Hunter x Hunter Filler List 

A Yoshihiro Togashi manga-based animated series called Hunter x Hunter has been suggested by Madhouse Studios. The show, which is the most recent animated adaptation of the comic, simply decides to carry on from where the 1999 Nippon animated programme left off rather than merely finishing what had been started. 

Hiroshi Kjina is in charge of directing the show, while Jun Maekawa wrote the story and Takahiro Yoshima created the character designs. 

This one has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from March 16, 1998, while its series has occasionally lapsed after Shueisha’s compilation of 392 sections into 37 tankōbon volumes in Japan in November 2019.

Hunter x Hunter’s plot arcs 

In general, these kind of Hunters are free to roam the earth, capture the worst criminals, search for lost treasure, and, as was the case with Gon Freecss, who started his hunter trip in early 1998, perhaps discover his father and make some new friends. 

The story opens with a young child named Gon Freecss discovering one day that his presumed-dead father was actually alive and well. He learns that his father, Going, is a well-known Hunter who has distinguished himself as a shining example of morality.

Gon is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, throw the challenging Hunter Examination, and ultimately track down his father in order to become Hunter in his own right generally and eventually earnestly wish to see his dad, despite the fact that that Ging left his child with family and friends in order to pursue his own goals.

He assumes the personas of the vengeance-seeking Kurapica, the pretend doctor Leorio, and the combative former assassin Killua throughout the test. As they navigate the various rounds and difficulties they face while playing the dangerous role of only a Hunter, their connection deepens.

Re-release of the Hunter x Hunter television series from 1999, based on the work of Togashi Yoshihiro. A hunter is a person who traverses the globe and must carry out a number of risky duties.Including arresting criminals and searching for some lost treasures hidden in uncharted areas.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List 

In Hunter x Hunter, there are just 2 filler episodes (2011).

Letter × From × Gon and Then × And × After.

Hunter x Hunter Filler Episodes

Filler episodes are well-known among anime fans. These are the episodes that are often used to rehash the previous episodes of the anime or advance the manga in the series. Since none of the content in these episodes is included in the source material, the show’s animation studio is solely to blame for the plot. They have a poor name since some well-known Shounen anime contain hundreds of filler episodes.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List 

Episode 13: Letter × From × Gon 

In this first filler episode, Aunt Mito was shown reading a letter that Gon had sent to her. The letter tells the story of Gon’s adventure from the moment he first met Kurapika and Leorio through the conclusion of the Final Phase of the Hunter Exam. It acts as the initial summary of the entire series and aids viewers in recalling the significant previous events.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List 

Episode 26: Then × And × After

This episode resembles Episode 13 in that it centers on a letter Gon sent to Mito outlining his experience. Unlike Episode 13, it consists of Gon recounting his experiences up to the voyage he took with Kurapika, Leorio, and himself to free Killua from his family. Due to the lack of interest in recap episodes among viewers, this appears to be the final one in the series.

Hunter x Hunter Mixed filler/cannon Episode 

The content of mixed filler/canon episodes includes both studio-created original content and stuff taken from the original source material. Because they advance the plot, these episodes are typically more well-liked by viewers than filler ones. They are not as well-liked, though, as typical canon episodes.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List 

Episode 12: Final x Test of x Resolve

The series’ first and only mixed canon/filler episode is this one. It happens after the main characters and Tonpa have spent the necessary 50 hours confined in a tiny space. They must split up and decide how to exit the room as they do so. However, one of these options will result in disqualification for the individuals who chose it. Fortunately, one of the five of them is astute enough to spot a gap in the legislation, enabling them all to pass this portion of the Hunter Exam.

Hunter x Hunter Movie 

Like filler episodes, the Hunter x Hunter films are not at all canon. The films don’t seem to be well received by fans perhaps because Yoshihiro Togashi, the mangaka of Hunter x Hunter, did not write them. They receive far lower ratings on My Anime List than the main anime.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List 

Movie 1: Phantom Rouge

The main cast of the series is present in the Phantom Rouge film. Leorio and Kurapika went to look into reports of seeing someone with Kurapika-like eyes. But Kurapika lost both of his Scarlet Eyes because he was blinded by the hope that another Kurta Clan member had escaped the carnage. Leorio despatched Gon and Killua to retrieve Kurapika’s missing eyes while also tending to Kurapika’s wounds.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List 

Movie 2: The Last Mission

Thanks to Isaac Netero, who long ago imprisoned a Hunter who had mastered the use of Nen’s darkside, the story mostly focuses on the lightside of Nen rather than the darkside known as On. The Hunter, played by Jed, makes a reappearance in the film The Last Mission. The combatants of the Heaven’s Arena must cooperate in order to free Netero and defeat Jed and On once more after he kidnaps Netero.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List 


It’s entirely up to you whether you want to watch or skip the filler episodes of Hunter x Hunter that were described in the aforementioned article. However, in order for you to watch properly and appreciate it, I would advise that you avoid the filler episodes listed in the Hunter x Hunter filler list.

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