How to Recognize the Signs of Angel Dust Drug Use

Of all the various types of street drugs available today, there is no argument regarding the fact that PCP, is among the worst. Known scientifically as phencyclidine, this powerful dissociative narcotic has an immediate effect on personality and behavior and a destructive long-term effect on anyone who uses it over longer periods of time.

Angel Dust users often experience delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, and other erratic tendencies. If someone you love is struggling with this drug, getting them help as soon as possible is of the utmost importance.

And in today’s world where many drugs are commonly cut with fentanyl to reduce costs, any batch (even within “normal” consumption) could be fatal. If you suspect a family member or friend is dealing with this issue but you aren’t quite sure, here are some of the typical warning signs to look for:

  1. Common Physical Symptoms

Outward manifestations of using PCP include things such as rapid eye movement, dilated pupils, excessive sweating, and flushed skin. In addition to that, users may exhibit a lack of coordination, lack of muscle control, and poor all-around physical stability. It can also cause a tingling sensation or numbness in the extremities.

  1. Common Emotional Symptoms

Angel Dust use can cause wide and erratic mood swings and personality changes. These can be on a scale of anywhere from euphoria and calm to intense irritation or aggressiveness. Users are often highly unpredictable and can become engaged in impulsive and dangerous activities without any thought for the possible consequences. They can also become incoherent, belligerent, and even non-communicative.

  1. Common Psychological Symptoms

In this stage, PCP use can cause delusions, hallucinations, and other dissociative or paranoid behavior. The hallucinations can be visual, auditory, or both. The user can become completely disconnected from reality in some cases. These experiences are often horrifying and traumatic, sometimes leading to severe anxiety.

  1. Specific Drug Paraphernalia

Angel Dust has certain accessories that accompany it. If you have found any small pipes, syringes, as well small bags with crystalline or white powder residue, it’s possible that this addiction has been going on for a while. Finding other drug-related items can speak to a much larger, widespread addiction concern.

  1. Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Oftentimes people realize they have a problem with PCP and attempt to quit on their own. While this is a noble effort, it’s usually unsuccessful and can even be dangerous, depending on the level of addiction. If your loved one is experiencing anxiety, depression, insomnia, and appears to be intensely “craving” something, these are tell-tale signs of drug abuse.

Getting Help If You’re Struggling with Angel Dust Addiction

There is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. Many people who are highly accomplished in their fields, as well as those successful in numerous other areas of life, have struggled with addiction before you.

Drugs and alcohol have no respect for education, family, accolades, responsibilities, or anything else. That’s why it’s up to you to make the choice to take the first steps toward sobriety.

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