize the creativity, impact, and popularity of specific openings within the anime community.


The anime opening quiz has challenged your knowledge of anime openings, allowing you to test your understanding of their various elements, genres, and significance. You have demonstrated your expertise in this captivating aspect of anime by successfully answering the quiz questions.

In conclusion, the anime opening quiz has challenged your knowledge of anime openings and provided insights into the various elements that make them popular. Anime openings introduce each episode, immersing viewers in the series’ world and creating lasting impressions. Through catchy music, stunning animation, and emotional resonance, anime openings have captivated fans worldwide.

We hope you enjoyed the quiz and gained a deeper appreciation for the artistry and significance of anime openings. Feel free to share your thoughts and favorite openings in the comments below. Keep exploring the vast world of anime openings and continue to be amazed by their creativity and impact!

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