Fairy Tail Filler List

Based on the same-named manga, Fairy Tail is one of the most adored Shounen anime series of all time. This anime has 328 episodes and 3 movies throughout its nearly ten-year run from 2009 to 2019.

Filler Episodes :

Episode 9 

You can tell that an episode is a filler arc when it has the title “Natsu swallows up a community.” Although Natsu could certainly accomplish this, you get what I mean. In this episode, Makarov and Natsu become lost together. They definitely remind me a lot of Zoro. 

Anyway, on their way back, they stumble upon a community where the homes had transformed into monstrous creatures. Then, it is rather obvious that Natsu goes on a rampage there.

Episodes 19 – 20

In the Fairy Tail Filler List this pair of filler episodes’ first episode deals with unusual magic that swapped out people’s bodies. You probably thought Natsu and Lucy had exchanged bodies when you first read this, but that was not the case. 

While Natsu traded bodies with Loke, Lucy had swapped bodies with Gray. Levy was the only person who could save them once it got out of hand.

The following episode took us back in time. All of the Fairy Tail characters may be seen in a photo taken when they were very little. Erza quickly began telling Lucy tales from their history, which by the conclusion had Lucy wondering who Lisanna was. It served as a good review episode and increased the tension over Lisanna.

Episodes 69-75(Daphne Arc)

Here is a whole filler arc, as if extended spans of filler episodes weren’t enough so, it is in the Fairy Tail Filler List.Yes, there is never a middle ground in Fairy Tail; everything is either light or excessive. This arc is about a woman named Daphne, as you might infer from the name. No, it isn’t the Funny one since she kidnaps a lot of Fairy Tail characters. 

Gray has joined her, but why? Is he attempting to carry out her nefarious schemes? The story begins when the members of the Allied Forces split ways, but Natsu decides to look into the reports of a dragon instead of going home.

Fairy Tail Filler List

Episodes 125-150(Key Of The Starry Sky Arc)

Fairy Tail’s next filler storyline is here! Additionally, this is the longest run of filler episodes in Fairy Tail and also in the Fairy Tail Filler List. By chance, this arc occurs immediately following the time jump in the plot. As a result, rather of moving right into the main plot after a protracted period in which every member of Fairy Tail was absent, the authors chose to create another arc. 

The seven-year hiatus was obviously insufficient for the supporters, I suppose. After the Fairy Tail members returned, everything looked to be back to normal, but problems soon materialized along with a female. She brought something that belonged to Lucy’s late father.

Since Lucy always had plenty of secrets to keep hidden and her father was one of the story’s wealthiest characters, the souvenir was bound to cause her difficulties. And as predicted, it appeared that many new and familiar people were wanting the souvenir, which led to confusion for the Fairy Tail members.

Episodes 202-224(Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc)

There are three filler arcs in all of Fairy Tail, not one, not two, or even three. Additionally, this arc is only a few episodes shorter than the previous one. When the writers of Fairy Tail set out to create a filler arc, they aim high. Given that it features celestial beings, this arc is arguably more entertaining than the other two. 

They are beloved by everybody, after all. In this arc’s opening scene, we find that the impact of the Eclipse catastrophe is still being felt. The twelve zodiac gates now refuse to close as a result of the incident’s odd occurrence.

Additionally, the celestial spirits don’t appear particularly amiable. Both their personality and their appearance have altered. They launch an uprising against their oppressors and demand total freedom.

Episodes 225-226

A deadly electrical discharge that was left in a nearby village expressly calls for the assistance of Laxus, a Magic User of the Lightning Dragon Slayer school. The more time Laxus spends in the lightning energy, realizing that a lacrima was purposefully enhancing his strength, the more charged it became. Yet why? 

To stop the electrical energy field from exploding and obliterating the settlement, Laxus absorbs it. With these magnificent animations, this episode demonstrates to the fullest extent why Laxus is deserving of the moniker “Fairy Tail S-Class Mage.”

Episode 246

The filler arcs have all been completed. Now, you’ll just receive a few irregular filler episodes. This episode, which is especially about the Underworld King, is set during the Tartaros arc. The peculiar aspect of Fairy Tail is that we continuously searched for the final boss throughout the course of the narrative. 

Fans were therefore quite eager to meet the Underworld King when the plot got to this point. Rustyrose, the final member of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, was also presented to us.So these episode is in the Fairy Tail Filler List .


Episode 256

Simply trying to stretch out the series, this throwaway episode. The confrontations between our heroes are nearly over in the scene titled Final Duels. Laxus is occupied with Tempester as he searches for a way to vanquish him. Laxus questions if it is really possible to defeat him since he is theoretically immortal. 

Erza and Minerva are concerned with Face on the opposing side. Although Seilah’s curse has been broken, Face is still alive, and they are running out of options. Kyoka suddenly comes and dares Erza one last time to add additional pain to their situation.

Episode 268

An interlude inside the flashback narrative? Yes, events of this nature can only occur in Fairy Tail. This episode is a portion of Fairy Tail Zero, in which the Originally Master first established Fairy Tail. The party sets out on their trek to Hargeon at the beginning of this episode. 

While two of the members talk finances, they pause in the midst of the water to relax. Mavis, being Mavis, discovers an old temple beneath the water that comes with a lot of mystery.


In the above article we have mentioned about the filler episodes of Fairy Tail which you can watch or you may can skip it’s totally up to you . But I would prefer you to skip the filler episodes as per Fairy Tail Filler List so you can watch properly and enjoy it.

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