Shippuden Filler List 

Naruto is one of the most popular anime shows all over the world. Naruto is a long running anime and not every episode focuses on the core storyline and has a captivating plot. Some episodes or entire arcs are considered as “Fillers” by the fandom. One might skip the fillers and continue to watch the actual plot with little to no effect on the original plot. 

We have gathered the ultimate Naruto Shippuden filler list for our readers to accompany them in the journey to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. We will guide you with our filler list so that your battle arcs don’t get spoiled by repeated flashbacks. 

Detailed Guide with Filler Episode List :- 

Episode No.  Episode Name 


57 “Deprived of Eternal Sleep”   

58 “Loneliness”                           

59 “A New Enemy”                     

60 “Impermanence”

61 “Contact”  

62 “Teammate”  

63 “The Two Kings”  

64 “Jet Black Signal Fire”  

65 “Lockdown of Darkness”  

66 “Revived Souls”  

67 “Everyone’s Struggle to the Death”  

68 “Moment of Awakening”  

69 “Despair”  

70 “Resonance”  

71 My Friend (Mostly Filler) 

90 A Shinobi’s Determination  (Mostly Filler) 

91 “Orochimaru’s Hideout Discovered”  

92 “Encounter”  

93 “Connecting Hearts”  

94 “A Night of Rain”  

95 “The Two Charms”  

96 “The Unseeing Enemy”  

97 “The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection”  

98 “The Target Appears”  

99 “The Rampaging Tailed Beast”  

100 “Inside the Mist”  

101 “Everyone’s Feelings”  

102 “Regroup!”  

103 “The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier”  

104 “Breaking the Crystal Style”  

105 “The Battle Over the Barrier”  

106 “Red Camellia”  

107 “Strange Bedfellows”  

108 “Guidepost of the Camellia”  

109 “Counterattack of the Curse Mark”  

110 “Memory of Guilt”  

111 “Shattered Promise”  

112 A Place to Return To (Mostly  Filler) 

127 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1 (Mostly Filler) 

128 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2 (Mostly Filler) 

144 “Wanderer”  

145 “Successor of the Forbidden Jutsu”

146 “The Successor’s Wish

147 “Rogue Ninja’s Past”  

148 “Heir to Darkness”  

149 “Separation”  

150 “The Forbidden Jutsu Released”  

151 “Master and Student”  

170 Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy – Part 1  

171 Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy – Part 2  

176 Rookie Instructor Iruka (Mostly Filler) 

177 “Iruka’s Ordeal”  

178 ruka’s Decision    (Mostly  Filler) 

180 Inari’s Courage Put to the Test (Mostly  Filler) 

181 Naruto’s School of Revenge (Mostly Filler) 

182 “Gaara’s Bond”  

183 “Naruto: Outbreak”  

184 “Deploy! Team Tenten”  

185 “Animal District”  

186 “Ah, the Medicine of Youth”  

187 “Gutsy Master and Student: The Training”  

188 “Record of the Ninja Gutsy Master and Student”  

189 “Sasuke’s Paw Encyclopedia

190 “Naruto and the Old Soldier”  

191 “Kakashi Love Song”  

192 “Neji Chronicles”  

193 “The Man Who Died Twice”  

194 “The Worst Three-Legged Race”  

195 “Team 10’s Teamwork”  

196 “Drive Towards Darkness”  

223 “The Young Man and the Sea”  

224 “The Ninja of Benisu”  

225 “The Cursed Ghost Ship”  

226 “Battleship Island

227 “The Forgotten Island”  

Shippuden Filler List 

228 “Fight! Rock Lee!

229 “Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell!”

230 “Revenge of the Shadow Clones”  

231 “The Closed Route”  

232 “The Girls’ Get-Together”  

233 “Naruto’s Imposter”  

234 “Naruto’s Favorite Pupil”  

235 “The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko Village”  

236 “Friends You Can Count On”  

237 “Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!”  

238 “Sai’s Day Off”  

239 “The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho”  

240 “Kiba’s Determination” 

241 “Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!”  

242 “Naruto’s Vow”  

257 “Meeting”  

258 “Rivals”  

Shippuden Filler List 259 “Rift”  

260 “Parting”  

271 “Road to Sakura”  

279 “White Zetsu’s Trap”  

280 “Aesthetics of an Artist” 

281 “The Allied Mom Force!!”  

284 “The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!”  

285 “User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!”  

286 “Things You Can’t Get Back”  

287 “One Worth Betting On”  

288 “Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!” 

289 “The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!”  

290 Power – Episode 1  

291 Power – Episode 2  

292 Power – Episode 3  

293 Power – Episode 4  

294 Power – Episode 5  

295 Power – Final Episode  

303 “Ghosts from the Past”  

304 “The Underworld Transfer Jutsu”  

305 “The Vengeful”  

306 “The Heart’s Eye”  

307 “Fade into the Moonlight”  

308 “Night of the Crescent Moon”  

309 “An A-Rank Mission: The Contest”  

310 “The Fallen Castle”  

311 “Prologue of Road to Ninja”  

312 “The Old Master and the Dragon’s Eye”  

313 “Rain Followed by Snow, with Some Lightning”  

314 “The Sad Sun Shower”  

315 “Lingering Snow”  

316 “The Reanimated Allied Forces”  

317 “Shino vs. Torune!”  

318 “A Hole in the Heart: The Other Jinchuriki”  

319 “The Soul Living Inside the Puppet”  

320 “Run, Omoi!”  

347 “Creeping Shadow”  

348 “The New Akatsuki”  

349 “A Mask That Hides The Heart”  

350 Minato’s Death (Mostly  Filler) 

351 Hashirama’s Cells   (Mostly Filler) 

352 “The Rogue Ninja Orochimaru”  

353 “Orochimaru’s Test Subject”  

354 “Their Own Paths”  

355 “The Targeted Sharingan”  

356 “A Shinobi of the Leaf”  

357 “An Uchiha ANBU”  

358 “Coup d’État”  

359 “The Night of the Tragedy”  

360 Jonin Leader (Mostly  Filler) 

361 “Squad Seven”  

376 “The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!”  

377 “Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto”  

388 My First Friend (Mostly Filler) 

389 “The Adored Elder Sister”  

390 “Hanabi’s Decision”  

394 “The New Chunin Exams”  

395 “The Chunin Exams Begin”  

396 “The Three Questions”  

397 “One Worthy As A Leader”  

398 “The Night Before the Second Exam”  

399 “Demon Desert Survival”  

400 “As a Taijutsu User”  

401 “The Ultimate”  

402 “Escape vs. Pursuit”  

403 “Unwavering Gutsiness”  

404 “Tenten’s Troubles”  

405 “The Imprisoned Pair”  

406 “The Place Where I Belong”  

407 “The Yamanaka Clan: Secret Ninjutsu”  

408 “The Cursed Puppet”  

409 “Their Backs”  

410 “The Hidden Plot Set Into Motion”  

411 “The Targeted Tailed Beast” 

412 “Neji’s Judgment” 

413 “Hopes Entrusted to the Future”  

416 “The Formation of Team Minato”  

417 You’ll Be My Backup (Mostly  Filler) 

419 Papa’s Youth (Mostly Filler) 

422 “The Ones Who Will Inherit”  

423 “Naruto’s Rival”  

427 “The World of Dreams”  

428 “Where Tenten Belongs”  

429 “Killer Bee Rappuden Part 1”  

430 “Killer Bee Rappuden Part 2”  

431 “To See That Smile, Just One More Time”  

432 “The Loser Ninja”  

433 “The Search Mission”  

434 “Team Jiraiya”  

435 “Order of Priority”  

436 “The Masked Man”  

437 “The Sealed Power”  

438 “The Rules or a Comrade”

439 “The Child of Prophecy

440 “The Caged Bird”

441 “Returning Home

442 “To Each Their Own Way”

443 “The Difference in Power”

444 “Rogue Ninja”

445 “The Pursuer”

446 “The Collision”

447 “Another Moon”

448 “Comrade”

449 “The Shinobi Unite”

450 “Rival”

451 Birth and Death (Mostly Filler) 

452 “The Genius”

453 “The Pain of Living”

454 “Shisui’s Request”

455 “Moonlit Night”

456 “The Darkness of the Akatsuki”

457 “Partner”

458 “Truth”

460 “Kaguya Ōtsutsuki”

461 “Hagoromo and Hamura”

462 A Fabricated Past (Mostly Filler) 

464 “Ninja Creed”

465 “Ashura and Indra”

466 “The Tumultuous Journey”

467 “Ashura’s Decision”

468 “The Successor”

480 “Naruto and Hinata”

481 “Sasuke and Sakura”

482 “Gaara and Shikamaru”

483 “Jiraiya and Kakashi”

So, these are all the filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden. There are also some filler arcs which are captivating and you might give them a try if you’re not on a tight watch schedule. 

Shippuden Filler List Conclusion 

Naruto has a lot of filler episodes. Any watcher can choose to skip the fillers if they do not hope to get disturbed in the middle of a captivating epic battle or plot by some repeated flashbacks or you can simply watch all the episodes if you are a hardcore naruto fan. You can also give Boruto a try after completion of shippuden if you’re a heavy fan and wish to know the aftermath of shinobi life. 

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